Wordless Wednesday

This guy is trouble. This guy is out to steal your heart. This guy wants his way all the time. This guy wants your attention. This guy will smack you in the face and then smile. This guy is MY guy and always will be. … [Read more...]

The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari Review

Here we go again! Roger the turtle and Padraig the dragon are together again for their second adventure, The Dragon & the Turtle Go on Safari, by Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark, illustrated by Vincent Nguyen. Roger and his new friend, Padraig go on a camping trip and have all kinds of adventures together. The friends brave the night and hear all sorts of sounds from the jungle as they learn more about what it means to be a real friend. The Dragon and the Turtle Go On Safari continues the story of Padraig, the dragon and Roger, the turtle.  In this new story, Padraig and … [Read more...]

Strawberry Shortcake: Puttin’ on the Glitz DVD Giveaway (2 Winners!) CLOSED

Just In Time For Easter  Strawberry Shortcake: Puttin’ on the Glitz An All-New DVD Arriving March 22 From Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment And American Greetings Join Strawberry Shortcake™ and all of her friends for a glamorous new adventure when Strawberry Shortcake: Puttin’on The Glitz arrives just in time for Easter on DVD March 22 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and American Greetings Properties. Fabulous new fashions, sparkling musical ‘Glamicures’ and delightful new ‘Dos’ have Strawberry and her friends ‘Puttin'on the … [Read more...]

America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Some of my favorite recipes come from America's Test Kitchen.  This isn't surprising considering all the testing that is involved with their recipes.  It is America's TEST Kitchen.  After all that hard scientific work, they are bound to have recipes that beat the rest.  Some of my favorite are Chicken Tikka Masala, Skillet Chicken & Rice, and Chicken & Dumplings.......I could keep going on and on, but these three chicken dishes are my absolute favorites.  I recently made the Chicken Tikka Masala recipe from The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook for some dinner guests.  … [Read more...]

Rumba Time Watch Review

Best friends from college, Joe Anto, Drew Deters and Jay Hartington shared a love of adventure, discovery, and living life to its fullest. And so RumbaTime began with the simple idea of making time keep up with your life, instead of the other way around. We make time weightless with silicone watches that feel like a second skin. Smooth, bright, water-resistant & durable - in styles and colors as diverse as personalities. My Rumba Time watch came in a neat clear tube.  I've never seen a watch packaged this way before and I thought it was unique.  My kids enjoyed playing with this … [Read more...]

Veggie Tales ‘Twas The Night Before Easter Review & Giveaway CLOSED

  Once again singing vegetables are a hit with, 'Twas the Night Before Easter.  Larry the cucumber and Bob the tomato search for Easter eggs as the story begins.  Is anyone else amazed at how these vegetables find eggs and put them in their baskets without hands and arms?  Sometimes certain things just aren't necessary I guess. As a local theater is being threatened to be torn down by its owner, an asparagus, Marlee Meade (a rhubarb) makes a last attempt effort to keep its dramatic doors open.  She puts together a big show to help revive the condemned place.  As I've mentioned … [Read more...]

The Bird House Review

The Bird House A NOVEL By Kelly Simmons “Complex and poignant…”--Publishers Weekly “Kelly Simmons is able to clearly capture the voice of an elderly woman and tell her story in such crisp, tight prose I was hooked from the very first page. The Bird House is more than a suspenseful story, though—it’s about secrets: family secrets. And those are always the best kept ones."--Chevy Stevens, New York Times bestselling author of Still Missing "There’s nothing I like better than a dark family secret, and Kelly Simmons really delivers in The Bird House…This is a beautifully paced … [Read more...]

The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke Winner

The winner of their own copy of The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke is #83 Melissa Duncan     … [Read more...]

Nature’s Path & the Whole Planet Foundation Win a Trip to India Contest!

