Returning to Cloud-9 Review & Giveaway CLOSED

A world thrives above us. Not heaven, not space, but a civilization of weather beings. The time has come to rain, to avoid war. However, an insurmountable challenge has arrived – Ice 11. Captain Ice’s warriors have begun their siege. Hostages have been taken. A relentless onslaught seems to create hopeless odds. Is Dr. Von Droppings prepared? Is he Cloud-9’s only hope? The Cloud-9 Club: Drippy, Cleo, Flakey and Foggy have a mission of their own that requires the mad scientist’s vision. Now imagine falling 26,000 feet. Drippy’s six-year old sister, Tear, doesn’t have to. … [Read more...]

Hilton Milwaukee City Center Review

photo courtesy of We had the opportunity to stay at the Hilton City Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin right before Christmas.  We were in town to see The Christmas Carol at the Pabst Theater.  We have a tradition of seeing the play every year at the Pabst, but his was our first time staying at the Hilton.  I had no idea what was in store for my family!  We had been driving for over four hours to arrive in Milwaukee and by the time we did arrive we were tired.  Three kids in a van for any length of time can be a recipe for trouble.  I knew the parking ramp at the Hilton would be … [Read more...]

SBA Kit from DENTYNE Giveaway CLOSED

The Safe Breath Alliance (SBA), the first completely made-up organization committed to educating Americans about the importance of practicing safe breath, led by actor, comedian Marlon Wayans, has officially declared February 2011 "Safe Breath Awareness Month." This Valentine's Day - whether spending it with a long-time love, a blind date, or a group of friends - the SBA wants you to be prepared so you don't end up in a compromising situation. Wayans and the SBA are leading the charge leading up to Valentine's Day to raise awareness about the importance of ALWAYS practicing … [Read more...]

Veggie Tales Happy Together Review

Stories about family, friendship and faith. Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler takes you on a mysterious adventure with Sheerluck Holmes and his venerable sidekick Dr. Watson as they work together, their forensic fortitude can solve any crime. The Grapes of Wrath... What do you get when a bunch of very cranky grapes make fun of Junior Asparagus? One sad asparagus and one big problem. Will Junior ever be able to forgive them?! Esther The Girl Who Became Queen tells the story of a new queen. When Esther has the weight of the world on her shoulders and the fate of her people in … [Read more...]

Power Rangers Samurai

The Power Rangers are back!  With a new cast, a new look and a new network, Power Rangers: Samurai debuted on Nickelodeon Monday, Feb. 7th at 8pm EST before moving to it's regular spot on Sundays at noon on Nickelodeon.  The world's most successful kids action series is in it's 19th season and has moved from Disney to Nickelodoen and just got a shiny, martial-arts-influenced reboot. Combining comedy with action-filled storylines, the all-new half-hour series features a new cast of Rangers and never-before-seen villains, as well as high-octane action, martial arts and … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Explora Review

Explora ® Truly Spill Proof Sippy Cup 2 x 11floz/ 325ml cups Stage 2 cup Advance-flo™ technology for easy drinking Unique soft-flex spout protects gums Hygiene Cap Truly non spill & leak proof BPA Free Cleaning Watch our demonstration video on how to clean our explora® sippy cups: The Clever Bit Unlike other valve systems our active sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof With three children I have used a fair share of sippy cups.  Some leak, some the kids haven't … [Read more...]

Get Creative with Penguin Style Eyes Giveaway CLOSED

Everything you need to know to create beautiful eyes Trying to find the best way to accentuate and enhance the eyes can be a nerve-wracking experience for women of all ages. One of the most frequent questions celebrity makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian is asked is how to apply eye makeup. In Style Eyes she shares her highly sought-after beauty tips and techniques that will help you: • Identify and use eye makeup products and tools to address all your eye concerns. • Create the perfect brows with step-by-step techniques and learn how to fix any mistakes. • Identify the best … [Read more...]

Mrs. Macabre Earring Giveaway Winners!

The winners of a set of earring from the stylish Mrs. Macabre are........ #185 Pamela James (key earrings) #61 Andi S. (cat earrings) The winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email or new winners will be selected.  Thanks to all those who entered and to Mrs. Macabre for providing the beautiful earrings! … [Read more...]

