Betty Crocker Fun da-middles Prize Pack Review & Giveaway


Light up your child’s face with a home-baked treat that can be a perfect snack any time of the day. Betty Crocker® Fun da-middles™ are the first boxed-cupcake mix of its kind that will leave you pleasantly surprised with their sweet center! Delight your family and watch the smiles unfold as you greet them with the delicious, fresh-from-the-oven taste of new Betty Crocker Fun da-middles cupcakes.

  •   Combining cake mix and filling pouch in one box, Fun da-middles cupcakes have a special creamy filling that bakes inside the cupcake.
  • Available in three delicious flavors, Vanilla Cake with Creamy Chocolate Filling, Chocolate Cake with Creamy Vanilla Filling, and Vanilla Cake with Creamy Vanilla Filling, Fun da-middles cupcakes are a fun and portable treat that children can take everywhere they go!

With Fun da-middles, you’ll never need to frost cupcakes again. Because after all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

I am not a big cupcake maker.  Nonetheless I was curious to try Betty Crocker’s new Fun da-middles.   The process was quite simple.  Create the batter following the directions on the box.  Then fill muffin cups 2/3 cup full and squeeze filling onto the cupcakes, top with remaining batter.  The process is simple and easy, however it does take a little bit longer because of the layering. Here are my cupcakes 2/3 full and then also with the filling in the middle.

Check out a great how-to video on making Betty Crocker Fun da-middles.

I served these cupcakes at my recent Bridesmaids Party and it didn’t occur to me until one of my guests commented that she thought the cupcakes were similar to Twinkies.  And while the taste is a bit different the idea is essentially a Twinkie.  Take a look at the picture below and you will be able to see the similarities.

My kids, especially my youngest have really enjoyed these treats.  I am not a fan, however.  Cupcakes are not my favorite treat and I would prefer to have frosting on top of mine too.  If you like Twinkies however, these little cake surprises will probably taste great to you.  I am also not a Twinkie lover so the taste just isn’t my cup of tea.

If you are interested in trying these treats, currently you can download a printable coupon for $0.85 off new Betty Crocker Fun da-middles. Click here for access to the coupon.

One lucky Mama Report reader will have the opportunity to make Fun da-middles for themselves!

One winner will receive

  • One sample of new Betty Crocker Fun da-middles cupcake mix
  • One cupcake pan
  • One oven mitt
  • One package of cupcake liners
  • One box of cupcake gift notes



“Disclosure: The Betty Crocker Fun da-middles product, information, and giveaway have been provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.”


  1. Diana Anderson says

    I would most likely have them at a Scentsy party that I am a consultant for.

  2. Ann Fudge Cluck says

    I would love to present these at my next Pampered Chef home cooking party!!!!

  3. Christyn Mckenna says

    My husband is turning 21 so i could use this!!

  4. Id make them for a movie night.

  5. Ann Fudge Cluck says

    had to look up Betty Crocker, you rafflecopter entry does not work. Had to shorten the twitter because it was too long.

  6. We have a coupon swap in our town every week and I would LOVE to bring these for everyone =)

  7. karen giorno says

    Five grandkids..say no more.

  8. Tracy Robertson says

    I would love to try the chocolate ones with vanilla filling. I would make some frosting seperately to top them off with.

  9. My sons bday is coming up – He will be 11 – Would be a great addition to his party!!

  10. This is a fun idea and I am sure they taste delicious!

  11. The grandsons visit.

  12. The cousins visit.

  13. Stacey A Smith says

    my Nieces Birthday

  14. I would use them for an upcoming birthday party
    bdavisnc @ gmail dot com

  15. Rebecca Graham says

    I would take these to my upcoming family reunion.

  16. Heidi Gloudemans says

    I think it would be fun to have a cupcake playdate with the kiddos.

  17. As a gift to my daycare provider. She makes cupcakes and cakes for the kids weekly and this would be a fun treat.

  18. i would cook them for a halloween party

  19. Maria Gabriel says

    My son’s birthday this october.

