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I used to love cooking via cookbooks.  I would pour over recipes and carefully select my weekly menu.  But times have changed in my house.  I now work full-time and typically cookbooks can seem like an outdated way to select a recipe.  The last few years I’ve increasingly turned to the internet for my supper inspiration.  Typically cooking via the web provides more information and advice.  And since I’ve purchased my iPad I’ve also turned to this medium for cooking assistance.

Recently I used the cooking app Cooking Planit to prepare my nightly meal.  I was expecting the program to essentially guide me through my cooking process (which it did), but I was pleasantly surprised at the way it was delivered.  Without a doubt I can attest that Cooking Planit is unlike any other cooking program I’ve tried.  I’ve listed below the features that I found to make Cooking Planit distinct.

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1. Highly searchable content– As an avid internet searcher (my job actually requires me to find blogs that fit a certain demographic) I greatly appreciate a program that allows me to define my search in a variety of ways.  Cooking Planit allow you to select a variety of option to pinpoint the type of meal YOU wan to make.  I used the main dish criteria along with the chicken section to pinpoint the meal I made- Zesty Chicken.

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2. Unparalleled guidance– Cooking Planit guides you through your cooking experience.  I am not referring to just directions for the recipe.  They provide details regarding timing and specific tasks to prepare your meal.  All the guess work of trying to determine when supper will be ready is gone.  One of the hardest parts of cooking is making sure every aspect of your meal is ready at the same time.  It happens to all of us.  The main dish can be cold by the time the rest of the meal is ready.  But Cooking Planit lead me through my entire meal simultaneously.  The program removed all my need for estimations as they were simply provided for me.  At the end of the day my brain is tired, lol:)  I love that I could just follow the directions without having to process any other information.

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3. Technology friendly– First of all let me give you the scoop.  Cooking Planit is available online or via an app.  I did not use the computer version, but instead I opted for the iPad app.  There is a free version of the app which provides a number of recipes, but obviously the paid version of the app provides many more.

I’ve tried cooking off of my iPad in the past.  It can be tricky business.  Frequently the screen will go black on me (with  inactivity according to how many minutes I have my iPad set for) or I need to enlarge text to actually see it.  These problems are relatively easy to fix, except when you are cooking.  My hands are not particularly clean or dry when I’m making dinner.  I have no desire to guk up my iPad.  For the most part I’ve considered cooking off of my iPad to a bust.

Cooking Planit was designed to truly be friendly for users.  They recommend plugging in your iPad while using as the screen will not go out on you.  Woo hoo!  But here is the real winning part of the process, the program has voice prompts that move the screen to the next set of directions.  Yep, you don’t even have to touch your iPad!  Pretty amazing.  And I can attest it is handy and works.  I had raw chicken all over my hands and instead of having to clean them in order to see the next part of the process I simply use the voice prompt to “turn the page” for my next step.  It was awesome!

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I made the Zesty Chicken recipe which included the recipes for garlic sauteed spinach and grilled crostini.  And now I can’t wait to try another option.  Actually I would love to upload all my recipes into the Cooking Planit platform!:)

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Perhaps the best part of Cooking Planit is that you can try it for FREE.  There is no sign up.  No commitments.  Just simply give it a try to see if it works for you.  I love that.  I don’t particularly like to sign up for programs.

As previously mentioned Cooking Planit is giving away an epic number of T-fal cookware sets to help you in the kitchen! Please check out my review of the T-fal set here.

Of course you can enter to win here starting today, but you can also enter to win via one of these awesome blogs as well.  Though please keep in mind you can only win one T-fal set from Cooking Planit, it isn’t per blog.

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DETAILS: Contests open to US only. Limit one-winner per household/per family from the 50 blogs participating in the promotion.  If an individual is the winner of more than one giveaway, they will receive only one set of cookware and an alternate winner will be chosen for the other set(s).


The winner will be selected at random using Rafflecopter and contacted via email. The winner has 48 hours (2 days) to respond. If the winner’s email is incorrect or they do not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected. If a winner is selected, and their entries are found to be fraudulent, they are automatically removed from the list and another winner will be selected.The winner will be announced on this page.


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  1. Robin Wilson says

    I don’t have an ipad and I still like to print out or use a cookbook so I can read it easier.

