Edible Holiday Cornflake Wreath Treats


I managed to get in some more “baking” today.

I didn’t remember that so many of my holiday treats actually involved no baking.

I should have called this series No Baking for the Holidays.

Oh well, eventually I will turn on the oven.

Today I made Corn Flake Holiday Wreaths.

I just want to state that Kellogg’s Corn Flakes doesn’t know who I am.  They did not pay me for this.  I purchased my own box of corn flakes.  You get the idea.

The recipe used to be printed on the back of the cornflake box.  I don’t think they have done this recently.

This recipe does use food coloring.  I am not a fan, but I figure it is once a year.  It probably won’t harm us too much.

In a big pot- melt one stick of butter with one bag of marshmallows over med-low heat.

Once the butter/marshmallow mixture is melted pour in 6 cups of Corn Flake cereal

(you could use generic cereal- I am not a fan- generic cereal tastes generic to me:)

mix the ingredients well

add one teaspoon green food coloring

prepare a ringed pan by spraying it with cooking spray

spoon the cornflake mixture into the pan and let rest in a cool place for at least an hour

you can also put this in the freeze to cool faster

Once the shape is well formed you can place cinnamon candies all around the wreath.

Doesn’t it look cute?  It is tasty too!

Tomorrow……Buckeye Balls


  1. can you make them ahead and freeze them?


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