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At Amy’s Kitchen, we make food in much the same way as you do at home. We start out the freshest, organic vegetables we can find.  We purchase high quality pastas, grains, beans and hormone free dairy from cows that are pasture raised.

We make everything by hand. Our sauces are prepared in stages; first by heating oil, then adding aromatics and followed by fresh veggies and tomatoes. All the ingredients cook slowly until they reach their fullest flavor.

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Amy’s Kitchen offers foods that are natural and organic, but also quick and convenient.  Isn’t that the perfect combination?  I picked the Margherita Pizza to review.

Amy’s Margherita Pizza is truly unique. The handstretched crust is thinner than our usual crust, the simple sauce made from organic tomatoes, and best of all is the topping, fresh mozzarella cheese sprinkled with parmesan and basil.

I had never tried Amy’s Pizza before and I must admit I was skeptical.  I have had different “healthy” frozen food before and it definitely left something to be desired.


Here is the pizza.  It looks pretty good, but again I was still skeptical.  What would it taste like?

It was delicious.  Fabulous!  With just the right amount of cheese, basil, and other spices this pizza left me wanting another slice.  And then another slice….  And even the crust, which I believe is difficult to perfect in a frozen pizza, was perfect.   It had a slight crispy outer surface, but a soft chewy inside.

My family will definitely be eating Amy’s Kitchen frozen pizza again.  Check out all the other options! With so many different varieties there is sure to be a flavor for everyone.

I also tried Light in Sodium Minestrone Soup. 

I made a mistake in picking this particular kind of soup.  It looks wonderful, doesn’t it?  And I’m sure the variety that isn’t lower sodium taste great, but the lower sodium definitely made a difference.  It was missing a certain flavor.  So many canned soups are full of salt that it was appealing to try a variety that limited this intake.  However, next time I’ll pick the regular Minestrone.


I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.




  1. The Margherita pizza is great, but it is NOT thin crust. It seems to me like all the other Amy’s pizza crusts. It tastes great and the texture of the crust is nicely crunchy/chewy but it’s way too thick.

  2. From a Italian that moved in US few years ago! This pizza is fantastic! Best you can get in the frozen area! Smooth, not heavy, not grease, just perfect!
    The tomato souse is great and also the mozzarella cheese!

    Great deal!

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