  20. I would make these as a good game-night treat!

  21. I would fix these for our annual Halloween party.

  22. Margaret Kern says

    I would love to try these for my daughters bday party coming up!

  23. i’d like to make these for my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary in Oct!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  24. I’m going to make these for my OWN birthday on Oct 31st

  25. kristen fritsche says

    I would love to have this on hand for my new foster child’s ‘placement’ party!

  26. taylor marves says

    taylormarves at gmail dot com

  27. Allison Greene says

    My family often has big get together dinners every few months. This would be a perfect time to make these!

  28. it would be fun to turn them into little spider cuppies for halloween!

  29. I would definitely make these for tailgating!

  30. I’d love to bake these for my daughter’s upcoming 9th birthday.

  31. Monique Rizzo says

    I would make em for my dads birthday!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  32. My son turns five next month and this would be perfect for his birthday party!

  33. halloween

  34. I would make these for my daughters pre-k Halloween party

  35. a halloween party would be fun

  36. We have a neighborhood book club and i’m hosting the next one. These would be perfect since the book i chose was “The Recipe Club” 🙂

  37. EMMA L HORTON says


  38. I would like to make them for a Halloween Party.

  39. debbie Jackson says

    make them for hubby’s birthday

  40. I belong to an American Legion Post and we share snacks…the cupcake would be fun for there!

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  54. My nephew’s birthday would be a good occasion.

  55. My husbands up coming family birthday party for him.

  56. my son has an upcoming birthday

  57. The fall party in my daughter’s Kindergarten classroom would be a great place to use them!

  58. I would like to debut this for my son’s birthday party in November!

  59. These look so good to eat

  60. At my daughter’s 3rd bday party!

  61. Vickey Murphy says

    I think these would be great to take to my grandson’s school for their first party. No icing to get messed up on the way!

  62. Kimberly Schotz says

    We have 2 different birthdays in October

  63. Tiffany Kinney says

    i’d make these as as special after school treat.

  64. I would like to make them for my grandson’s birthday next month

  65. I would like to make these for my daughter’s birthday in November 🙂

  66. Jennifer Meyer says

    I would make them for my moms club playdate:)

  67. Dawn Fleischhacker says

    It would be perfect for a work potluck!

  68. I would make these for my son’s birthday!

  69. crystle tellerday says

    my friend johns birthday

  70. My girlfriend’s sister has a birthday coming up, so probably that event.


  71. I would like to try these for our next family get together.

  72. I would make these for when family and friends come over.

  73. Maybe my bridal shower….

  74. I would make them for an upcoming birthday party!

  75. I would make the cupcakes for my Halloween Party

  76. Fayth Klauka says

    These would be great to make when my grandkids visit! I have tried to do this, but it never seems to work. Thanks for the contest!

  77. I would like to make them for my grand children’s Halloween party

  78. I would most like to debut the new Betty Crocker Fun da-middles cupcakes at my friend’s Halloween party!

  79. I would debut them at my upcoming wedding as I plan on having cupcakes of all kinds. 🙂
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  80. Would love to have them for my daughters birthday in December!

  81. My four year old GrandDaughter turns 4 in November- I’d like to make this fun festive cupcakes for her!

  82. We have family coming next month and these would be fun to make. Thanks!

  83. Colleen Maurina says

    The Betty Crocker Fun-da-middles cupcakes would be great at a Halloween party!

  84. I saw these in the store & wanted to try them. And then I got distracted and forgot about them…until now. I would make these for my elderly neighbors. I am always making them cookies & brownies (mostly so they don’t sit around our house because then I’d have to eat all of them). Thanks!

  85. Halloween party

  86. I would make these just for an after school snack , when my daughter has friends over

  87. Shelly Peterson says

    my friends b-day. she would love these

  88. My son’s birthday party.

  89. My son and his friends would devour these!!

  90. my nephew’s upcoming birthday

  91. at my son’s upcoming fall party at his school!!

  92. I make all of the cakes and desserts for our family gatherings. The next 3 months we have at least 6 birthdays!!!

  93. My oldest grandsons b-day is coming next

  94. I would make these for an event coming up at my sons school

  95. Maybe at a Halloween party (:

    littleamberfaith at yahoo dot com

  96. Melanie Morin says

    I would serve them next time my husband and I hang out with our friends on a Saturday night.