  2. Robin Wilson says

    I noticed that the tweet in the RC is for the garage system not this giveaway ~

  3. This is a really cool apps.

  4. I don’t cook using electronics, the good old fashioned cook book is what I prefer.

  5. I don’t have an ipad but even if I did I don’t think I’d use it because I’m a very messy baker/cooker and I wouldn’t want to get it dirty

  6. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Yes! I collect most recipes on the computer now. I would love to have a tablet and one of those devices to hang it from the kitchen cabinet to keep things neater, though.

  7. No I do not .I use regular cookbooks or printed recipes.My computer is far away from the kitchen so it would be annoying to go back and forth.

  8. I sometime use my computer because it’s helpful finding recipes. I also blog about what I’m making on the computer. So my computer is now one of the kitchen appliances I can’t live without 🙂

  9. I will search for recipes on the computer all the time. I love the tips you can get from other people who have tried the recipe.

  10. Linda Stewart says

    I don’t use an iPad or computer but I do use my iPhone for everything. I store recipes, search Pinterest for new things to try, save them to my email for easy access, you name it and I recipe on my iPhone.

  11. I usually cook with my iPhone or my Demy Recipe Reader. It’s nice to have my recipes just a touch away!

  12. ipad because I can move it around easily

  13. Yes! I use my computer (hubby always has the ipad with him) or my iPhone! Always great to have recipes right there!

  14. Yes..!! I have my laptop set up on my kitchen counter. It very easy to access recipes.

  15. I use my laptop beacause I don’t have a ipad.

  16. I usually use my phone to follow a recipe that i’m using!

  17. I use both ipad and my phone, whatever hasn’t been snatched up by another family member at that moment!

  18. I don’t have an I pad and my computer is a desk top (not near the kitchen) so I do not cook with those items. I will store recipes on my computer but have to print them to use them.

  19. I store all my recipes on my computer and of course I find a ton of recipes to try online so that is how I use my computer for cooking.

  20. Sheila Vives says

    I just got a new ipad and I can’t wait to use it in the Kitchen

  21. I cook using my computer because I don’t own an iPad and it’s not in my budget right now.

  22. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Sometimes I Search For Recipes Using My Computer, It Does Make Adding Variety To Meals Easier.

  23. Amanda Boerst says

    I go between cookbooks and my laptop for finding recipes. I like using the computer because I can find recipes that I don’t have in my cookbooks. and can save them for easy finding.

  24. I use my smartphone and look up recipes as I need them, makes cooking easier.

  25. Computer for recipes and ideas.

  26. I print out recipes instead of getting my laptop or tablet near food ingredients or liquids.

  27. I used my computer to print recipes but I do not cook using it as such.

  28. I use Pinterest on my iPad all. The. Time! 🙂

  29. joanne major says

    i search for recipes print them out and use them. i love trying new things.

  30. I use my computer to print recipes and I don’t own an I Pad.

  31. I don’t use an ipad or my computer (I don’t have an ipad and my computer is a desktop), but I do use my smart phone. It allows me to keep tons of recipes at my finger tips and I don’t have to waste a ton of paper and ink printing them!

  32. I don’t cook using computer because I am afraid I will spill something on it if I use it on my kitchen

  33. Ipad.. it’s like having the ultimate recipe book.

  34. I have used my Kindle before, but most of the time I either print or write out the recipe and bring it in there. That way I won’t risk spilling on it 😆

  35. If I need a recipe, I drag a laptop or iPad to the kitchen. Sometimes, if it’s a short enough recipe I use my phone.

  36. well I don’t have an ipad but I do sometimes print recipes from my computer

  37. courtney hennagir says

    I am always searching for new recipes online but I don’t have an Ipad.

  38. my laptop because it is easier to read

  39. I sometimes print a recipe from the internet, but mostly I cook things that I know how to prepare and don’t need a recipe.

  40. I don’t have an ipad but I do look up recipes on my iphone to cook!

  41. I do use my computer in cooking and I find it an invaluable tool.

  42. I usually use my computer for ideas and recipes. I am leary of having it on the counter as I cook in case of accidents – which I am prone to have.

  43. Megan Parsons says

    I love using my laptop to find awesome new recipes and cooking tips!

  44. Yes! I have been relying a lot on my ipad and laptop for recipes, cooking and baking!

  45. I use my iPad when cooking all the time. Easy to get recipes that way. Thanks.

  46. I use my laptop, although we have an iPad. I have to look up my recipes on my website, b/c I don’t have tangible copies of them and I use other recipes online too. Rarely use cookbooks anymore.

