Valentine’s Day TV Specials- Word Girl & Clifford

The Emmy Award-winning WordGirl airs Mon.-Fri. on PBS KIDS GO! (Check local listings). Whenever there is trouble in The City, mild-mannered fifth-grader Becky Botsford transforms into WordGirl and springs into action, using super strength and amazing vocabulary to stop quirky villains in their tracks. Designed to enrich children’s vocabulary, instill a love of language, and foster better reading comprehension, WordGirl is in its third season on PBS KIDS GO! TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 ON PBS KIDS GO! “CHERISH IS THE WORD” All the kids at school are making valentines to share with … [Read more...]

ULTIMATE Cold and Flu Season Halls Survival Kit Giveaway Winner!

The winner of a Halls Cold and Flu Ultimate Gift Basket is #102- Betsey Hoff Betsey will have 24 hours to respond to my personal email or a new winner will be selected. … [Read more...]

BKW Seasonings Original Gourmet Big Kahuna Blend Review & Giveaway CLOSED

BKW Seasonings is a family-owned business. Originating in the early 1960’s, BKW Seasonings has been satisfying taste buds for over 40 years. The seasoning was created to produce a unique buffalo-style wing that our family has used for years cooking wings for friends and customers at football games, parties, and gatherings. BKW's Big Kahuna Blends unlock the true flavor of any food.  The most unique gourmet seasoning blends to ever hit the market, the uses are endless.  No matter what your food taste, our award winning Big Kahuna Wings, steak, chicken, pork, hamburgers, seafood, … [Read more...]

Jamie Broza’s I Want a Dog CD Review

Four-Time Emmy-Winning Composer/Performer Jamie Broza’s New Kids’ CD I Want a Dog! to be Captured & Released Into the World March 15 Featuring Israeli Superstar David Broza “THE TOP 25 CDs OF THE LAST 25 YEARS: Bad Mood Mom. Broza’s remarkably accurate, compassionate, stage musical-style look at the developmental stages – with all their attendant emotional and physical challenges – that children go through, from babyhood on, is a tour-de-force, from a two-year-old’s ego-asserting ‘No!’ to that firstn-grade swagger in ‘I’m Six.’” – Parents’ Choice® “Accomplished musician and … [Read more...]

Life As We Know It Giveaway & Interview w/ Katherine Heigl CLOSED

Life As We Know It This quirky romantic comedy follows Holly (Katherine Heigl) & Messer (Josh Duhamel), two seemingly unsure adults, who become unexpected parents to their best friends’ daughter after a tragic accident. As opposites attract, the two struggle to put aside their differences, learn how to care for their charming adopted daughter Sophie and become a family through these unforeseen circumstances. Thursday was like any other day at my house.  My middle son went to preschool, my eldest went to kindergarten, my youngest got into everything he isn't supposed to.  I did about a … [Read more...]

Costume Discounters Royal King Review

As you can see from the picture, someone in my house was very excited to wear his new Royal King Costume from Costume Discounters.  My eldest definitely has the attitude to pull off this costume.  He immediately struck a pose and proceeded to speed around the house with his stately cape flying in the breeze. I was really impressed with the quality of the costume.  It seems as though most of the boy costumes that are available at Target, Walmart and other such places are made with such poor quality.  There will usually be a hole in their outfit after a few days of wearing … [Read more...]

Robby Wash Laundry Washing Ball Review & Giveaway CLOSED

The practical laundry washing ball easy to use Toss it in your washing machine and leave it there (works with both front and top load washing machines) None of the hassles that you have with traditional laundry detergent such as lugging it through the store, cleaning up spilled detergent, etc. Easy on your wallet effective – The Robby Wash ball uses a unique and patented worldwide technology to clean your laundry even better than the powder laundry detergents it was independently tested against.  Its activated macromolecules are gradually released through the wash, … [Read more...]

