Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Delicious Beef Enchiladas & a Giveaway

Before I begin this post, I need to confess I'm not Hispanic.  Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month isn't a personal matter for me.  But my family was more than willing to feast upon delicious Beef Enchiladas during this celebratory month or actually we would be more than willing to feast on them ANY time of the year.  What is Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th)? Hispanic Heritage month celebrates the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. It is common … [Read more...]

Fall Inspired Treat Recipes

Ahhh..fall.  It's my favorite time of year.  The weather has a slight crisp edge to it, the scenery turns into a beautiful burnt orange, and everyone feels comfy knowing winter is on the horizon.  To add a little extra sweetness to this time of year check out all these ah-mazing recipes.  Links featured below:) Gooey Pumpkin Pie Bars Pumpkin Pie Dip  Pumpkin Magic Bars Caramel Apple Cider Shake Iced Pumpkin Cake Donuts Caramel Apple Jack Snickerdoodle Pops Glazed Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins  Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes … [Read more...]

The Dog Days are Over & a $25 Target G.C. Giveaway

The dog days of summer are officially over at my house.  Within less than a  24 hour time span the temperature dropped from a humid 85 degrees to a crisp 46 degrees.  Welcome to Minnesota!:) Luckily before the autumn weather was upon us we managed to enjoy a few more summer days. Highlights of the season include running under the sprinkler, swimming lessons, nature camp, an epic ocean-bound family vacation, and of course enjoying a few sweet treats.  School has started and with it brings a multitude of responsibilities- homework, volunteer commitments, and a more intense work … [Read more...]

Make Dinners Easy with a Hotdish #QuickFixCasseroles

During the school year each week can seem like a marathon.  Everyday it's a matter of balancing all the items I must do. get the kids ready for school take the kids to school/pick them up from school find a few special moments to chat with each child help kids with necessary homework have a few quality moments with the hubby work a full-time job blog manage/clean the house take care of necessary appointments and of course, FEED MY ENTIRE FAMILY! By the end of the week, I'm exhausted.  I view the weekends as my opportunity to get a head start.  It's my opportunity for a … [Read more...]

Prepare Your Meals with Ease Using Cooking Planit & T-fal Cookware Giveaway

  I used to love cooking via cookbooks.  I would pour over recipes and carefully select my weekly menu.  But times have changed in my house.  I now work full-time and typically cookbooks can seem like an outdated way to select a recipe.  The last few years I've increasingly turned to the internet for my supper inspiration.  Typically cooking via the web provides more information and advice.  And since I've purchased my iPad I've also turned to this medium for cooking assistance. Recently I used the cooking app Cooking Planit to prepare my nightly meal.  I was expecting the … [Read more...]

T-fal 12-piece Cookware Review

  If you remember my preview post (available here) I've partnered together with Cooking Planit, T-fal, and a bunch of awesome bloggers for a mega cookware set.  Get all the details and see how to enter to win NOW by visiting my previous post.  Starting on September 10th, you'll want to visit The Mama Report for your chance to win this awesome cookware. But before you have a chance to win (at least via The Mama Report) I wanted to fill you in on this cooking set.  There is something so exciting about new cookware.  This set includes 12 pieces which basically means your entire … [Read more...]

An Easy Hotdish Dinner for Busy School Nights #CountryCrockCasserole

It's hard to believe, but the long summer days are quickly coming to an end.  For many of you, school has already stated.  Here in Minnesota school doesn't start until after Labor Day so we have one more week of summer fun.  I'm savoring this time before the craziness begins.  With two little guys in school this year,  our late afternoons will be filled with homework and lessons.  My supper plans will need to be quick and easy.  But really, I'm always game for an easy, delicious, and fast supper. I decided to give this Mexican Beef & Corn Casserole (hotdish) a try.  I never know when I … [Read more...]

A Mama Report Feature: Disney Cars Dream Party Celebration

Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking is a mom of my own heart.  This busy mother of two is inspired by Pinterest,  but she also wants her celebrations to be easy.  In fact she even confesses that party planning stresses her out.  And frankly who doesn't get a little overwhelmed looking at the amazing images on Pinterest?   Sometimes it is easy to feel defeated before you even start. Rather than admitting defeat Kristy made her son's recent birthday celebration spectacular and easy.  Hooray!  This Disney Cars Dream Party is a great idea for my three year old son.  I'm going to be referencing … [Read more...]