  97. I would take them to our annual beach family reunion.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  98. I would use them for halloween

  99. My birthday is coming up next week and I have a Boy Scounts meeting to help with, so this would be absolutely awesome to try. I love to bake and my kids and I have seen this in the supermarket, but haven’t tried it yet. Thanks!

  100. I would like to make for a get together with family members. We takes turn to host dinner every other month.

  101. Tara Fischer says

    My daughters birthday party or our next bible study… these would really impress 🙂

  102. These look so good i can’t wait to try these

  103. Casey Lynn Everidge says

    my nieces first birthday party!

  104. These look so fun!

  105. We have a playdate coming up that would be even more awesome with cupcakes!

  106. I could use this for my nieces upcoming birthday (: She turns 3

  107. I would love to debut this during my husband’s birthday.


  108. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to make these for Thanksgiving!

  109. Kasey Goodnough says

    I would be using this for my son’s upcoming birthday

  110. I would use them at my daughter’s school halloween party.

  111. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    My mothers Birthday 10/29

  112. I have my family members halloween party and plan on making 2 dz of fun da middles for the party I am excited to see who has tried them,

  113. Sherry Fowler says

    I would love to bake these cupcakes for my daughter’s 21st birthday!!!

  114. I would make them for family movie night. The hubby and kids would love these!

    green_eyed_peincesss at msn dot com

  115. a work potluck

  116. I would either use them for DH’s birthday or save them for the holidays.

  117. just in time for my BFF’s b-day:) she would love these!

  118. Angela Winesburg says

    I would love to make these for my nephews’ Birthday party

  119. They would be great to use for a get together with some old friends.

  120. My specific event to make the cupcakes would be any old time I feel like it.

  121. My husband’s birthday is coming up, the perfect opportunity to debut these!

  122. Denise mcdonough says

    Oh yum! I bake almost everyday the kids would love this

  123. Bonnye Sensenig says

    I would make them for my daughter’s first birthday party!!!

  124. I would enjoy making these very delicious looking cupcakes for my daughter’s Girl Scout (Brownies) Troop #9964. The girls would LOVE ’em and so would I. Hee-hee-hee-hee!

  125. I would make them for my friend’s birthday that is coming up next month!

  126. I would make some halloween cupcakes

  127. I’d love to make these for our church lunch. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. Whenever any holidays come up, we’re sure to be baking up a storm. Since Halloween is right around the corner, we’d definitely debut these scrumptious looking cupcakes!!

  129. Summer Boyce says

    I would make them for my daughters 2nd birthday party coming up soon.

  130. I would take them to our church’s annual Harvest Festival.

  131. I would make them for my grand kids big halloween party

  132. My son’s 3rd birthday party!

  133. Megan McGowan Parsons says

    These would great for halloween. I would add gel coloring to make the inside black and orange!

  134. my sons bday is coming up- he would love these!

  135. my son’s or daughter’s birthdays.

  136. renee walters says

    I follow your blog on GFC, subscribe to your email and like you on Facebook! I would love to win this and serve them at my daughter’s welcome home party when she gets leave from the Army! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!
    Renee Walters

  137. I’m going to have a baby shower for my son after he is born! (due date oct 17th)
    And I would totally love to have cupcakes there:)

  138. I was chosen by House Party to throw a board game party on October 15th, this would be a great snack for all my guests!

  139. I’d make this for either a Chili Cookoff or St Andrew’s Day

  140. I could use these for Halloween treats

  141. Julie Grimberg says

    I would debut these at my daughters bday

  142. I am going to a Halloween party. I would love to make Fun da Middles for it.

  143. I would make them for my daughters prek class

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  144. Monica Young says

    I’d make these for a special treat for my kiddos but let’s be honest do you “really” need a special reason to make cupcakes?????

  145. They would be great for my daughters school Halloween party, thanks!

  146. I host a ladies night out once a month and would love to have everyone try these!

  147. Francine Anchondo says

    These would be a afterschool treat for my daughter.

