America’s Test Kitchen- Slow Cooker Revolution- Chicken Curry in a Hurry


I made Chicken Curry in a Hurry the other night from American’s Test Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Revolution.  I love Indian food and so I was eager to try this recipe.  It was good, but not the kind of good where I want to roll around in it.  Sometimes I have that experience with Indian food.  Do you?  I really just want to roll around in it and that would not be good thing.  Cayenne pepper and jalapenos in places that would not feel so good.  I’ll just stop now.

I used Penzey’s Spice’s Curry powder like the recipe suggested.  Not familiar with Penzey’s?  You should be.  Great spices.  Not from little plastic containers that have been siting in the store for months on end.  We’re talking high quality spices.

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