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Some days are crazy at my house.  With three children ages 18 months, 3 years, and 6 years life moves in fast forward speed.  My eldest son is in kindergarten while my three year old is in preschool, and they each have various additional activities.  Sometimes supper time arrives and I find myself completely at a loss.  Usually I will have plans for supper, but sometimes I just don't have time to do the prep work that is required.    What do I cook?  Imagine me scouring the cupboards and freezer trying to come up with some kind of easy combination.  Dinner Drama!  I really dislike serving my … [Read more...]

The Best of Clean Eating Cookbook Review

5 Ingredient Meals to Simplify the Work Week & Save on Meals In Less Time Than Ordering Pizza Five- Ingredient meals are saving the busy work week, all while saving the growing waistlines. Home prepared meals are made effortless and healthy with as little as 60 calories in a meal, to recipes maxing out at only 471 calories. The Best of Clean Eating favors fresh, seasonal produce, high-quality proteins and smart flavor boosters, designed to come together in a tasty dish in less time than it takes to order a pizza. From the time perspective, tossing five ingredients or less … [Read more...]

America’s Test Kitchen- Slow Cooker Revolution- Chicken Curry in a Hurry

I made Chicken Curry in a Hurry the other night from American's Test Kitchen's Slow Cooker Revolution.  I love Indian food and so I was eager to try this recipe.  It was good, but not the kind of good where I want to roll around in it.  Sometimes I have that experience with Indian food.  Do you?  I really just want to roll around in it and that would not be good thing.  Cayenne pepper and jalapenos in places that would not feel so good.  I'll just stop now. I used Penzey's Spice's Curry powder like the recipe suggested.  Not familiar with Penzey's?  You should be.  Great spices.  Not from … [Read more...]

Monday Menus

Here are my menus for the week.  Notice that Chicken Curry in a Hurry is on the list again.  No, I'm not making it two weeks back-to-back, rather I did not make it at all last week.  We had guests over for supper on Friday night so I made Chicken Tikka Masala from America's Test Kitchen instead. Monday- Chicken Curry in a Hurry- America's Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution Tuesday- Shrimp Tacos- The Sensible Cook Wednesday- French Onion Meatloaf (The Sensible Cook), mashed potatoes with gravy, and broccoli Thursday-I am ashamed to admit I will be making Hamburger Helper this … [Read more...]

America’s Test Kitchen- Baked Salmon w/ Spicy Cucumber Relish

Wednesday was our night to have fish since Nana wouldn't be with us for supper.  Nana is not found of fish.  That's not really true.  Nana is repulsed by fish.  My family doesn't really get it as we are fish fans.  My oldest really loves salmon and this recipe was a hit.  I kept the spicy cucumber relish off of the kids plates and just kept that for the adults.  And my husband and I believe it is the spicy cucumber relish that really made this dish so delicious.  Look at these beautiful cucumbers!(Click here to see what else I made this week) … [Read more...]

The Best of Clean Eating- Turkey and Chickpea Burgers

Here is the Turkey and Chickpea Burger from The Best of Clean Eating.  We had this for supper tonight as I could not find red cabbage in town today.  Hopefully I will find some on Thursday and will make the Chicken Satay then.  Red cabbage.  Who knew is so hard to find! This recipe was very tasty and it was satisfying knowing it is a healthy burger. It is mammoth!  Click here to see what else I'm making this week. … [Read more...]

Monday Menus

Here is my tentative cooking schedule for the week.  I will provide picture updates as the week progresses, however sometimes it just doesn't happen:)  In the flurry to get supper on the table I sometimes forget to snap a pic.  Sometimes it's not even WORTH taking a picture of.  Sometimes its just enough that we are eating.  Three kids + supper time= CRAZY Monday- Tatortot Hotdish with Glazed Carrots- (My husband loves tatortot hotdish we could easily eat this once a week in the winter time.  It is definitely comfort food.  The Glazed Carrot recipe is from The Complete America's Test … [Read more...]

