Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom Review & Giveaway


Available on DVD on June 26, 2012

Nickelodeon invites kids to join Dora and Boots on an exciting aquatic adventure in the brand-new DVD, Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom, featuring Latina superstar Thalia as the voice of a mermaid. The DVD features the title episode and additional episodes from Dora the Explorer’s current seventh season.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom Episode Synopses:

Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom
Dora and Boots are at the beach when they find Maribel, a little lost mermaid, who needs to get back to her mommy (voiced by Thalia) in the Mermaid Kingdom. Dora uses her mermaid charm necklace to transform into a mermaid and turn Boots into a sea monkey.  Together the three set off on an underwater adventure through the octopus’s garden, past the ocean rocks to Mermaid Cove where Maribel will have to sing to bring all the mermaids together so she can find her mommy.

Benny the Castaway
Dora and Boots are getting ready to have a beach picnic with all of their friends when suddenly a bottle rolls in with a wave. Inside the bottle, Dora and Boots find a note from Benny.  His balloon ran out of air on the way to the picnic and he’s stuck on Coconut Island.  It’s Dora and Boots to the rescue!

Dora’s Moonlight Adventure
Dora’s taking care of Abuela’s three kitties: Pico, Mónica and Lucky.  At Dora’s house, Mami reads Dora and the kitties a story and they all cuddle around their ball of string and fall asleep.  When the ball of string rolls out the window and Lucky chases after it, the kitties wake Dora up so she can help find Lucky.

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom is available from Amazon for $14.93.

Mermaids are all the rage right now.  I don’t entirely know why, it’s just one of those things that comes and goes, I guess.  This new Dora DVD is perfect for any mermaid loving little preschoolers.  Dora is fun, educational, and safe.  I am aware that a few parents have lost their patience with this little girl, but I also remember adults having it out for Barney.  Children’s characters can all be annoying at times, but Dora is a great playmate for little children.  Having three boys I can’t say we are big Dora fans, but we do think she’s great!

Nickelodeon has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader a Dora the Explorer:  Dora’s Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom DVD!

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  1. Debra Pauley says

    because shes educational

  2. Sarah VM says

    I like Dora because she teaches kids spanish. My Daughter loves Dora.

  3. I like Dora because my daughter really likes her and we’ve been reading more of the Dora books lately. My daughter enjoys answering the questions.

  4. Valerie S says

    I like Dora because it’s an educational show, and interactive.

  5. Kimberly Schotz says

    I like that Dora helped the kids learn Spanish

  6. We love her songs, and that she always helps her friends.

  7. I think the characters are cute and the songs are catchy

  8. amy pugmire says

    love the learning aspect of the show!

  9. Amanda R. says

    She speaks in English and Spanish… it’s easy for kids to learn that way.

  10. jodi lasher says

    I like dora because it teaches the kids a little bit of a different language than just english.

  11. Sandy VanHoey says

    All of my grandchildren have learned a lot of things from watching Dora so that is why I like her

  12. My girls have grown up with Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr. and both really love her and her gang!

  13. Kimberly Bauer says

    I like Dora because all the shows have good lessons for kids.

  14. Stephanie says

    i like thats its a educational show

  15. I like Dora because my niece loves her and Dora’s show is interactive

  16. Carolyn Colley says

    believe it or not I really do like watching Dora, my granddaughter & grandson both watch it, it’s very educational for the kids & adults
    thanks for the giveaway

  17. I like Dora because she teaches my daughter about animals.

  18. I like Dora because she teaches my kids spanish with her show

  19. I like Dora because my 3 year old daughter is super engaged while watching the show/movie! It’s not just another mindless show. 🙂

  20. She’s cute, fun, educational and my 4 yr old neice loves her. We watch her everytime she comes over. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I love giving Dora gifts to my little niece Delaney.

  22. Jennifer Rogers says

    Well my grand daughter loves Dora1 Larkyn is four and is actually speaking some Spanish due to Dora! Go Dora and Larkyn!

  23. Natasha Hudnall says

    I like Dora because it teaches diversity, and other great values.

  24. She’s educational and fun!

  25. Stacey Jacobson says

    I like that she has a fun way of teaching kids things like counting and sharing and she gets the kids involved too.

  26. NW Homesteader says

    I love the educational factor, counting, color recognition, directions, as well as the bilingual!

  27. My son loves to watch Dora and I think it’s okay because she teaches him.

  28. Jamie Brigham says

    I love Dora because she teaches children about friendship, My son loves Dora as well.

  29. my niece loves dora, and i love my niece, so there ya go

  30. Jessie C. says

    I like Dora because it’s an educational show.

  31. Christina Burrell says

    We love that she teaches basic Spanish.

  32. My kids adore Dora. I like that she teaches spanish 🙂

  33. My daughter likes dora, so I do too.

  34. Renee Richardson says

    I like Dora because she is wholesome and my children can watch her without being exposed to stuff I don’t approve of. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

  35. I love Dora because she is positive and caring and teaches my daughter a little Spanish!

  36. Maria Sosa Navarro says

    She’s really educational & my daughter loves her. This episode happens to be her favorite too, she loves the part where boots starts to wiggle wiggle to get the clams off his tail lol.

