A Tasty & Easy After School Snack with Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches (#TysonGoodness #CBias)


When my son first started school I envisioned making him elaborate, nutritious, and fun snacks when he arrived home.  I would make the kind of snacks featured in magazine and cookbooks!  They would look amazing and taste even better!  A girl can dream, right?

The reality is that with two other boys still at home, plus mountains of other responsibilities I am always caught off guard when my eldest returns home from school.   He’s hungry, of course, but there is no careful concocted snack.  I frantically scan the cupboard to find the nearest granola bar or simply cut up an apple.

Clearly it is time to “step up” the after school snack at our house.  At a recent trip to Walmart I purchased Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches.  They are available in two different varities, with or without cheese.  These easy and tasty microwavable snacks had the potential to be fabulous, but they would require a proper test, of course.

A few minutes before my eldest son returned home, I placed the entire package in the microwave.  Notice that you cook them in the provided pouch.  The entire process took two minutes (one minute on one side, one minute on the other).

After carefully removing the sandwiches from the pouch they were ready.  This was so easy!

A few minutes later…..

It looks like he definitely needs a “pick me up” snack!

Time for the taste test!

They are a winner!

My son was so surprised that I had a snack all ready for him.  Of course little did he realize it took me almost no time at all!

Now if only pesky little brothers didn’t beg to have a bite!

My son gobbled up these little sandwiches in no time, especially with a little help from his youngest brother.  They were warm and proved to be a satisfying snack until supper time.  I love the fact that he is eating protein as opposed to sugary treats.

These sandwiches would be great at other times of the day including breakfast or lunch.  In fact my other boys (ages 2 & 4) and I ate them for our lunch a couple of times this week.  In this busy holiday season with all of the “extras” that go with it, it is nice to be able to make lunch in a jiffy.

This is a great time to try Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches as there is a $5 Walmart gift card rebate available.  First check to see if your local Walmart carries the sandwiches.  Then after purchasing two boxes you can submit your receipt and fill out this form to receive a $5 Walmart gift card (while supplies last).  This is a great deal, essentially a B1G1 offer!

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This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All opinions are my own. 


  1. Your boys are so cute 😉 they look like they really enjoyed those! great job.

  2. Looks great! I am so glad your boys enjoyed them!

  3. Love the post. I am still waiting for these to hit the stores near me. Loved the pictures.

  4. love the photos…great job on your first shop!!!

  5. How sweet! My kids love to have these for snack too!


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