A Popsicle Party & a $25 Target G.C. Giveaway


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popsicle party buffet

Our family has a bulk of our birthdays in the summer.  One after another, July officially starts the birthday season for my clan.  This August my oldest son celebrated his ninth birthday.  We invited family to celebrate this momentous day and I made my plans as easy as possible.  Some parents methodically arrange their children’s birthday parties.  Everything is themed.  I’ve been on Pinterest.  I’ve seen the pictures.  I am not that mom:)  Not everything has to be elaborate.  Sometimes celebrations can be special and simple, at least that is my objective.

popsicle party popsicles

My plan?  Pizza, fruit, cut carrots, a pre-made cake, and Popsicles.  My children were in seventh heaven.  This is the feast of dreams of a nine year old boy.  And a six year old boy.  And a three year old boy:)

2013-08-11 13.22.35

My boys were super excited at the possibility of getting to eat Popsicles and cake.  Believe me, this isn’t a normal day occurrence.  In fact, it has never happened before, but the boys had such fun picking out their preferred color Popsicle I am inclined to do this again for our next birthday celebration.  And I love that I didn’t have to scoop out gobs of ice cream.

popsicle food

While our meal was a special birthday celebration, this feast could just as easily be an easy fit for any summer entertaining.  Simply remove the cake and add in a salad or two and voilà~ you’ve got yourself a meal fit for a small crowd!

popsicle party guests

Our party was extra special this year as my Aunt Twila was visiting all the way from North Dakota and of course Nana came over too.  We have become accustomed to our family parties only consisting of us, that it was a special treat to actually have multiple family members attend.

popsicle boy

My secret trick to remove some of the mess involved with Popsicles indoors is to place a cupcake liner around the base.  Any drips can be pooled here, rather than having them run down little hands.

popsicle party birthday boy

With the end of August approaching I know our summer days are coming to end.  I can’t wait to fit in a few more runs under the sprinkler and of course, a few more of these tasty treats!:)

popsicle party bucket of popsicles

And now it’s time to share the Popsicle goodness once again!

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a $25 Target gift card to purchase their own Popsicles!  Woot!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

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GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to enter to win another $25 Target gift card via Melanie at 2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom!

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  1. Don’t try and do to much, ending up going overboard.
    And get your family to help out!

  2. ellen beck says

    I simplify by planning things out as much as possible beforehnad.

  3. amanda goodman says

    I simplify with make ahead receipes

  4. Looks like you guys had a fun party and I love the tip about the cupcake liner… sooo smart… LOVE it.. Thanks for sharing and I’m not THAT mom either… kids still love it… and Happy Birthday ….

  5. Olivia Rubin says

    Ask for help. Have others bring dishes if its a BBQ..just keep it simple

  6. I like to use biodegradable plates and silverware. Easy clean up for me and better for the environment!

  7. I keep everything simple, yet fun by not overdoing it.

  8. ellen casper says

    Chinet paper plates and fancy plastic cups/wine glasses

  9. Michelle Hudak says

    Disposable plates and silverware to keep cleanup to a minimum

  10. I prepare almost everything the day before so its easy to set up everything the next day

  11. Jessica Wyatt says

    have friends/family help out and use disposables

  12. Hollie Jahnke says

    I make some things ahead of time and freeze them. I love the cupcake paper around the Popsicle!! I gotta try that!

  13. By having a simple bbq. We just have hamburgers or hot dog with some chips and ice cream for after. Thank you!

  14. susan smoaks says

    i simplify summer entertaining by having the gatherings outside which helps me with clean up!

  15. Lisa Brown says

    i simplify summer entertaining by having BBQs

  16. Adrienne Gordon says

    By doing things at home.

  17. Margaret Smith says

    We keep things simple and prepare what I can ahead of entertaining.

  18. Tari Lawson says

    If it is a casual get-together, like a BBQ, I ask guests to bring a dish to share and we provide the meat and drinks.

  19. rod jacskon says

    IK do lots of foods on the grill and potluck.

  20. disposable everything and easy food dishes

  21. I simplify by hosting potluck parties.

  22. Mary Happymommy says

    We invite our guests to bring a side dish.

