Strawberry Vanilla Pudding Trifle {#LuckyLeafSpring}


Spring has finally come to Minnesota.  Well, at least I hope so.  Technically the trees don't have any buds yet, but the robins have descended.  That's a good sign, right?  To help bring a bit of spring from the outdoors into my home, I recently received a bouquet of tulips from FTD.  Receive a special discount of $10 off select spring bouquets courtesy of Lucky Leaf.  While I might not have any tulips yet outside, at least I can have my own spring indoors with these beautiful flowers.   To coincide with my spring tulips I also created a delicious Strawberry … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Tabouli with Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook


 During the cold winter months it might seem improbable, but summer is bound to come again.  Minnesota residents  live a bulk of the year in the midst of snowy skies and freezing temperatures.  The sunny summer months can be short and intense.  Those that live in mild California might have access to a farmers market year around.  This concept of fresh, local vegetables and fruits year round is not a reality here.  Our local produce availability has a short, but plentiful time span. We are inspired to "live it up".  To help Minnesota resident make the … [Read more...]

Buildable Heroes with Mega Bloks #Skylanders SWAP Force™ & a Giveaway


 I have taken a lot of pride in the fact that we have kept Skylanders out of our house.  Well, that is until recently.  But with three young boys the interactive video game toys are right up their alley.  And while the character aspect is undoubtedly cool, I didn't really want them to be so intrigued by a video game.  But if you'll notice in the character featured above, these Skylanders are a bit different, they are Mega Bloks!     Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force™ heroes are Skylanders fun without any commitments.  They are build-able, … [Read more...]

Moist Chocolate Cake with Dunkin’ Donuts “Bakery Flavor Dunked In” & a Giveaway


My husband has fond memories of when a Dunkin' Donuts opened in the town he grew up.  The store was this almost magical place where his parents could get a cup of good coffee and he could pick out a tasty doughnut treat.  I can still hear the excitement in his voice describing the happy memories associated with Dunkin' Donuts.   We don't currently live anywhere near one of these popular stores, but nonetheless we CAN still enjoy the best of both treats with Bakery Flavor Dunked In coffee varieties. Yes, you read that correctly.  It's bakery doughnut goodness flavored into … [Read more...]

Build a Customized, Cool Car with Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ & a Giveaway {#HotWheels}


When my little guys were younger they loved playing with Hot Wheels™ cars.  But as they've become older those little cars don't see as much play time with my fellas.  It makes sense.  Older boys need a bigger challenge, they want their toys have to have more complexity. Let me introduce you to Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™.    Constructible, customizable cars for kids 5+, included with each buildable car is an action figure.   My four year old LOVES putting his little blue guy in his blue racecar.  My littlest one wasn't capable of building his own … [Read more...]



I have not been compensated for this post, however I am employed by the company mentioned. If you remember from my previous post, a group of fellow Social Fabric members are currently focusing on our goals in anticipation of the conference SoFabCon.  This is my one month status update.  Just to give you a quick refresher my goals were to log a few miles on the treadmill and to retain some peace of mind as we attempt to sell our house.  Running Well, I'm definitely not smashing any records in the treadmill arena.  I've logged three miles for the month. … [Read more...]

HAMMS – Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed Ticket Giveaway


Calling all Minnesota Mama Report readers! I love supporting Minnesota causes and I recently heard of an event called HAMMS (Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed).  One day (May 3rd, 2014 from 10am- 4pm) local vendors host a market for consumers to conveniently shop small businesses.  The philosophy of "shopping local" has been increasing in popularity across the country and HAMMS is a Minnesota twist on this idea.   This year the event is already set with a multitude of vendors selling a variety of products.  Beautiful jewelry from Tess and Tricia, yummy chocolate goodies … [Read more...]

Join Us for a Chance to Win Tickets to the Blogger Conference #SoFabCon!


