The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke Review & Giveaway CLOSED


Motherhood revealed-by a high-profile celebrity mom, dynamic CEO, and Dancing with the Stars co-host and winner.

Brooke Burke knows all too well that when you’re raising four children, running a household, tending a relationship, building a multimillion- dollar business and pursuing a television career, there’s no room for pretense or posturing. Rejecting the idea that there’s some simple step-by-step path to the Perfect Body, the Perfect Relationship, or the Perfect Career, she reveals the truths about motherhood with the sincerity that today’s smart, sexy and soulful moms need. Brooke lets readers know what really goes on behind the scenes of a surprisingly ordinary life as a celebrity mom, and how she manages to make it all work (on the good days). Always acknowledging the chaos that is present in any woman’s life, Burke offers readers a more calculated approach to life and motherhood: dance through it. It’s all about hearing the music, finding your footing, and moving gracefully.
From tips about caring for your body, to her own stories about the missteps she’s made as a mother, to advice about how to handle the tough emotional challenges moms face, Brooke paints an honest picture of motherhood that all women can relate to, insisting that it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about being your authentic, naked self.

I found The Naked Mom to be an honest and frank take on motherhood.  When I first received the book I had to check out the picture section.  Yes, I’m an adult, but the kid in me still loves pictures the best.  I always especially like seeing other peoples family shoots.  In this book however it wasn’t a picture in particular, but a photo caption that made me laugh out loud and immediately made me feel connected to Brooke.  The caption states, ” Four kids, fourteen bags, seven airplanes and twelve meltdowns- our first European vacation together as a family”. Celebrity or not Brooke is a mom and with motherhood comes drama of all kinds.  I can’t imagine taking four kids to Europe.  We took our eldest son there when he was a little under two years old.  We had a lot of fun, but there were definately meltdowns and perhaps even a couple from me.  Anyway after reading this caption I was eager to read her book.

Brooke is not afraid to tell it like it is.  Guts and glory, embarrassment and triumph she does not cover up the details of her life.  As an example she wrote about the time she accidentally left her daughter in the car.  The story sounds horrible and traumatizing for a mother, not the kind of thing you want to write about.  Therefore her title really is fitting.  She is baring herself, not physically  of course, rather her feelings and experiences.

Brooke mentions throughout the book her website  I don’t believe I had ever  heard of that before reading her book.  Of course I wanted to check it out and I was blown away.  Modern Mom is a well designed, well written blog.  I have already bookmarked the site and plan on returning frequently.

Recently I had the a personal experience with Katherine Heigl and now after reading Brooke’s book I definitely feel a kinship with them.  There are so many experiences that tie all moms together regardless of profession or background.  Reading or hearing about these experiences makes me feel reassured as a mom.  That sense of I’m not alone is very powerful.  Perhaps that is why mommy blogs are so successful.  Brooke is successful in creating a mommy community through her website and proves she is a very relatable mom in The Naked Mom.


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I received a copy of The Naked Mom to review, but all opinions are my own.



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