Commemorative Super Bowl XLV Popcorn Tin

This 3 Gallon Green Bay Packers® Commemorative 3-Way Popcorn Tin* is the perfect way to celebrate the Packers victory in Super Bowl XLV®! Proclaiming their status as Super Bowl XLV® Champions and proudly displaying their team symbol on one side and the player roster on the other side, every Green Bay Packers® fan will want one. Filled with 3 fabulous flavors of popcorn: Cheesey Cheddar, real buttery Butter, and sweet crunchy Caramel, this will surely score big! Green Bay Packers® Commemorative Tin will be available to ship the week of Feb. 16. Quantities are limited. Order … [Read more...]

Pocoyo Box Set of DVD’s Giveaway CLOSED

Hollywood’s big night for celebration is right around the corner--The 83rd Annual Academy Awards® on February 27, 2011! Everyone is excited to watch the movie stars walk the red carpet and receive their awards for great performances! And, Pocoyo, who has himself won many awards around the globe, has a special surprise to share to celebrate the event! Pocoyo will be starring in his very own advertisements starting this week throughout the month of February on the premiere entertainment channel, E! Entertainment Television! And, if you watch E!’s Pre-Awards Show on the night of February … [Read more...]

Instantpeel Review The At-Home Facial Peel

Get a Radiant, Baby-Soft Complexion in 7 Minutes InstantPeelTM Natural Skin Peel Visibly Removes Dead Skin Cells While You Shower Created as a natural alternative to glycolic acid peels and dermabrasion, InstantPeel's combination of proteins and enzymes naturally and gently peels away dead skin cells impurities. But unlike most chemical skin peels and facial scrubs, InstantPeelTM is sensitization-tested and proven safe for even the most delicate skin. InstantPeel does just what the name implies: it peels off dead skin cells revealing baby-soft … [Read more...]

The Silk Road Review- A Homeschooling Must Have

From Roman times until the Age of Exploration, the Silk Road carried goods and ideas between two major centers of civilization, the Mediterranean Sea and China. In Nomad Press’s newest title, The Silk Road: Discover the World’s Most Famous Trade Route, readers ages 9-12 will have the chance to discover this amazing trade route, and the crafts, technology, and traditions that it spread across the world. They’ll learn about the merchants, explorers, conquerors, pilgrims and diplomats who traveled along the Silk Road in search of wealth and power, the challenges they faced along the way, … [Read more...]

Gorton’s Seafood Review

I was excited to try Gorton's Seafood Products- especially their fish fillets.  I'm a closet fish fillet (stick) eater.  It wasn't until I married my husband that I learned that not everyone enjoys eating fish sticks.  I've been married for eleven and half years and I don't think I've purchased fish sticks in at least nine years.  I had forgotten how yummy they are!  Now I do remember having bad fish sticks, but Gorton's are as good as it gets.  Some fish sticks I've had before get mushy and therefore disgusting.  Gorton's are nice and crisp on the outside, and tender and flaky on the inside.  … [Read more...]

Can I do this? I CAN DO THIS!

Many experienced bloggers have been attending blogging conferences for years.  Sponsorship?  No problem.  They expertly blog about their experiences and jet set off to the next town to meet with their blogging friends. Then there's me. Am I hiding? Kind of. With blogging you can be a voice without a face. Sometimes it's easier that way. I want to change.  I don't want to hide in the shadows of  my blog anymore.  I want to take the leap and show myself to the world.  I want to attend a blogging conference and make new friends.  I want to reach out to companies for sponsorship.  I want … [Read more...]

Pringles Recipes for Super Bowl Feast

We had our annual Super Bowl Feast this year.  Actually as I write this the Super Bowl is still being played.  My family doesn't have much interest in the Super Bowl itself.  Rather my husband loves the feast.  Mainly the chicken wings.  This year we added some new recipes to our feast thanks to Pringles. Officially we are cheering for the Packers.  Living in Minnesota we have to support our fellow Midwestern team.  And also Nana is crazy about the Packers. I was able to catch part of the half-time show.  The Black Eyed Peas are amazing. I was very disappointed by the commercials this … [Read more...]