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The winter months can be never ending.  Sure, we don’t really have any snow and the weather has been mostly mild, but its still winter.  In fact I think it is harder for kids without snow.  My kids love to rush outside after a fresh snowfall ready to sled down our hill or attempt to make their own Frosty.  Currently it is an ugly brown outside and my kids haven’t been inspired to venture out since our last few flakes of snow fell.

This is a great time of year to get together with friends and family for some indoor entertainment.  Recently my family hosted a number of our friends at our home.  With ten children and nine adults we certainly had a full house.  Everyone brought a dish to share so as not to make my experience completely exhausting.  Sometimes I think it can seem like having company even for a few hours requires too much work.  But let me provide you with a few easy ideas.  This is what we did.  Every family brought some kind of food item to share, we ate off of paper plates,  the kids played rented Redbox games downstairs, and the adults played party games upstairs.

Food- check.  Entertainment- check.  Minimized clean- up- check.

Okay, I might have put a little work into the party.  I just simply couldn’t resist making these winter penguins.  They were too cute.  But really this was my most time consuming task. Click here to check out my source for these cuties.

I love the fact that most of our children can now entertain themselves in a party situation.  Sure, there are occasional problems, but the older children really are self sufficient.  My oldest son enjoys playing our Wii, but rarely does as it isn’t much fun to play alone.  I knew this would be the perfect situation to have a little Wii fun.

Of course I could purchase new Wii games, but that it pretty pricey.  Plus until my children try a game I have no way to confirm they will actually like it.   Redbox is a great way to “test” games.  If my boys really like it and could potentially play it continuously than I can buy one.  Or I might find out that the game just isn’t something that is a good fit for our family.  During our recent party I found both instances to be true.

I rented Just Dance 3 via Redbox.  I was sure it was going to be a hit with the number of girls we were going to have at our party.  Notice that there was a perpetual dance party that happened briefly, but it soon died away as the kids really didn’t have any interest in this game.

What was a hit?  ABC’s Wipeout.  The kids loved it!

This is definitely a game I know my eldest son would love to own.  Redbox made entertainment at our party so simple.  Obviously the adults could of had fun via video games as well, but we let the kids take over this time!

Not familiar with Redbox?  Redbox is literally a red box that has current video games and movies.

Click here to fin a box near you.  I have a number scattered around my town.  Simply using a credit card in a matter of a few minutes I can rent a new movie or video games.  If you are interested in a particular movie or game you can find a box that has that particular item, or you can simply visit a box to check out the selection available at that box.  Click here to check out the current game selection.   Rentals are good for one night (due at 9pm the next night) or simply keep it longer for an additional cost if you want.  Return any Redbox game or movie at ANY Redbox.

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