Write a 200 word essay on your Experience Giving Project (with an uploaded picture) and you could win a trip for 2 to INDIA!  An Experience Giving Project is any way you have contributed to the betterment of the planet.  Volunteering at a nursing home, spearheading a project for the homeless.....whatever your contribution is, write about it and you could win an amazing trip to India to see how microloans help women there. Visit Nature's Path on Facebook to enter! Contest Details Contest winner will win a trip for 2 to India with the Whole Planet Foundation and witness the … [Read more...]

Living Room Home Decor Update

Major update on the living room redesign!  We purchased bookcases from IKEA this weekend and my hubby was kind enough to immediately build them.  See the results below!  I'm so happy.  The room is finally coming together.  I have a few touches left to make, but the major part is over! What do you think?  Any suggestions on finishing touches? Leave a comment below with your ideas! … [Read more...]

Spike Gourmet Natural Seasonings Review & Giveaway CLOSED

Spike Gourmet Natural Seasonings makes every kind of spice seasoning you could possibly think of!  Actually they make ten different varieties. That's right, ten!  SPIKE® ORIGINAL MAGIC!, SPIKE® SALT-FREE MAGIC!, SPIKE® HOT'N SPICY MAGIC!, SPIKE® VEGIT MAGIC!, SPIKE® VEGE-SAL MAGIC!, SPIKE® GARLIC MAGIC!, SPIKE® ONION MAGIC!, SPIKE® VEGE-SAL MAGIC!, SPIKE® LEMON PEPPER MAGIC!, SPIKE® TENDERIZER MAGIC!  We recently received all ten to review.  We (Nana, my husband, and I) gathered around the seasonings in the kitchen taste-testing.  My husband quickly grabbed the Hot"N Spicy blend and laid claim … [Read more...]

Pirate Brands Review

Smart Puffs- Deliciously baked cheese puffs +All Natural +Trans Fat Free +Gluten Free Pirate’s Booty - Deliciously baked rice and corn puffs. +All Natural +Trans Fat Free +Gluten Free +5 Delicious Varieties -Aged White Cheddar -Veggie (Vegan) -Barrrrrbeque (Vegan) -Sour Cream and Onion -New York Pizza -Chocolate (Vegan) My family likes snacks.  Don't most?  When my eldest son gets home from school one of the first things he asks for is a snack.  I loathe to give him junk.  He would love to eat sugary treats, but as a mom I feel it is my job to make sure he eats foods that … [Read more...]

$100 Target Gift Card Giveaway!! CLOSED

I have been planning this big giveaway for some time.  I wanted to share some love with one of my lucky readers.  If you are familiar with my site at all you know my favorite store is Target.  Therefore I am giving away one $100 gift card to TARGET.  $100!!  $100!!  You can buy groceries!  You can buy something frivolous!  The choice is yours.  Here are the details and thanks for reading.  I really appreciate all my followers:) Mandatory Entry Follow The Mama Report on Twitter. (make sure to comment after following) Additional/Optional Entries- Remember that you must enter the … [Read more...]

Little One Books “The Wizard” Review & $15 G.C. Giveaway CLOSED

Little One Books is a company dedicated to providing only the best books, music, and videos for children.  Each item has been personally reviewed and selected by a team of professionals.  I was so surprised to learn this information.  They even provide an explanation of why that particular item was selected.  I had never heard of a company taking such time and care to select their products.    Little One Books does not rush your experience to simply make a quick dollar, but rather they excel at making the experience as personal as possible.  The music, books, and videos are divided by age … [Read more...]

Wiggle It Out Wednesday Choice- Lelia Broussard-Masquerade

Try not tapping a your toes to Lelia Broussard's song "Satellite".  I challenge you.  Good luck.  This is easily my favorite song on Broussard's new album Masquerade.  Overall the whole album is an easy listening, catchy collection.  I'm not very good with comparisons, but I would say Broussard  is an edgier Natasha Bedingfield.  That could be way off base, but it is the best comparison that came to my mind.  Please comment if you can think of a better one. Check out her video for "Satellite".  I love it! Her one song Hipster Bitch does have an explicit rating, so you probably don't … [Read more...]