America’s Test Kitchen- Simple Italian Style Meat Sauce

I made America's Test Kitchen's Simple Italian Style Meat Sauce tonight. Here is the finished product. I love America's Test Kitchen.  Their recipes (and of course the TV show) inspire me to be a better cook.  I purchased The Complete America's Test Kitchen Cookbook for Nana for Valentine's Day and we are officially testing recipes.  This particular one was easy to make and tasted quite yummy.  I'm not a big pasta eater however, so I might pass on this one next time.  Look for more America's Test Kitchen recipes in the coming days  and in a little over a week look for a GIVEAWAY!  I"m so … [Read more...]

Cauliflower & Ham Au Gratin Update

Here is the Cauliflower & Ham Au Gratin I made  last night.  I was not overly impressed.  I used Grueyere cheese which is so much more expensive than the normal cheeses I purchase so I won't be making this one again.  Nana ripped this recipe out of a magazine, but I couldn't figure out which magazine it was!  Check out my Monday Menus page to see what I'm cooking at my house for the rest of the week! … [Read more...]

Emeril 20-40-60: Fresh Food Fast Chicken Patty Pockets with Mint Yogurt Sauce

Chicken Patty Pockets with Mint Yogurt Sauce They were yummy! Don't forget to check out the rest of my Monday Menus! … [Read more...]

Monday Menus

After a brief hiatus Monday Menus is back.  Here is our menu plan for the week.  I will add pictures has the week progresses. Monday- Turkey Tenderloin, broccoli, carrots, rolls, Tuesday- Chicken Patty Pockets Wednesday- Cauliflower & Ham Au Gratin Thursday- Simple Italian Style Meat Sauce, Garlic/Mozzarella Bread, veggie (America's Test Kitchen) Friday- Beef Tacos (America's Test Kitchen) Saturday- leftovers or pizza Sunday- Nana's Chicken Matzo Ball Soup … [Read more...]

The Crabby Cook Cookbook Review

Introducing a very funny, slightly edgy, winning new kind of cookbook Jessica Harper—that Jessica Harper, star of Minority Report, Stardust Memories, Love and Death, Pennies from Heaven, and more—is a working mother of two who faces the same problems of every other woman who’s the designated home cook: How do you feed a family of picky eaters when you’re not crazy about being in the kitchen in the first place? A natural-born storyteller and terrifically engaging writer, she does what she’s done all her life—entertain us—while at the same time offering 100 not just easy but really … [Read more...]

Pringles Recipes for Super Bowl Feast

We had our annual Super Bowl Feast this year.  Actually as I write this the Super Bowl is still being played.  My family doesn't have much interest in the Super Bowl itself.  Rather my husband loves the feast.  Mainly the chicken wings.  This year we added some new recipes to our feast thanks to Pringles. Officially we are cheering for the Packers.  Living in Minnesota we have to support our fellow Midwestern team.  And also Nana is crazy about the Packers. I was able to catch part of the half-time show.  The Black Eyed Peas are amazing. I was very disappointed by the commercials this … [Read more...]

Argentina Beef Stew- New Flavors from Your Crockery Cooker- Better Homes & Gardens

I had a chance to make the Argentina Beef Stew the other night.  I have been on a casual mission to make almost all of the recipes from my New Flavors from Your Crockery Cooker from Better Homes & Gardens.  I have made probably almost half the recipes in the book and have found quite a few great recipes.  The Argentina Beef Stew was a hit.  The kids really liked it which is always helpful and it is loaded with veggies.  I didn't think it was amazing, but it was still a good meal.  I would definitely make it again as the kids enjoyed it so much.  The bacon … [Read more...]

Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiches- The Simple Art of Eating Well

Here are the results from the recipe I tried from The Simple Art of Eating Well. The Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiches were easy to make and taste quite good.  After sampling one I wrapped the rest individually to use as a quick breakfast for the rest of the week. … [Read more...]