  23. melissa Resnick says

    we cook the main everyone else brings sides

  24. Holly Kennedy says

    Fresh friut. Easy to pack and healthy.

  25. Plastic plates & plastic silverware are easy cleanup for no fuss entertaining.

  26. Joyce Raymond says

    I’m embarrassed to say but I’m a terrible hostess. I’m too easily overwhelmed. My solution? I recruit one of my more social friends or relatives to help me out.

  27. I simplify summer entertainment by inviting family over for cookouts. Each guest brings a dish and the kids all love playing together!

  28. Amanda Hoffman says

    make it fun but not over the top which will bring lots of stress

  29. Dorrie Turner says

    Fresh cut up fruits and veggies, easy clean up to the main dish.

  30. I simplify by asking guests to bring snacks or drinks

  31. Work is always divided

  32. Darlene Owen says

    I have it help your self pot luck dinners

  33. All of our recent “entertaining” has been playdates. Those are pretty simple.

  34. Carrie Phelps says

    We simplify with using reusable plastic ware so we have very little trash clean-up and it all goes into the dishwasher.

  35. Dorothy Teel says

    I like things that can be grilled and then if possible, depends on how hungry my visitors (usually my boys and their families) are have enough left over for a second meal.

  36. We simplify by having by Bf help me the day before with food prep and table set up. Day of hubby mans the BBQ and I sip on a margarita.

  37. by asking family or friends to bring one item even if its just the cups

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  38. I simplify by prepping the night before.

  39. Colleen Maurina says

    We have a lot of extended family get togethers and everyone brings something so it is easy for the person who is hosting.

  40. April Yedinak says

    I try to make mostly cold dishes so I don’t have to slave over the heat cooking.

  41. Jessica To says

    I use disposable plates, napkins and table cloths.

  42. Della Dabner says

    We have all of our celebrations at my sisters house. She’s a wiz at throwing parties. I bring drinks and that’s it. Lol

  43. I simplify summer entertaining by having a BBQ, it’s less set up , cooking and cleaning afterwards.

  44. Mya Murphy says

    By not doing them lol. In reality, I don’t, but IF I did, I would plan a potluck one.

  45. sharon gullikson says

    We BBQ, and make simple foods. We love to hang out outdoors…

  46. Susan Christy says

    Everyone brings food and drinks – no one has to pay for a lot or spend all the party time in the kitchen.

  47. We bbq a lot, use paper plates and if I am really out of time I will buy the pre made salads from the deli.

  48. beth clark says

    make is simple and don’t go overboard

  49. Cook ahead – have other bring a side dish – paper plates and cups etc.

  50. sandra davis says

    i simplify by having potlucks where everybody pitches in…..and we have a variety and everybody has a great time

  51. Debra Pauley says

    I simplify by planning things out as much as possible

  52. Michelle S says

    I simplify by using a buffet – taco buffet, hot dog buffet, etc.

  53. Paper plates are a must! And you always need an alternate indoor location in case it’s too hot or rainy.

  54. We simplify summer entertaining by doing a lot of potlucks (or else doing all the grilling and asking guests to bring sides and desserts), having guests make or suggest their own music playlists, and prep ahead as much as possible!

  55. We serve easy to prepare appetizers and grill hamburgers and hot dogs. Ice cream is always on the dessert menu

  56. Tabathia B says

    I like doing meatballs which are quick

  57. We take care of all the big main stuff in the potluck, plan ahead and use disposable paper goods!

  58. go to the movies!! food, funn and A/C are all in one place! thanks

  59. i make as many dishes ahead as i can

  60. Katie Roch says

    I simplify summer entertaining by preparing foods ahead of time or hosting a potluck where everyone brings something.

  61. Keep it super simple… or make something and take it to a neighbor’s party!

  62. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    we have light food and out at the fire
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  63. I dont, the bigger the better

  64. It doesn’t get much simplier than hosting a BBQ. There’s usually something that everyone likes included.

  65. Jenny Stanek says

    Have everyone bring something that we can all share!

  66. Stephanie Ann says

    we love to have cookouts where everyone brings food!