  148. I would debut these fabulous new cupcakes at my daughter’s birthday party!

  149. Corey Olomon says

    My son’s 6th birthday party!

  150. patricia magliochetti says

    I would love to win this my 50th birthday is coming up and i love to bake

  151. daniel healey says

    I would use these for my daughters sleep over birthday party.

  152. I’d use this to make cupcakes for my kid’s Halloween parties at school. Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. charlene elswick says


  154. I would love to serve these at my daughter’s next school meeting!

  155. My daughter’s class Halloween party!

  156. i love to bake and would love to have and enjoy this

  157. letessha w. says

    I would debut it at Halloween

  158. Michelle Hagewood says

    My two oldest kids will be having Halloween parties soon so I’d use this for that.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  159. oh these would be great for our Girl Scout Troop investiture – in honor of Juliette Low’s bday at the end of the month. (

  160. we are having a family gathering for Halloween. I would love to make some halloween cupcakes for the gathering.

  161. My mom’s birthday 🙂

  162. chantal cooper says

    my daughter’s birthday
    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at)yahoo(dot)com

  163. stephani taylor says

    my twins turn 2 in less than a month and i would love to make these for their party!

  164. halloween

  165. I will make this on my hubi’s birthday

  166. I LOVE to send special treats in my 8 year olds lunches…just so she knows I’m thinking about her while she’s at school! This would be COMPLETELY different!

  167. The next family reunion. Thanks for the giveaway.

  168. these would be great at my daughters birthday party!

  169. I’d make these for Halloween!

  170. ahnah Jenkins says

    My family and I celebrate several family birthdays in the month of October on one Saturday in the middle of the month, and these would be absolutely perfect to take!! Especially because one of the birthday girls is only seven and is delighted with cupcakes.

  171. For my daughters 5th birthday party!

  172. Neighborhood Birthday Party or for volunteers at the local animal shelter.

  173. daughter’s birthday

  174. rene miller says

    i would make them for a fun dessert night!!!

  175. Kelly Stern says

    So want to win!

  176. Brittney House says

    My sons birthday party thats coming up.

  177. family gathering

  178. I would make them for Thanksgiving.

  179. Tanya Soto says

    My daughters b-day is soon!I wuld love to make these for he!

  180. Kristin Sawatzke says

    I would love to make these for my friend baby shower!

  181. I’d love to try this at the next girl scout meeting.

  182. Kate Strycker says

    We have get-togethers like every other week. Our next get together would be a great place to debut these!

  183. These would be fun at a baby shower I’m throwing.

  184. I would debut them at my upcoming Halloween party.

  185. Christine Sarkauskas says

    my birthday 🙂

  186. My sisters birthday party!

  187. Rebecca Peters says

    We have a big double birthday coming up!

  188. I’d love to make these next time I host playgroup!

  189. These would be great for the Halloween party

  190. Bonnigene Cloud says

    I like the excitement these cupcakes are for my kids…they love to cook fun things like this.

  191. My kids would think these were so fun!

  192. Yvonne Butler says

    I live in a elderly complex and we celebrate birthdays each month. They love cupcakes

  193. Kat Emerick says

    This would be good for my grandkids for Halloween.

  194. tracey johnson says

    the kid’s halloween party. yummy. thanks

  195. I would debut them at my son’s birthday party

  196. amy deeter says

    birthday party

  197. These would be perfect for parents back to school night.


  198. I would use these for a halloween party, maybe dye cake flesh tone and call them puss-cakes lol
    googcheckian AT gmail DOT com

  199. I would make these for my birthday this month

  200. Elaine Segal says

    My daughter is always baking for the Boy Scouts and they have a large meeting coming up soon; this would be something new, different, and enjoyable for the Scouts.

  201. This would be great for an upcoming halloween party!!

  202. I’d like to make these for Halloween.

  203. I’d like to debut them at my sister’s b-day party!

  204. I’d make them for my friend’s going away party.

  205. Jeanette Huston says

    I would use this for Halloween for my kids. It could be a lot of fun for their day care. I think they would really enjoy it.

