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  • “If your kids aren’t talking about The Rattles yet, I think you’ll be hearing about them soon!” – Susan Heim, Parenting Author & ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ Editor
  • “Does your child have a hard time waking up in the morning? Do they spend more time lounging in front of the television than they do shaking their booty? Well here’s your chance to get them up and moving in the morning or any time.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer /

The following is information from the official press release.

“Armed with a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fusion of classic rock and power pop, The Rattles are on a roll!  Parents, kids, and music lovers of all ages have been singing unanimous praises for ‘RATTLE ON’ (August 17th), the lively full-length debut from this furry musical menagerie – composed of life-long friends Gus, Sal, Hal, and Kitty.

To celebrate the ‘RATTLE ON’ album release, The Rattles recently unveiled their snazzy new official website,  This fully decked-out, colorful little corner of cyber-space allows The Rattles’ biggest fans to read up on the band’s back-story, listen to some groovy tunes, scope out a slew of tour photos, play interactive games, and shop for official band gear at the online store. There is even a special section for parents!”

Here is the video for R-A-T-T-L-E-S that just premiered at Yahoo!Kids.

Now that you have the official scoop on The Rattles, it’s The Mama’s turn.  With the help of my mother, we decided to break our review of the album down into six parts.  Packaging/Graphics of Album,  Lyrics, Music, Production Value, Adult Tolerance, and Target Audience.

Packaging/Graphics of Album- This album is bright and colorful, everything it should be for children.  Add in some singing animals and you’ve got yourself a winner.   The creators of this group knew what they were doing.  Bright, colorful graphics and singing animal characters are like wine and chocolate to most of us adults – the more the better.  Included in the album is a little insert two of my kids loved to “read”.   This insert would work great as a little mini poster as it includes pictures of all the characters.

Lyrics- Two of the nine songs on the album contain some form of the word “rattle”.  Not so surprising,  I guess,  considering the name of the group.  The names of the songs are fairly catchy and silly such as “Lucky Sam’s Banana Stand” and “Apple of My Eye”, however it is obvious these songs were not written by Shakespeare.  Overall I found the lyrics to be very basic and repetitive – ideal for the 5 and under set.  My kids were repeating the song  “R-A-T-T-L-E-S” after their second time hearing it.  My six year old had the lyrics down fairly well, but it was quite amusing to listen to my three year old attempt the song.   This song is definitely the catchiest on the album.

Music- The actual music of The Rattles is very upbeat and catchy.  My one year old is all about music these days.  He will sit for 30 minutes playing the little DJ music player we have on our refrigerator.  Needless to say,  this beat driven music is a big hit with him.  It is fun to watch him sway to the beat!  This music will definitely get your toes a tappin’ – children and adults alike.

Production Value- This CD is well made.  It’s as simple as that.  The sound quality is excellent as is the packaging.

Adult Tolerance- Kids music, it can be painful.  It can be extremely painful.  Crazy high-pitched voices have to be the worst.  I am happy to announce that you will not hear any of that on this album.  Thankfully The Rattles is one of those albums that actually sounds like it could be for an adult.  After listening to a few songs I was immediately reminded of the The Beatles.   The influence is defiantly there.  Listen for yourself on songs like  “Rattle On” and “Apple of My Eye” and you’ll see what I mean.

Target Audience- I believe the target audience for The Rattles is age one to five.  While my six year old did like the music,  the singing characters would probably be a little young for him.  However he was interested in the album and insert (all that bright packing I tell you!) so who knows?

Overall, The Rattles is a fun,  upbeat album.  My kids and I look forward to dancing away some energy in the weeks to come with our copy.

The Rattles CD Giveaway

Now for the giveaway!  One lucky music lover will win a CD of The Rattles thanks to The Muse Box. Enter by leaving a comment to this post stating which character from The Rattles your kids would like the most.  My kids like Kitty the best as they have a thing for cats.


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  1. I can honestly say we’ve never heard of The Rattles in our home, so my son doesn’t have a favorite YET. I’m hoping we win this giveaway and then I can tell you his favorite 😉

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