  67. I like to use fresh fruit in season. Keep as much of the entertaining outside as possible.

  68. We do everything outside with disposable everything….table cloths, plates, cups, etc. Makes for easy clean up AND I didn’t have to clean the house to have a party 🙂

  69. cheryla lister says

    Paper plates, and disposable cups and flatware!

  70. steve weber says

    by having BBQs.. they are super easy.

  71. Rebecca Graham says

    Doing as much as I can beforehand and asking for help from friends.

  72. do what I can before the party, and if someone offers help, take it.

  73. Entertaining outdoors is simple and I do make ahead recipes.

  74. just always grill!

  75. by doing potlucks!

  76. I try to get some items premade so I have more time with everyone.

  77. We always, always throw something easy on the grill. Open a few bag of chips and that is it!

  78. stay outside to minimize messes

  79. sometimes we just pack a quick lunch and take it to the park and all the mess is there so nothing to clean up

  80. Sacha Schroeder says

    We try to have folks bring a dish to share!

  81. Andrea Williams says

    If it is for a big family gathering we simply all work together and spend even more time with each other that way. If guests are coming then usually everyone brings something to contribute. Less work = more fun!

  82. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Simplify By Planning Ahead, Making List’s That Keep Me Organized.

  83. bbq evenings are simple cooking on the grill, everyone loves the food!

  84. Get things made ahead of time and have guests bring dishes.

  85. I usually use my freezer to store stuff that I can serve later.

  86. always let other guest bring a dish, so it is easy on every one as every one has a good time….

  87. Barbara Montag says

    We like to do potluck – easier and loads of fun.
    Thank you.

  88. Debra Hall says

    i start everything days in advance …that’s whats easy for me

  89. I simplify summer entertaining by planning and cooking as much as I can ahead of time.

  90. I use recipes that I know work and everyone loves 🙂

  91. kristin sims says

    I make everybody bring a dish when I entertain during the summer.

  92. I like to keep a lot of fresh fruits and veggies on hand!

  93. Eileen Burke says

    I make a lot of things ahead of time.

  94. Great tip about the cupcake liners.

  95. janna johnson says

    organizing and list making!

  96. Cynthia Sizemore says

    I try to make things simple and fun by making like a buffet of kid friendly food that they can assemble.

  97. I try to make everything ahead and have pick up foods so less time is spent on the meal.

  98. June Lisle says

    I make summer entertaining more simple by having everything clean and the food set out before the guests show up. I also try to keep up on the mess as the party goes to make clean up easier.

  99. Seyma Shabbir says

    using paper plates instead of real plates! Makes things go easier!

  100. I simplify by using disposable tableware and buying most of the food from a restaurant

  101. what a great idea to use cupcake liners to catch drips!
    i love make ahead dishes so that you can enjoy your company instead of running around prepping and cooking!

  102. Wild Orchid says

    We keep entertaining simple by asking everyone to bring a little something! Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  103. I like to have a theme and let everyone bring a dish.

  104. Jennifer Matt says

    I would recruit my sister in laws help. She is a “Martha stewart”, where as I am clueless.

  105. Mary Calabrese says

    I try to keep the menu simple so I don’t have to worry about the food and can concentrate on having fun!

  106. I make simple meals like salads and grilled foods.

  107. I use paper plates and plastic utensils so everything can just go straight into the trash.

  108. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I use paper products and ask people to bring a small something

  109. I simplify by using paper products and ask people to bring a dish. We supply most of the meat.

  110. Thomas Murphy says

    We have pool parties and grill simple hot dogs and burgers.

  111. Melanie Montgomery says

    I simply get everything I need at Target. :]

  112. Michelle S says

    I do as much as I can the day before

  113. I simplify summer by sending them outside to explore the great outdoors.

  114. We take our summer entertaining outside to a playground or park 🙂


  115. We usually just grab drinks and hang out at the pool! Can’t get much simpler than that.

  116. Jennifer B says

    we use lots of paper plates, cups spoons so there aren’t so many dishes to wash

  117. Monique Rizzo says

    We use paper plates,cups etc… for easy clean up!
    Thanks for the chance.

  118. its not always easy to simplify in our house, but we try to plan out activities and meals and we always like to spend alot of time outside, thanks so much.