  47. I don’t have an ipad 🙁

  48. Christina Burrell says

    No, I don’t because I would make a mess…lol 🙂

  49. I use the laptop to find recipes and print out.

  50. I don’t have an ipad – I do use the computer to search for recipes

  51. i use my laptop

  52. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I use my computer to find recipes….I love looking through blogs for ideas.

  53. Brandi Price says

    I am a messy cook… so no I don’t! LOL

  54. I do use my iPad for recipes but I do worry about spilling something on it!

  55. I use the computer. thankyou, ken

  56. I use computer bec. and simply I don’t have an ipad

  57. ha ha. I use a cook book or whatever paper the recipe is written down on.

  58. i cook using my iPhone. it doesn’t take up as much space on the counter.

    rafflecopter: daniel

  59. Darlene Owen says

    I use my computer to print out recipes.

  60. I use my ipad so that I can place it near me

  61. I use my tablet to look up recipes on the internet.

  62. I use my laptop to display recipes.

  63. tina reynolds says

    I used my computer to register because my ipad is dead will add it too it there as well

  64. Carrie Phelps says

    I do cook using my computer, I end up running back & forth to read the recipes. My next step is to get an ipad!

  65. Jenny Stanek says

    Absolutely with my iPad, I find it easy to put it on the counter while I’m working through a recipe

  66. No, I use regular cookbooks.

  67. I occasionally look up recipes on the iPad and often bring the laptop into the kitchen; it just makes it easier than dealing with paper

  68. Colleen Maurina says

    I use my laptop to search for recipes all the time.

  69. I use my computer when cooking to look at recipes and find tips.

  70. I use my Kindle when cooking – its a nice way to keep recipes portable.

  71. I like to cook without anything

  72. I get some really good recipe’s off the internet. One of my favorite places to go and look is Taste of They have some awesome recipe’s.

  73. Cathy Tougher says

    Yes I do. Its quick and easy to find recipes and I don’t have a mess of recipes on papers anymore!

  74. Maggie Wallace says

    Although I love using my computer to make amazing recipes that is portable, I still love a good old fashioned cookbook!

  75. I often use my computer for recipes it is so much easier.

  76. I don’t have a book recipe and using my iPad for browsing recipes on the internet helps me find different recipes to choose for when not sure what to cook.

  77. No I don’t use any technology when I cook, because I don’t cook. My husband does the cooking. He doesn’t use an ipad or computer either. His mother was an awesome cook and he learned from her not an ipad.

  78. I have used the laptop, but I tend to just print out recipes I want to try.

  79. Angela Yeremenko says

    I usually print or write out the recipe and then cook.

  80. I don’t use my iPad i probably would end up knocking it over and breaking it

  81. sandra davis says

    i get alot of my recipes off the computer. i print them out and then cook it

  82. Stephanie F. says

    I use an iPad because its so convenient in the kitchen. Less paper to deal with.

  83. Yes my tablet because that is where i have recipes bookmarked

  84. I’d love to win. I’m trying to juice up my cooking skills.

  85. I have used my Kindle before; I have also used my computer.

    I have no iPad. Both my kids do–seems like I should, too.

  86. I usually have my laptop on the kitchen counter when I cook. Either to follow a recipe, or write down ingredients when I’m testing one. 🙂 It’s so convenience!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  87. Linda Landes says

    i use mostly cook books or recipe cards

  88. If i had a iPad i would use it.

  89. I use my iPad because it is so portable and easy to use. I have a lot of recipe apps and when I am testing my own recipes, I can quickly not my directions. Thanks for this giveaway !

  90. Cheryl Abdelnour says


  91. I look for recipes on the computer, print them off and take that into the kitchen

  92. I print recipes from my laptop, but I rarely take it into the kitchen with me.

  93. Austin Baroudi says

    I don’t cook at all. My girlfriend does all the cooking and she does use her phone to find recipes sometimes to try new foods.

  94. I don’t have an iPad and I don’t cook with my computer because it’s not convenient.

  95. Rebecca Parsons says

    I use my kindle for recipes that I get online.

  96. no, I dont have one.

  97. Francene Kaufman says

    I would love to win. T-Fal has always been a trusted name in cookware.

  98. susan smoaks says

    I typically print out the recipes to use them in the kitchen. I am not very high tech when it comes to cooking.

  99. I feel computer is easier than ipad

  100. We recently just got internet so I plan to cook with my iPad in the future. In the past I have used my phone but that can be kind of hard to read sometimes.

