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Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking is a mom of my own heart.  This busy mother of two is inspired by Pinterest,  but she also wants her celebrations to be easy.  In fact she even confesses that party planning stresses her out.  And frankly who doesn’t get a little overwhelmed looking at the amazing images on Pinterest?   Sometimes it is easy to feel defeated before you even start.

Rather than admitting defeat Kristy made her son’s recent birthday celebration spectacular and easy.  Hooray!  This Disney Cars Dream Party is a great idea for my three year old son.  I’m going to be referencing this post when his birthday comes around in October!:)

Check out part of her story below!



Are you ready for a birthday celebration?

Let me start by saying this…party planning stresses me out!  Seriously…stress!  Then, you add the latest Pinterest parties and that just adds to my stress, they all look so perfect!  I want to throw Pinterest perfect parties, but most of the time I just need something quick and easy!  Even though I want quick and easy…I need a lot of fabulous too!


Summers are so busy for us as we have one birthday after another for what seems like all summer long!  This year we did something a little different and did a combined birthday for a few of the kids in the family then we had our own little family birthday party for our son too!  He was beyond thrilled to have multiple parties, the only problem we ran into was each time he had a party he thought he turned another number!  So at this rate he’s going to be going from 4 to 10 pretty fast!


What did I turn to?  The latest Dream Party Packs from Hallmark!  I cannot even begin to express to you how amazing these party supplies are for your celebration.  They can be found at Walmart in a variety of themes.  These party supplies include everything you would need to throw your perfect party.  I’m not kidding…everything!

Get the scoop on all the details surrounding this super cute Cars party by visiting

Kristy at Mama Hates Cooking!


  1. Ooooh parties that are already put together would be awesome. My parties as a kid always had entertainment like a clown or magician, but we never had any party items to match the entertainment. That Cars stuff all looks amazing!

  2. Maria Iemma says

    I always gave my kids theme parties – this is the kind of party that is easy to give and that you know all kids will enjoy, specially my grandson who is a huge Cars fan

  3. Disney Planes came out and I can’t believe we still have not seen Disney Cars! What a cool party, thanks for sharing photos! Cute!!!!

  4. Vanessa Coker says

    I honestly didn’t know they had this! My son is 2 and all into the movie, I am almost certain we’ll get these for his 3rd birthday party 🙂

  5. Paula Tavernie says

    My grandson loves Cars! I love all the Party Suplies!

  6. ellen beck says

    Looks like the little fella had a great time! Cars is such a nice movie and your themed party looks bright and happy!

  7. Christian Alejandro says

    My nephew would love that cake!

  8. My daughters birthday is tomorrow, trying to save money by making my own pinata!

  9. This would be a great idea for my son’s next birthday party, he loves Cars !!!


  10. Susan Smith says

    My son loves cars, he would love to have a birthday like this.

  11. I love the themed parties and I think the kids love them too

  12. Thank you so much for sharing this! My son is going to be having a Cars party in about six weeks! Thanks for the tips 🙂


  13. Christy Anderson says

    What a cute party!

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