  119. Disposable plates and silverware

  120. I stick to picnics so I don’t have to worry about cleaning up my house.

  121. Rebecca Orr says

    We ask everyone to bring a dish.

  122. Charlene S says

    I use more paper plates in the summer and with company.

  123. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter says

    Actually I do very little entertaining at home. I find it much easier to meet people out at a restaurant, bar or at the park. If I do entertain I prefer to do a picnic away from home, say at a local park or beach. I find that much simpler. Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    Getting everything ready the night before!

  125. I simplify it by making things ahead of time if possible.

  126. I try to do all the prep work the day before!

  127. We had a pool party for my son’s birthday in May. We just had pizza delivered so all I had to do was supply drinks and cake! Super easy and everyone had a blast!

  128. I set things up in advance.

  129. Looks good

  130. We use plastic plates & plastic silverware for easy cleanup.

  131. Make some food the night before.

  132. Shilo Beedy says

    I have everyone bring a dish to pass.

  133. Serena Powell says

    I have potlock dinners so I don’t have to cook as much

  134. Karen Olson says

    I like to do BBQ’s

  135. Mia Dentice Carey says

    By having the party OUTDOORS and preparing as much food as possible a couple days before

  136. We simplify in the summer by using paper plates whenever we can love them.

  137. BBQ’s or potlucks.

  138. Stephanie Larison says

    Paper plates and plastic spoons or forks. I’m not cleaning up tons of dishes, lol.

  139. Summer potlucks!

  140. I try to get as much prepped and ready to serve before guests arrive.

  141. I have everyone bring something that way I don’t have to do all the cooking and there is something for everyone !!!


  142. Have everyone bring a dish

  143. Meaghan F. says

    I use lots of snacks and cold food.

  144. Sondra Bailey says

    We simplify it by asking people to bring side dishes. Make the work way easier for me. 🙂

  145. I try to make things up ahead of time so it will be simple and easy

  146. Cook ahead and have simple recipes.

  147. I do prep work for several day and put it all together the day before.

  148. We use disposable plates and utensils.

  149. Simplify it by having things outdoors.

  150. i plan weeks in advance., write everything on paper and check it off as i go.

  151. Pamela Callahan says

    Make everything disposable for easy clean up. Paper plates, plastic or Styrofoam cups, plastic forks / spoons, etc. Quick and easy and no dishes to wash!

  152. Ava Chavez says

    We all eat outside…I set up a picnic table & lots of fresh fruit in big self serve platters & it’s as simple as summer gets!lol

  153. I try to use items that I can throw away after so that it is easy to clean up after

  154. I go out to eat instead. It’s too much work unless everyone brings something

  155. It was the simplest summer ever, no entertaining!! So much happening I didn’t have tine!

  156. We love to let our teens have their friends over to swim. It’s nice to have instant entertainment for them without having to do a lot.

  157. I order food from a local BBQ place so I just have to worry about plates, utensils, napkins and drinks.

  158. I make things ahead of time and get as much prep done as I can beforehand. Make light dishes that can sit overnight (or even things like pasta salad that can get better with a day). Of course delegate- let someone control the grilling, making cocktails, refilling ice, stuff like that.

  159. bbq outside is cheep and ez 🙂

  160. Tracy Robertson says

    I like to bring a cake and have a party at the food court in the mall. It’s easy and affordable and they clean up for you afterwards!

  161. Plastic plates and cups make for less broken dishes.

  162. prep as much as you can before the actual event

  163. I try to cook everything on the grill and make salads also

  164. Kim Drolet says

    Ok so my kids loved the ice cream truck, but he wanted at least $3 for one ice cream. So I used to stash at least 10 ice cream bars in the freezer and when I heard those horrible bells I would give the kids an ice cream before they had chance to see the truck and ask for one of it. I saved so much money that way!!!!

  165. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time.

  166. I simplify by planning things out as much as possible beforehnad.

  167. Maria Iemma says

    I use a lot of paper products that are easily disposed off and use tried and true recipes.

  168. Steve Stone says

    backyard poool

  169. help the person out that is doing the entertaining

  170. Megan Morgan says

    firing up the grill! and camp fires of course 🙂 Thanks

  171. Brenda Shreve says


  172. I have make ahead dishes!

  173. Love crockpot sides!

  174. Using disposable plates and silverware

  175. Debra Guillen says

    We like to have pot luck get togethers which makes it easy on everyone.