Kid-E-Cover Review

Kid-E-Cover "your family is our concern" With every new addition to your family there are new concerns about their safety and well being. Elicole LLC understands these concerns. With this in mind we have developed a simple yet effective way to protect younger children from the potential danger present from your homes' electrical outlets. Our new electrical child safety outlet cover, appropriately named the Kid-E-CoverTM,  features a slim and aesthetically appealing design. Elicole's patented coverplate with our proprietary auto-return internal shutter system allows for ease of use by … [Read more...]

Argentina Beef Stew- New Flavors from Your Crockery Cooker- Better Homes & Gardens

I had a chance to make the Argentina Beef Stew the other night.  I have been on a casual mission to make almost all of the recipes from my New Flavors from Your Crockery Cooker from Better Homes & Gardens.  I have made probably almost half the recipes in the book and have found quite a few great recipes.  The Argentina Beef Stew was a hit.  The kids really liked it which is always helpful and it is loaded with veggies.  I didn't think it was amazing, but it was still a good meal.  I would definitely make it again as the kids enjoyed it so much.  The bacon … [Read more...]

Top Blog of the Week- Money Saving Mom

My top blog of the week this week is Money Saving Mom.  If you read money saving blogs at all I'm sure you've seen Crystal's blog at Money Saving Mom.  It appears to me to be the top Mom money saving site.  Not only does she help you save money, but she also publishes articles on Do It Yourself Ideas.  I have been reading Money Saving Mom for some time now and I am inspired by Crystal's honest and kind writing.  Crystal was kind enough to publish an article of mine- check it out here.  Here are some other topics she covers- Deals & Steals, Living Simply, recipes from her kitchen and a … [Read more...]

Valentine Smiley Cookies Review

My family recently received a package of Valentine Smiley Cookies to review.  As you can imagine my kids were eager to "test" them.  The cookies came in a great smiley printed box (see below).  I am going to definitely reuse the box as it is super cute! My kids were in love with these cookies.  Who doesn't want to eat a cookie with a smiley face on it?  My eldest (featured below) kept asking for more as his treat of choice. If you need a gift for Valentine's Day these would make great cookie gifts.  Or if you need to bring treats to your child's school for … [Read more...]

Top Blog of the Week- Mommy Katie

This is another new feature for The Mama Report.  Once a week, on Thursday, I will feature a blog that I think is wonderful.  I want to feature Mommy Katie for my first edition.  Mommy Katie is a site dedicated to reviews and giveaways.   Mommy Katie has some wonderful giveaways and is always straight forward and positive with her reviews.  The main reason I want to feature Mommy Katie is because I think she is a great person!  Before I started my blog adventure I emailed several blogs hoping to get a little bit more information on how to start.  The ONLY person who responded to my emails was … [Read more...]

Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiches- The Simple Art of Eating Well

Here are the results from the recipe I tried from The Simple Art of Eating Well. The Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiches were easy to make and taste quite good.  After sampling one I wrapped the rest individually to use as a quick breakfast for the rest of the week. … [Read more...]

Aromatic Short Ribs with Roast Vegetables- Simply Ming One-Pot Meals

Here is the Aromatic Short Ribs with Roast Vegetables from Simply Ming One-Pot Meals. Bare with me hear as I attempt to learn a thing or two about food photography.  The light in my kitchen at supper time is not the most conducive to close up food pics.  I'm afraid there is nothing I can do about the lack of light at 5:30p.m. in the winter in Minnesota, however I will work on my photo skills:) I found the recipe to be okay.  Again nothing fabulous.  I hope all my recipes this week don't turn out just okay! Better luck tomorrow I guess.   … [Read more...]

Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles- Quick, Quicker, Quickest (Better Homes & Gardens)

We had Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles for supper tonight. My husband thought it was great, but I would only say it was okay.  The recipe did not wow me.  I have another Thai dish that I like more- Nutty Pasta with Shrimp. I think perhaps I was always looking for the shrimp in this new dish.  However this recipe doesn't have shrimp, chicken or beef- just peanuts.  Therefore this would be a good alternative for vegetarians, but I prefer my shrimp recipe. I tried this recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens Quick, Quicker, Quickest cookbook.  Overall I am impressed with … [Read more...]