Easy Baking for the Holidays- Turtles Cookies


Turtles are super easy and fun.

They would be wonderful to make along with your children.

No oven- just a waffle maker!

1. melt 1/2 cup butter

2. add 6 TBSP cocoa powder

3. beat in 2 eggs

4. add 3/4 cup sugar

5. then add 1 cup flour

6. add 1 tsp vanilla

7. mix until blended

8. preheat waffle maker then drop by teaspoonfuls (cooking time varies depending upon type of waffle maker) (probably around 3-4 minutes)

9. when they are done they will be firm and easily lift out of the waffle maker with a fork

10. while the cookie is cooking prepare a bowl with around a cup of powdered sugar

11. after taking the cookies from the waffle maker coat in the powdered sugar and shake off any excess and let cool


Here is the recipe


6 TBSP cocoa powder

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 cup butter

1 cup flour

3/4 cup sugar

Stir cocoa into melted butter. Beat in eggs and add sugar.  Fold in flour and vanilla.  Drop by teaspoons on hot waffle iron.

Cook approximately 2-4 minutes.  Take out with fork.  Dip into powdered sugar and let cool.

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