  101. I use my computer to look up recipes I can’t find in any of my cookbooks.

  102. I use my ipad so I don’t have to waste paper printing out recipes.

  103. I use my kindle for recipes, I just need to continually wipe the flour off 🙂

  104. I search for recipes using my computer.

  105. I plan with my computer, but I have too small a kitchen to have any electronics safe from spills and splatters!

  106. April Yedinak says

    I use my computer to find recipes and learn techniques all the time.

  107. helen rowland says

    i cook using my computer because i can look up awesome recipes and use them to make great meals

  108. I cook using my computer to look up recipes because it saves me time. I also like to look at the pictures of the recipes.

  109. Hi! I use both my computer and cookbooks. It’s a combination of high-tech and vintage around my kitchen.

  110. Dorothy Teel says

    I use my computer to look up recipes and things to try new. Don’t have a I pad here

  111. Well, I normally print out recipes and add them to a binder. I don’t like having my ipad in my kitchen. I’m a messy cooker. Although if I don’t have time to print, I do.

  112. I always print recipes, would be nice to save the paper

  113. I use my iPad and computer to search for recipes. However, during the cooking process, I use my iPad so I’m not killing a tree.

  114. I always have my laptop propped up by my stove to make recipes or look up measurement conversions, etc.

  115. Brandy Davis says

    No way.. Just me and my experimental

  116. Sometimes I use the small laptop for convenience when trying a new recipe or even a repeat. It’s less paper and easy organization.

  117. I love using my computer when cooking. I am hooked on Pinterest.

  118. Susan Broughton says

    I do not cook with a I pad or computer. The reason is I do not own an I pad and the computer is just too large to keep in the kitchen. It would get broke or it would be in the way

  119. Susan Broughton says

    Your image you want pinned in the next to the last widget on your rafflecopter is not working. It takes you to a empty page that says something went wrong this page does not exist. So to get an image I used one from this page the giveaway was on and pinned it. Hope this was ok but i didn’t know what else to do. thanks

  120. I cook using my Kindle – because I love that I don’t have to print the recipes out!

  121. Theresa Jenkins says

    I use my tablet of laptop to look up receipts, a lot … it’s fast and easy

  122. Teresa Reichek says

    Your photos are almost as good as the real thing!
    I cannot wait to try out all the recipes on Cooking Planit! I really want to make the crab cakes w/ lemon mayo!

  123. Teresa Reichek says

    I cook using my computer b/c I don’t have the money for an IPAD. 🙁

  124. I use a combination of my traditional cookbooks and my iPad. It really depends on what I am making. If it is something at have made hundreds of time from an old recipe, I use my cookbooks. If I am looking to try so something new, I head to the Internet and set my iPad up in the kitchen.

  125. I use my laptop to access new recipes frequently

  126. I use both of them

  127. Yes, I’m always getting recipes off the internet, then running back and forth to my pc as i go along….LOL

  128. Sometimes I do if I like the recipe from online, Actually I sometimes use my iphone too

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  129. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I’m just learning to utilize the iPad in the kitchen (which I can only do if my kids aren’t home–if they’re here, they’re using it!)

  130. I use my pc to print out recipes and sometimes use my phone or kindle to cook with

  131. Blessie Nelson says

    I cook with the ipad on. Its easier to keep on the kitchen with no wires and batteries running down like the laptop and browsing is easier with the touch of a finger!

  132. I use my phone- I usually pin the recipe to Pinterest, then open from there.

  133. Francene Kaufman says

    I would love to win the cookware, and I would not refuse a cookbook…:), 🙂

  134. I use my laptop because I love to try recipes from Pinterest

  135. If I find a recipe online, I use my computer because my printer is broken and I can’t print anything!

  136. I Search on the cp and transfer to the Ipod for counter top use.

  137. I don’t have an ipad, & don’t use a laptop. I cooked for so many years its 2nd nature.

  138. Ipad and computer

  139. Maggie Smith says

    Yes, I cook using my iPad and iPhone often!

  140. I have many cookbooks but find myself using my computer more and more lately. Thanks for the chance. Your site is great.

  141. I use my laptop all of the time – I downsized and there wasnt much space in the kitchen for cookbooks so google is my best friend in the kitchen!

  142. Joyce Raymond says

    Whenever I want to make something and I don’t have a recipe in my head, I go straight to my computer or tablet. The hard part is deciding which recipe I want to use, lol:)

  143. Sometimes I will use my laptop on the island, but I mostly print out the recipe or use a cookbook.

  144. I print out a lot of recipes from the computer, cut recipes from magazines, and still sometimes use a good old fashioned cookbook. I use them all. If I can find something that’s vegetarian, relatively easy and tastes delicious, then it’s good enough for me!!

