Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark

While our visit to Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark was complimentary, all opinions are my own. 

Waterparks and kids are synonymous. I’m not entirely sure when these fun-filled places began to pop up, but they sure didn’t seem to be around when I was a kid. My biggest joy was a trip to the local swimming pool that had exactly one diving board and zero slides. These days my boys have visited their fair share of waterparks. Each site has their own special features and offerings and we discovered this was certainly true at our recent visit to Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark

Moose Mountain Falls has five main sections. An area for little kids, a large activity pool with basketball and a rope climb, a lazy river, and two different slides. My fellas are too old for the little kid area now, gosh time flies. But they had a lot of fun exploring the four other sections of the park. 

My crew was enamored with the rope climb. Each guy took his turn carefully trying to make his way across this tricky path. For my youngest this visit was the first time he has been a strong enough swimmer to actually attempt this sort of course. He was so determined! 

Connected to the rope climb is the basketball area. There is also room for a little bit of free swimming in this section. My guys mostly just liked to toss the ball to each other. 

For older kids the slides are undoubtedly the highlight of the waterpark. In order to partake in these thrilling activities you’ll need to make sure your kids are tall enough. Just like any waterpark there are restrictions that are ultimately based upon age and height. 

With loops, lights and super fast speed swimmers can zip down two different major slides. Avalanche Falls is swimmer only {yellow slide}, while on Timber Rapids {green slide} participants ride a tube. Both options proved to be fun for my two oldest fellas. 

As you can see from the gigantic smile on his face the slide is a hit! 

For those that prefer a more quiet sort of ride a lazy river never disappoints. This mostly peaceful ride always takes a competitive turn with my crew as they always end up racing each other. 

There is so much for a family to see and do in Lake Geneva. Checkout my other post that lists some of the top highlights of the area. My advice is to spend the morning taking a tour on the mailboat and then let the kids shake out that pent up energy by having some fun at Moose Mountain Falls! 

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