  176. I prepare as much as I can ahead of time, and always make a list of things I need to do!

  177. Make it a potluck at the park 🙂 Nice scenery, plenty of room for the kids to run around, variety of goodies that you don’t have to make all yourself and minimal cleanup 🙂

  178. Jacob LaFountaine says

    Disposable plates and cups. I don’t want to do dishes

  179. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I try to get everyone to help and give them a chore.

  180. Ann Fantom says

    Grilling the food makes for easy cleanup and doesn’t heat up the kitchen

  181. Douglas Houston says

    Fire up the grill..

  182. shateece davis says

    bbq, and mini swimming pool, for the kids

  183. Donna Pyszk says

    We love to have BBQ’s

  184. I don’t worry about the details but about family and food so you’re not stuck thinking about what is missing; also just for it to be as fun as possible cooking and setting the table (making it a game rather than feel a chore)

  185. Cristen Feeney says

    I love making cake pops! simple and it makes cake less messy, plus, kids love it!

  186. I try to avoid it…lol

  187. I used disposable plates and silverware.

  188. We do a lot of easy entertaining like barbeques.

  189. easy, fast recipes, plan ahead, have the kids “help” to keep them busy and out of the way and get family to help too

  190. john hutchens says

    have summer BBQ where everyone brings a dish

  191. Vanessa Coker says

    We usually do more finger foods and make sure the dishwasher is empty before the “party” begins.

  192. Paper Plates are my friend!

  193. I keep meals simple during summer get togethers; bbqs are great because most of my friends are happy with hot dogs, hamburgers, and a few easy salad side dishes.

  194. outside grilling and paper goods!

  195. I simplify things by having everyone bring a dish — popluck all the way!

  196. eating outside makes cleanup more simple – and “assemble yourself” meals (like taco bars/baked potato bars) makes meal prep simple.

  197. Linda Lansford says

    OTHER PEOPLE bring stuff

  198. I simplify by entertaining outdoors.

  199. crystal smith says

    To simplify summer entertaining I stick to plastic plates, cups, and utensils, and I stay out of the kitchen as much as I can by buying already made salads and things from the local deli.

  200. Cody Anderson says

    I simplify summer with potluck dinners.

  201. Jill Myrick says

    We spend a lot of time outdoors entertaining in the summer by having cookouts.
    It also allows me to make a lot of the sides such as potato salad, macaroni salad and cole slaw ahead of time. And it can also be used for several meals.


  202. make everything ahead of time and beverage dispensers

  203. lots of cookouts!

  204. When it’s hot, I make a large bowl of potato or pasta salad and use it along with lots of good quality cold cuts and fresh raw veggies for dinners several days a week. It’s a cool meal and no cooking.

  205. dani marie says

    we plan ahead and prepare for everything.

  206. I buy party platters for summer events

  207. Paula Tavernie says

    Do a lot of the preparing of some foods the day before!!

  208. Desiree Dunbar says

    We like to grill in the summer if we are entertaining, nothing fancy and accompany the burger and dogs with different types of fruits salads or macaroni salads, and everyone ends up happy.

  209. I look online for recipes that have 5 ingredients or less

  210. Mary Cloud says

    Cook outdoors and use paper plates and cups – saves a lot of time from doing dishes
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  211. Using paper plates.

  212. i bbq a lot- fast nn casual!

  213. amy deeter says

    by making simples

  214. Danielle D says

    lots of quick meals form the store

  215. We host pot lucks and BBQ’s to make things easier

  216. Lisa Garner says

    I have everyone bring a dish to cut down on one person doing all the cooking.

  217. Rebecca Peters says

    I love to grill up stuff

  218. Rebecca Lock says

    We grill and use the fire pit as much as possible.

  219. Angela Ash says

    I definitely plan in advance. I make lists of things. I make sure I have all like items together. I also make sure all ingredients are ready to go before starting to cook or bake anything.

  220. Melodic Mom says

    Don’t feel that everything has to be homemade!