 For three days in May, bloggers from all over the country will come together to learn, grow and connect at SoFabCon! Blogging conferences are a great way to expand your wealth of knowledge regarding various blogging techniques and social media tactics.  And given the somewhat isolating nature of blogging, conferences are a great way to connect with fellow bloggers.  Camaraderie mixed with great insights and knowledge makes for one powerful weekend!  For the second year in a row, Collective Bias will host SoFabCon on May 8th – 10th in Bentonville, Arkansas.   … [Read more...]

DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody & Sherman Prize Pack Giveaway {#MrPeabody}


I have been compensated for this post, all opinion are my own.  Perhaps some of you have been "in the know" about this new feature from Dreamworks for quite some time, but I had never heard of it until I recently saw the preview while watching the Lego movie.  Like any kids movie the basis for the story line is absurdity and silliness, but this time there is a little history thrown in.  Mr. Peabody (one smart dog) and his "son" Sherman travel through time in their special machine the WABAC.  Trouble ensues and as you can imagine history is bound to be altered in … [Read more...]

Delicious & Easy No-Bake Valentine’s Day Inspired Cheesecake {#LoveableLuckyLeaf}


 The season of love is here.  If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to add a little something sweet to the Valentine's holiday I recommend the No-Bake Cheesecake recipe I recently tried from Lucky Leaf.  Officially the recipe was a strawberry version, but there is no reason that one can't tweak the recipe to suit their specific tastes.  Cherry- Raspberry- Strawberry.  Clearly, there is no wrong choice when it comes to making this cheesecake look festive for this time of the year.   I had the privilege of watching the entire process of … [Read more...]

Feelin’ SoFabulous for SoFabCon {#SoFabulous #cbias}

2013-01-03 16.19.03 (2)

I have not been compensated for this post, however I am employed by the company mentioned. In case you haven't noticed it's been rather quiet around the Mama Report for quite some time.  Last April I started working full-time as an independent contractor for my favorite blogging company, Collective Bias.  For months I worked almost exclusively recruiting new members into our community Social Fabric, but in November I was hired as a manager within the company itself.  I love my job.  It's intense and fast-paced, both aspects that I tend to thrive on.  I greatly … [Read more...]

Reception Like No Other { #VZWVOICES #MOM}

verizon reception & service

“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Moms Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.” As my final post on behalf of my time with Verizon I'm ready to tackle the controversial topic of cell phone reception.  I can't deny the perks of being part of the Mom Voices program with Verizon.  I've received a tablet and a cell phone for participating, each with service.  But to be honest, I didn't need a phone and I didn't need a tablet.  What I really needed was cell … [Read more...]

Fun Festive Gift-Giving with Fitbit Force & a Giveaway

fitbit force

Plato, a philosopher in Classical Greece, said "Attention to health is life's greatest hindrance." His statement is as true now as it was when he first spoke these words sporting a toga. We are all caught up in the activity of our busy lives. This is especially true for parents who live first for their children. I am constantly reminded how important exercise is. I agree with the health experts, but am always disappointed that they don't followup their statement with a "...and here's how you make the time for it." I'm fully booked on any given day.  Most of the time, my work … [Read more...]

Construct, Convert, & Customize with TRANSFORMERS CONSTRUCT-BOTS #ConstructBots

construct bots transformers

Constructible Transformers!?! This is every little boy's dream come true! There is no denying my boys have a sense of extreme enthusiasm looking at the mere image of these toys.   My little guys have long been fans of Transformers in any way, shape or form.  But a typical Transformer toy does have a somewhat limited degree of creativity in the sense that it can only be transformed into two ways.  These new Construct-Bots breakout of those limited capabilities and allow children to create a Transformer character of their hearts desire.  I'm always looking to support my … [Read more...]

Designing Our Holiday Cards with

minted happy holidays card

Option 1  The holiday season is officially here.  Never mind the fact that Christmas decorations have been in the stores before Halloween, in my house Christmas has arrived.  One of the numerous to-do tasks on my holiday list is to create our annual holiday cards for family and friends.  We didn't have professional pictures taken this year.  Or last year.  Or the year before that.  I would like to have my entire family in a glossy, beautiful photo at some point, but mostly I prefer to use some of my best photos from the year.  Of course, the hard part … [Read more...]