A Popsicle Party & a $25 Target G.C. Giveaway

Our family has a bulk of our birthdays in the summer.  One after another, July officially starts the birthday season for my clan.  This August my oldest son celebrated his ninth birthday.  We invited family to celebrate this momentous day and I made my plans as easy as possible.  Some parents methodically arrange their children's birthday parties.  Everything is themed.  I've been on Pinterest.  I've seen the pictures.  I am not that mom:)  Not everything has to be elaborate.  Sometimes celebrations can be special and simple, at least that is my objective. My plan?  Pizza, fruit, cut … [Read more...]

Chilled Coffee on the Go with Keurig® Brew Over Ice & a Giveaway {#LoveBrewOverIce}

Coffee from our Keurig® machine is a necessary part of my life everyday.  E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.  Living without my Keurig® is not pleasant.  I've mentioned before how I love the convenience that the machine provides.  It's so easy to have a cup of coffee at any time.  But did you know you can also make iced coffee with your Keurig?  There are even special K-Cup®s made especially for an iced coffee experience. Simply brew your coffee as usual, but instead you might want to use a tumbler like the one featured below.  I love taking these type of cups on the go.  The straw makes for easy … [Read more...]

A Mama Report Feature: Disney Princess Dream Party Celebration!

It might be quite obvious, but most of my content is not frilly or girly in nature. Sure, I occasionally have one of my contributors  add in a post dedicated to items for little girls, but with three little boys in my house~ pink is not a desirable color:) In an attempt not to deter mothers of little girls from The Mama Report I've turned to the lovely Rachel Rockwell of Bubbly Nature Creations.  As the busy mom of three little girls this fabulous blogger has phenomenal photography skills.  In fact her pictures are so great I'm scared to show them to you.......you might never return here! … [Read more...]

Finding my Blissful Moment with neuro BLISS #BLISSandTell #CGC

We're all stressed.  Right? It's just a given.  Everyone is busy.  Everyone does too much. This is certainly true for me.  I don't know how it happened.  When I was girl I had endless free time.  I distinctly remember wandering around my farm~ reading, sleeping, daydreaming, going on bike rides, and playing.  Time was infinite. Sure, I worked and helped around the house. But there was still countless hours to do exactly what my heart desired. One husband, three sons, one full-time job, a new puppy to take care of, one house to clean, and one blog later I have very little 'free' … [Read more...]

Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Honey Butter

The decadent days of summer are definitely here.  At least at my house:)  I've been seeing lots of images of grilled peaches lately and I decided it was high time to give it a try.  This dish was so easy.  I had no idea, but grilled peaches make for a super simple and delicious summer dessert.  A bite of a fresh peach is like tasting summer itself. My boys think this dish is like eating peach cobbler without the crust.  I have to admit it's an accurate portrayal except that the grilled aspect of this dish adds an extra dimension. I served my peaches with a big … [Read more...]

Take the Night Off from Cooking with Olive Garden & Red Lobster & a $20 G.C. Giveaway

Summer is such a busy time of year.  Our schedule is crazy.  Yes, the school year is busy too, but in a more predictable way.  Our summer norm seems to change on a weekly basis.  Every once in a while I like to take the cheaters way out of supper and just eat out.  It helps me keep my sanity:) If you are indeed of a sanity-saving dinner out as well check out these awesome current options and deal available at Olive Garden and Red Lobster. Red Lobster Four Course Feast Red Lobster wants to help you turn any meal into a feast for less than the cost of a trip to the seaside. July 8 … [Read more...]

Happy Family: Stories from the Bright Side #hfbrightside

I have been compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.  Being a parent definitely has it's share of highs and lows. And feeding babies and toddlers can provide a vast plethora of experiences.  It's all about "learning as you go".  And even though I'm the mom to three little boys each one is different.  Each boy has his own unique way of reacting to different tastes and textures. Within our family we have an epic story from the bright side regarding my eldest son's first time with peas.  Before his smashed pea experience he was only familiar with rice, oatmeal, and barley cereal. … [Read more...]