A Mama Report Feature: Disney Princess Dream Party Celebration!


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It might be quite obvious, but most of my content is not frilly or girly in nature. Sure, I occasionally have one of my contributors  add in a post dedicated to items for little girls, but with three little boys in my house~ pink is not a desirable color:)

In an attempt not to deter mothers of little girls from The Mama Report I’ve turned to the lovely Rachel Rockwell of Bubbly Nature Creations.  As the busy mom of three little girls this fabulous blogger has phenomenal photography skills.  In fact her pictures are so great I’m scared to show them to you…….you might never return here! LOL:)

Check out part of her post below regarding how to throw the ultimate frilly, girly, pink, Disney princess party!



All three of my girls have  birthday’s within 3 weeks of each other so this time of year seems like Christmas!    Every year I give them a choice… they can have smaller individual parties or one big party for them all.  They always choose the big party!   This year it was a unanimous vote for a Disney Princess Dream Party!  I think this year’s party was the Best Party Ever!   The party was super simple to set up thanks to the Hallmark Disney Princess party supplies I found at Walmart!


Almost every little girl wants to dress up like her favorite Disney princess.  My oldest has always loved Cinderella, the middle one loves Belle and the littlest one we have always called Rapunzel because of her long blonde hair!  We set up a photo booth using the Hallmark Disney Princess backdrop and photo props!  I also loosely covered a chair with satin and hung yellow satin for curtains!  The girls had so much fun posing for their pictures with all the props!


We even had a prince join in on the fun!   His crown was made with a gold gift bag which I think turned out perfectly!


Inside the house we had the cake and food table!  We added the lights and balloons, but everything else was made using the Hallmark Disney Princess party supplies!   I think it turned out awesome!   My girls especially loved the Disney DecoPac Princess Cakes that I ordered from the Walmart Bakery!  It was such a relief to have the cakes already made ahead of time and the girls LOVED them.


One of my favorite decorations was the turrets I placed behind the cakes.  I came up with the idea, but my mom is the one that made them!  🙂 She made the 2 outer turrets using Country time lemonade canisters covered with the Hallmark Disney Princess napkins.  Then for the top we added a Hallmark Disney princess party hat!   For the middle turret she made it out of poster board since we wanted it taller.  She just taped the poster board up like a tube and covered them in the napkins just like the other two.   So cute!

Learn how to add the finishing touches to this Princess themed party by visiting the rest of this post at Bubbly Nature Creations!


  1. Wendy Owen says

    I would love these decorations for my grand daughter! Disney has such beautiful products for children’s parties. This is the exact decorations I would chose. Perfect for any princess!

  2. Marti Parks says

    What a pretty set up. Seems like a great party for any little princess.

  3. Christy Anderson says

    What a great party for a little girl! I love the cakes of each princess!

  4. The turrets are super cute! What a creative idea!

  5. Sacha Schroeder says

    OMG! My daughter would LOVE this!

  6. My daughter would love this party!!!!

  7. kristin sims says

    The colors are beautiful in this collection, perfect for a little princess’s birthday party!

  8. What a fun idea and every little girl would love to be a princess on her special day!

  9. Mia Dentice Carey says

    That is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Stephanie Larison says

    So adorable, my daughter just turned 4 on the 12th and she would’ve been in heaven! She’s all about the disney princesses right now.

  11. How cute! My 3 yr old would have enjoyed this!

  12. Christian Alejandro says

    Wow, I bet they had a blast! Very creative and nice looking setup.

  13. Awe – what a memorable little party. I love the idea of having a ‘princess’ couch to take pictures with the backdrop. So very cute!

  14. Shakeia Rieux says

    My niece is 3 & i know she would have loved it because her theme is the Disney princess

  15. Shakeia Rieux says

    My niece is 3 & i know she would have loved it because her theme is the Disney princess

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