  37. sara pulliam says

    I like Dora because of the things my daughter learns while watching it

  38. Kelley F says

    I like that Dora introduces kids to Spanish.

  39. Alexandra Roach says

    She teaches kids spanish! We need more bilinguals

  40. We like that she is educational.

  41. i like Dora cuz Andrew learns Spanish!

  42. Brooke M Adametz says

    I like Dora because it teaches children about other cultures

  43. Angela Williams says

    The music and learning Spanish

  44. jessica g says

    we like dora because the show actually teaches kids!

  45. I love Dora because of the joy it brings to my little girl. She sings the Dora songs and loves to pretend to go on adventures like Dora. Plus, it is a great distraction when I need to get dinner on the table. 🙂

  46. My kids do.

  47. My granddaughters love to watch Dora every day. They love Swiper and The Grumpy Ole Troll. They love the Map. Just a very entertaining show!

  48. Michelle C says

    I like Dora because she keeps my youngest daughter entertained. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  49. Maggie M. says

    Because she commits to a job and finishes it, teaches girls they can accomplish what they set their minds to!

  50. Michele H. says

    Because she’s sweet and educational.

  51. go dora go lol

  52. because she’s wholesome fun

  53. mommyofone shanna says

    kid friendly !!! so many cartoons pretend to be, but arent ..
    english & spanish is a plus as well

  54. I like her because she also teaches you spanish

  55. Michele Behlen says

    She is entertaining and educational.

  56. Jen Whitten says

    I love Dora because my daughter LOVES Dora and the show is very educational!

  57. Natalia Gonzalez says

    I like Dora because she teach spanish.

  58. Postive role model for kids

  59. i like dora because she is positive and has fun!

  60. Much better then some of the junk on tv now days for kids. We also love the bilingual aspect of it my husband is from peru so they love she talks like daddy

  61. Patricia Williams says

    I like Dora because my 4 yr old is speaking Spanish. Its fun to watch him learn new things and ask me to say words in Spanish so he can practice.

  62. Meghan Finley says

    She keeps the little ones entertained

  63. christine jessamine says

    i love dora because she is bilingual and has alot of fun learning new things

  64. Tracie A. says

    Dora is educational, enjoyable, and my daughters love her.

  65. I love that Dora keeps my daughter entertained while teaching her Spanish at the same time.

  66. Rebecca Shockley says

    Because she is so loveable and I like her sidekick Boots!

  67. Christy Anderson says

    I like Dora because it has an educational value.

  68. Margot C says

    I like the Dora character because she’s such a positive image for girls.

  69. Dora is awesome all 3 of my kids luved her

  70. I love that she teaches me spanish 🙂 I am 40 and watch it with my daughter and I am amazed at what I learn!

  71. Colleen M. says

    Dora was always a favorite of my youngest – would love to add this to her collection!

  72. Jennifer W says

    I love Dora because she teaches the kids Spanish.

  73. Laurie Brown says

    love that it is educational and such a cute show

  74. She’s educational and funny!!

  75. I like Dora because it’s educational and my kids love it!

  76. My boys love Dora and I love how interactive the show is.

  77. I love how the show is educational and I love that it makes my two girls interact with the show.

  78. Michelle says

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and can count to 10 in Spanish! So educational!

  79. I like Dora because my two boys, plus the children I babysit love to sing along and dance to it all – Great learning show, and cute as can be!

  80. Jennifer says

    I love dora because she actually teaches something, and the show is interactive!

  81. kelly warren says

    My kids love the characters. They take turns being each critter. Usually they fight over who is Tico the squirrel.

  82. Gennie P says

    Because she is bi-lingual! And we want our kids to also be bi-lingual. It would FANTASTICO!

  83. She’s always going on adventures!

  84. Because she’s a strong, smart female that looks like a little girl, not like a barbie!

  85. Julie C. says

    My son adores Dora and sings her little songs during the day. It’s so much fun to watch him dance like Dora.

  86. she’s bilingual just like my daughter!

  87. I like that my daughter learns Spanish when she watches Dora.

  88. We like that she speaks Spanish.

  89. rene miller says

    very educational my child has learned a lot

  90. Charlene S says

    I like Dora because she is always going on a new adventure.

  91. Kim Reid says

    I like Dora because the show is positive and educational!
    Thank you 🙂

  92. I like Dora because she is bilingual. Thank you

  93. Shelley P says

    I like Dora because the show is fun for the kids and educational.

  94. letessha says

    My kids love Dora and that’s why I like it. Educational and fun for them.

  95. I own a daycare and ALL the kids LOVE Dora. It’s one of the only cartoons that everyone agrees on. She is educational, adventurous, and fun!

  96. Teresa Thompson says

    I like how the show teaches different things.

  97. I like Dora because she teaches my kids Spanish.

  98. we like dora because she’s a positive role model, particularly for lil girls!

  99. Terri Menke says

    I like Dora because it helps teach some Spanish

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