    Jeanette Huston

  206. I’d love to make them for our Halloween party!

  207. With the temperature getting colder, I am in a baking mood and am excited to try the new Fun-da-middles

  208. I would love to have these at my next tailgate.

  209. I would serve them at a Halloween party.

  210. Jill Kecseg says

    Would love to make these for my dads birthday!

  211. susan smoaks says

    i would love to take them to our next meeting at work

  212. Susan Smith says

    My daughters birthday

  213. Ed Nemmers says

    This would be magnificent for a Halloween celebration!

  214. Mark McCarragher says

    My sons birthday part.

  215. Tonya Dean says

    These would be great as a special dessert after Sunday dinner.


  216. I would like them for my sorority reunion.

  217. Leah Walker says

    My daughter will be sweet 16 at this end of this month. She still asks me every year to bring cupcakes to the school on her birthday, and this year is no exception. Think I’ll have to give these a shot. They look so yummy.

  218. I would make these for my daughters’ after school get togethers with friends.

  219. I would make these for Halloween!

  220. I’d make them for my husband’s birthday next month.

  221. katie hecker says

    these would make an awesome addition to my son’s birthday!

  222. I’m pregnant and need these for me! 🙂

  223. Would make them for “no” occasion; just make them because they look and will taste great.

  224. Daughter-in-laws birthday party

  225. Whitney Lindeman says

    No event – I just want these for myself! Haha…but I suppose I would be nice and make enough to share.

  226. i would like to debut them at our halloween party

  227. I would make these for a fun weeknight treat

  228. my sister’s birthday!!

  229. crystal allen says

    i would like to serve them at my kids school halloween parties, thanks

  230. I would take these to my son’s football banquet, thanks!

  231. Thanksgiving when all the family is gathered.

  232. Tony Zepeda says

    Thanksgiving for sure!

  233. Stephanie G says

    I would make Fun-da-Middles to bring to a Halloween party… orange filling! Yum!

  234. kathy pease says

    id make them for snacks after my sons soccer game

  235. It is my turn to entertain the card club in November. This would be a conversation starter. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  236. I would like to make these for my son’t 11th b-day party this month!

  237. Jennifer Kness says

    I would have them for my open house!

  238. Debra Pauley says

    love to make for halloween.

  239. I would make them for Ian’s b-day.

  240. Marianne Burgess says

    I make them for my Kids…

  241. My sons 3rd birthday is coming up and I would make them for that.

  242. Amy DeLong says

    football banquet

  243. Do you need a special event for cupcakes? I say any Saturday is good enough!
    Lovefool827 (at) yahoo (dotcom)

  244. Its my son’s 1st birthday this month so would make them for that

  245. Tiffany LaCourse says

    I would make these at my daughter’s 2cond birthday party

  246. We are having a food day at work next week … these will be a great hit!

  247. I would make them for our Halloween Party we are about to have!

  248. My daughter’s birthday coming up October 15th!

  249. THese look really good

  250. Jennifer shelton says


  251. I would make these any day 🙂

  252. I’d like to share these on Thanksgiving

  253. My daughter is having a bunch of girls over for a sleepover and it would be the perfect activity for them to do and enjoy!!

  254. Life is too short, not to bake.

  255. I would show these off at my 5 year olds halloween party at school

  256. Kerrie Mayans says

    I would serve these at our annual halloween party.

  257. Christine Zibas says

    These look really good for the upcoming birthdays in November and December in my family.

  258. This would be great for the 6 Oct/Nov bdays we have

  259. My Brother’s Birthday!

  260. I would make them for my birthday next month. 🙂

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  261. barbara hunt says

    Thanks for the great contest!

  262. linda brooks says


  263. I would use them when we celebrate my daughter’s 2nd birthday!!

  264. These would be great for tailgate.

  265. James Murphy says

    My wife loves doing Church potlucks!

  266. Veronica Garrett says

    I would like to debut them at my husband’s upcoming birthday party.

  267. chelsea miller says

    Would love to win , oven mitts super cute !

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