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As a mom to three little guys, my mornings are certainly not relaxing and peaceful.  I frequently rush from one task to the next, never with a moment to stop.  I make sure my boys have a proper breakfast, but I’m ashamed to admit I frequently do not take the time to eat myself.  After my daily injection of caffeine many breakfast items do not sound appealing to me.  Cereal, toast, and oatmeal are all old standards.  Frankly, they just become boring after a while and it just seems easier to skip breakfast than to deal with it.

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Due to my lack of time in the morning and my distaste with my current breakfast choices, I was eager to give Bob Evans newest creations a taste.  Breakfast Bakes are hash browns and eggs with other delicious ingredients.  Flavors include- a Southwest version with peppers, a bacon variety, and a yummy sausage based option.

bob evans hash

The cooking directions looked very simple.  Certainly even during my super busy mornings, I can spare a moment to zap one of these little breakfast creations into the microwave.  Of course the real test is in the taste department.

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Obviously, they look very appetizing.  And I can confirm they smell amazing when being heated.  And the taste?  Awesome!  Of course, they are from Bob Evans.  I knew they would be yummy!

bob evans breakfast

Meet my new favorite breakfast.  Not only are these bakes easy to prepare, taste great, and can easily be taken on the go, but they are baked.  On those rare mornings when I can actually sit down to eat my breakfast I can grab a fork for a relaxing moment with a warm, delicious breakfast.

bob evans delicious breakfast

These moments might be few and fair in between, but regardless I can enjoy Bob Evans Breakfast Bakes for a quick and easy breakfast.

Connect with Bob Evans online to see learn more about Breakfast Bakes and to find a retailer near you that sells these convenient on-the-go bakes.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Loved Bob Evans growing up. I lived just down the road from their farm in Rio Grande. I’ll have to check out these Breakfast Bakes when they come to the city.

    • I had the chance to visit the farm in Rio Grande a few years ago. It is so beautiful there! I can see why the company is so popular.

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