  145. Francene Kaufman says

    I print out or hand write the recipes that I like, that way I can make my own changes and/or add-ons before I cook. My daughter and daughter in laws can some day see how I made the dish, plus have my personal hand written notes. I collect cookbooks from different regions and states, and different cultures and countries. Most of them also have notes from me in them. My very best girlfriend died in an auto accident several years ago, but I have one of my cookbooks that she loved, and she made notes and changes and suggestions to her favorite recipes. So I still have a great memory. It adds a personal touch to the recipe for me.
    I plan to add Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks to my collection. I just found a store locally that carries them.

  146. i use my laptop and phone.

  147. Cook with my Ipad. Easier than printing off a bunch of recipes.

  148. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh I do use my computer alot to cook! I am always looking for great new recipes to try…when I find ones we LOVE, then I print them out so I will never lose them! I have found most of our families favorites on the internet! I am so excited to try the ones Cooking Planit has!

  149. computer

  150. I don’t because it seems easier to me to print it out and I don’t have an ipad. Thanks!

  151. Tara Liebing says

    I use my Kindle sometimes and I print the recipes sometimes if it’s a long recipe or has a lot of steps

  152. I often use my iphone or my husband’s kindle when cooking.

  153. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Sadly, I don’t have an iPad – but the answer is YES I do use my elderly computer all the time for menu planning and recipe ideas. Like you I used to be addicted to my huge and heavy cookbook collection – but in recent years I’d be lost without my computer when planning and executing meals!

    I have not tried Panit (was unfamiliar with the program) – but it sound terrific and I thank you for the intro as well as this most generous giveaway…
    How did we and our parents survive before wonderful computer programs and aids like this?

  154. Diane Sallans says

    don’t have an ipad, I do get recipes off my computer

  155. i don’t have an ipad but that would help a lot!

  156. Valerie Womack says

    Yes, I look up new recipes with my computer and I also keep my recipes in my “favorites” now. Much more convenient than keeping up with a paper cookbook. I don’t have an Ipad however.

  157. Yes I use my laptop. When ever I want a recipe I go to my computer. If I’m looking for a new recipe because I’m tired of making the same dishes and would like to try something new I go to my computer. I do have a recipe box with 3×5 card filled out that are recipes that were handed down through the family that I use for special family recipes but if I’m not making one of those then I’m on my laptop. I like it better because I’m a visual person and seem to have better luck with step by step instructions with pictures to look at. I usually make a great dish if using a great web site like to help with great directions and pictures.

  158. I use my phone a lot! Just because it’s easy to look for what I need and portable to keep wherever I need it!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  159. I print what I need out & take it in the kitchen with me.

  160. Using whatever you have in front of is the way to go, be it paper, laptop or tablet. Just being able to make tasty food yourself is the best thing ever!

  161. Ipad I see it’s easier

  162. If I get a recipe off the internet, I print it out.

  163. I cook using my computer at times for recipes, but I have to print out the recipes first if using the desktop, if not then the laptop works well in the kitchen…

  164. No I use a cookbook or recipe cards

  165. I don’t take my laptop to the kitchen – I’m too messy! But I do search for recipes and read cooking sites to find recipes and tips/tricks. Love Cooking Planit.

  166. christine jessamine says

    I use my computer. It helps me stay organized

  167. Deborah Mireles says

    No ive printed recipes out and used it that way but never used my laptop or ipad for cooking!

  168. When I want to try something new I will search for recipes on the computer because is more convenient than keeping up with a cookbook.

  169. I still buy and read cookbooks and will definitely make recipes from them, but on a regular basis I do search online/pinterest for some good ideas as well.

  170. Angela Alpaugh says

    I’m still a paper cookbook kind of cook, lol!

  171. Elayna Spruill says

    I use my computer because I don’t have an iPad. Well, whatever works lol.

  172. I often do because I keep most of my recipes on the computer rather than in a notebook.

  173. Michelle Tucker says

    I cook using my computer sometimes if I can’t print out a recipe.

  174. ipad.

  175. ipad – less space than laptop.

  176. I use my laptop or smart phone to pull up recipes. i just save then to pinterest instead of printing them out!

  177. I don’t cook using my iPad because my iPad doesn’t heat up enough to cook with. I kid. I don’t have an iPad.

  178. I don’t have an iPad, but I do use the computer to keep recipes & look at while I’m cooking.

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