Neutrogena Beauty Prep Spring Review



“Beauty Prep for that Long-Awaited First Day of Spring”

After this wallop of a winter, it’s time to embrace any little hint that spring is on its way! Introducing, three new Neutrogena Cosmetics– to help you get ready for a prettier, brighter and rosier spring!   What’s even more exciting about these three new products is that they are each formulated with superior technologies or formulas from Neutrogena skincare – so not only do they provide beautiful coverage, but they work to improve skin’s overall look and feel, over time.

New! Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Compact Foundation SPF 55 with Helioplex®

  • Protect skin from the spring sunshine with the first Neutrogena Cosmetic to ever contain the patented Helioplex® technology- leveraging the proven protection technology in Neutrogena Sun, into a foundation for everyday use
  • Helioplex® technology offers the highest level of broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, perfect for the delicate tissue of the face
  • Achieve flawless coverage with this lightweight, cream foundation infused with antioxidants, (Vitamins A, C and E) that leave skin well nourished and give it that healthy, radiant look
  • Conveniently packaged in a sleek, handy compact



New! Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Custom Glow™ Bronzer

  • For a custom springtime glow, try for a touch of sun-kissed color with Neutrogena Healthy Skin® Custom Glow™ Bronzer, formulated with light reflecting pearls that blend effortlessly for a naturally radiant look
  • Infused with a blend of anti-oxidants, this bronzer promotes healthy skin over time by improving skin’s moisture, texture and radiance



New!  Neutrogena® Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF 20

  • Perfect your pout!  A harsh winter may have left lips with a lackluster look and this new sheer, tinted lip balm is clinically proven to restore lip’s definition and rosiness in just one week
  • Infused with ion2complex , the anti-aging technology originally launched in NEUTROGENA CLINICAL™, the lip balm’s formula works with the product’s existing moisturizers to instantly give lips a fuller, more defined look
  • Added SPF protection guards the lip’s delicate skin from the spring sun!


I feel like I have been in a bad beauty routine since my youngest son was born.  For a while I had three boys five and under, and I was in survival mode.  I felt lucky when I was able to take a shower two days in a row.  Make-up was an “extra” personal luxury that quickly went to the way side in my life.  I see some moms who look polished everyday with a face full of make-up.  I have never been able to figure those mothers out!  How do they do that!  With a little newborn I was in a fashion/beauty coma.

Now that my “baby” is a toddler I am reclaiming my beauty routine.  And that was why I was more than willing to review each of the three products listed above – Healthy Skin® Compact Foundation SPF 55 with Helioplex®, Healthy Skin® Custom Glow™ Bronzer, and Revitalizing Lip Balm SPF  20. With spring in the air it is a great time to start anew.

The first product I tried was the Revitalizing Lip Balm in the shade Sunny Berry.  First let me state that I LOVE that it has SPF 20.  My lips are all too frequently ignored when it comes to SPF.  I love to use lip gloss and various kinds of lipstick, but none of them have SPF.  I truly appreciate it when a product has a great look AND helps protect me skin.  I found the shade Sunny Berry to be a great fit.  It adds just a bit of color to my lips.  I do not like a fake looking color.  For those of you who enjoy adding a dramatic color to your lips I would not recommend this shade.  “Sunny Berry” has a natural effect and is definitely my kind of lip balm.

The second product I tried was the bronzer.  I was not familiar with bronzer and had never used it before.  I found bronzer to be like blush.  Or at least that is what I use it as:)  The color I received was Sunset Glow and I found this to be very natural.  Again that is my main objective when wearing make-up- to make it look natural.  A little bit of color goes a long way on my very pale face.  The bronzer is two-toned and comes with a little brush for easy application.  It is now the product I grab when I want to add a little color to my sun deprived face.

The final product I had the pleasure of trying was compact foundation with SPF 55.  That’s right you read it correctly, SPF 55.  As you can imagine,  I was immediately impressed with this feature.  Not only is it SPF, but it is SPF 55.  That is a great level of coverage.  55! My poor Scandinavian pale face will be protected!!!  But seriously, I try to purchase products that have SPF included.  My face has taken a lot of abuse over the years from the sun and I try to minimize this damage as much as I can.  Having SPF built into a make-up product, especially foundation is a great bonus.  The foundation is compact and I love this.  No liquid mess.  Instead it includes a make-up sponge to apply the foundation.  It is so easy.  Perhaps the easiest foundation I have used.  I received the color Classic Ivory and it works well, however with my ultra pale skin I probably could have even used a shade lighter.

Overall I am very happy with my three Neutrogena products.  Two of them have added SPF and they are all easy to use and look great.  If you are looking for a way to freshen your make-up for spring I would definitely recommend Neutrogena beauty products.


I received these products to review, however all opinion are my own.

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