  221. Julie Hawkins says

    We cook a ,or of meals on the grill to keep it simple

  222. It may not be “green” but we use a lot of paper and plastic products to keep it simple.

  223. campfire

  224. Nicole Millheim says

    always having chips and soda in my pantry for quick bbqs

  225. Brittney House says

    I make easy to make and clean up snacks for parties.

  226. e michelle says

    we entertain outside so that the mess is cleaned up by the chickens and the dog!

  227. Brenda Elsner says

    I everything that I can ahead of time

  228. krystal wethington says

    I ask family to bring something when we get together.

  229. Christian Alejandro says

    I do cookouts or other stuff I enjoy doing that involves everyone! Swimming is awesome and a great summer workout.

  230. Colin Glendon says

    Keep the cooking on the grill

  231. It’s easier to have a party at the park! No pre-cleaning and no after cleaning required!

  232. I like to cook everything on the grill to limit using to much kitchen equipment!

  233. sheila ressel says

    I keep the menu simple and serve buffet style including drinks so I can spend more time with my guests.

  234. i do everything the night before.. and simple drinks. just pop it in the oven for a few minutes and done

  235. Angela Cisco says

    We ask that guest bring a dish to pass.

  236. I don’t know how I really simplify stuff, I plan stuff to a T. but I think it’s brilliant you used cupcake liners to catch spills!

  237. i’ll make dishes I know will turn out well–no experimentation for a big group party!

  238. I simplify summer entertaining by having everything laid out with a help yourself type day.

  239. A bbq is very simple for us.

  240. I let hubby smoke a lot of the food so I don’t have to do as much, plus everyone loves it!

  241. i get ready the night before

  242. Have a potluck so I don’t have as much to prep.

  243. Kimberly Schotz says

    To make entertaining easy I try to prepare as much as possible in advance

  244. may avalon says

    I simplify by hosting potluck parties.

  245. we go pot luck everyone brings something lot less work and it’s terrific

  246. Francine Anchondo says

    Pot luck and Bring your own drinks

  247. Brad Merrell says

    Have guests bring things

  248. I use paper plates, etc. I have everyone bring a dish. Plus, I make as much as I can ahead of time.

  249. Penny Snyder says

    I make lists when I’m entertaining so I don’t forget anything!!

  250. Susan Smith says

    Prepare as much as you can ahead of time and use plastic plates and utensils

  251. Candice Hull says

    Stick with cold foods that don’t have to be cooked. It’s hot, so no one minds having cooler foods

  252. we simply summer entertaining by using disposable plates and utensils, so little clean up afterwards

  253. Saver Sara says

    We try to do as much as possible outside.

  254. Kim Parrott says

    Picnic family style outside – makes prep and cleanup so much easier

  255. By buying easy summer food items like hotdogs and cheeseburgers

  256. Ann Council says

    I usually prepare everthing the night before when the house is cooler.

  257. We do so much grilling in the summertime– it’s so easy, and the kids can play in the backyard while we do it!

  258. I ask evrryone to bring a dish and that helps everyone

  259. Paper plates.

  260. I try to prepare by doing ahead of time and using easy to prepare cold foods, thanks!

  261. melikegarfield says

    make carousels and crock-pot foods!

  262. Ask people to bring something even if its cutlery, less dishes!

  263. kathy pease says

    I have everyone in the faamily help out so everything isnt just on one person

  264. Jennifer J says

    I go to someone else’s house!

  265. simple is better sometimes and i love potlucks!

  266. Simple & no-bake summer dishes.

  267. I usually just order pizza and have lots of drinks.

  268. We order pizza and buy snacks at the store.

  269. cook on the weekend to use during the week

  270. Corey Olomon says

    Do it at the park.

  271. Christy Anderson says

    Prepare ahead of time and use paper plates so there are no dishes to clean after.

  272. I try not to overdo it. I would rather enjoy the company than spending the whole day cooking.

  273. I do potlucks.

  274. Scarlett Graham says

    We cook lots of meat on the grill so we can eat for several days without cooking!

  275. Everybody in the pool!

  276. Becky Richied says

    I simplify by having my daughters onhand to help in everyway possible 🙂 more hands

  277. Dorothy Deakyne says

    keep meals simple

  278. Have it outside so spills can be hosed off


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