Buddy Fruits are not new in my household.  Check out my previous review.  And since they are conventionally sold at Walmart stores  I have been able to restock as necessary.  Obviously, the idea behind these fruit-filled pouches is healthy eating on the go.  Sure, there are lots of snack options for children.  But finding a nutritious snack that is easy to transport and store can be tricky.  Buddy Fruits are a great way to keep your kids hunger at bay, while also providing a healthy alternative.

I knew my kids would be more than willing to try out the new Buddy Fruits PURE FRUIT JIGGLE GEL.  Heck, I was intrigued myself.  I wanted to try them!  With orange, raspberry, and strawberry flavors my children and I deemed it taste test time!

My five year old, thought they were all great!  He was the Jiggle Gel’s biggest fan in my home.  I loved all the flavors, though I believe he liked orange the best.

My eight year old was also a fan.  He is required to bring a snack to school everyday and this Jiggle Gel was a great mess-free option.

As you can see the consistency of the fruit truly is a gel like substance.  I don’t have any idea how they do that, but the raspberry flavor was a bit more chunky and I could actually see the pieces of fruit.

Here’s the official scoop!

Next, my three year old needed a turn!

He tried the strawberry version which is a bit tart:)

I think he may have even shuddered a bit:)  But he must have liked it, because he asked for them again!

Of course, it is preferable to give our children actual fruits.  But sometimes it isn’t convenient or even possible.  Buddy Fruits is a great alternative to keep little tummies happy and healthy.

Buddy Fruit PURE FRUIT JIGGLE GELS are currently available for purchase at Walmart and Safeway stores nationwide.

To learn more about the full selection of Buddy Fruits products please visit them online, via Facebook, or Twitter.



I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. I love kids trying new foods! That looks like my kids with vinegar flavored foods…. they scrunch their faces when they try things like pickled beets, but keep asking for more. I will have to check these out. I am totally addicted to squeeze apple sauce for snacks to take on road trips. These look fabulous, too!

  2. My girls love the squeeze applesauce, I bet they would love these too!

  3. I do love these squeezable fruits as an alternative to whole fruits. It makes for a special treat in their lunches at school!

  4. Delicious and healthy…love it!

  5. LOVE the no mess. These would be so great for travelling!

  6. Perfect for on the go! I am going to have to find some!

  7. Delicious, healthy and convenient! 3 things that moms love!

  8. What a great idea! Less mess is always better.

  9. We love buddy fruits! They are so great for my Kindergartener’s sack lunches!

  10. I’ve seen a lot of people buying these for their kiddos. We’ve yet to try them but they sound like a great thing for road trips.

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