Cauliflower Tabouli with Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook



 During the cold winter months it might seem improbable, but summer is bound to come again.  Minnesota residents  live a bulk of the year in the midst of snowy skies and freezing temperatures.  The sunny summer months can be short and intense.  Those that live in mild California might have access to a farmers market year around.  This concept of fresh, local vegetables and fruits year round is not a reality here.  Our local produce availability has a short, but plentiful time span. We are inspired to “live it up”. 

To help Minnesota resident make the most of their fresh produce is a new book titled, Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook- A Guide to Selecting and Preparing the Best Local Produce


 The book is divided into sections by produce- peas, cherries, kohirabi, and fennel to name a few.  Each section provides tips and tricks for selecting quality produce along with recipes provided by local chefs and farmers.  But my favorite section is actually included in the beginning.  Two detailed maps of the state and the metro area showcase current available farmers markets.  I immediately put the book to the test and looked up the farmers market that takes place during the summer months in the small town near me- it was listed.  Clearly the author successfully completed her research. 


There is vegetable knowledge within the book that I look forward to putting to good use this summer.  As a prep for this time of year, I decided to make Cauliflower Tabouli.  The recipe within the book looked so delicious.  I was very pleased that my version turned out equally as appealing and tasty as well.  


Though the recipe doesn’t mention it (and it might not be traditional) next time I’m going to add Kalamata olives.



 Whether you are a Minnesota resident or not, check out the Minnesota Farmers Market Cookbook (not an affiliate link) to be inspired by fresh produce of the season. 



  1. I, too, am so sick of winter… 56 today, is that a sign of better things to come or what? Looking forward to the Farmer’s market on Nicollet Mall at the end of the month and hopefully buy my flowers, the first bunch of leaf lettuce and snow peas from the farmers again. Not a big fan of Cauliflower, but will check out the cookbook on Amazon… collect them and have 3 bookcases full in my kitchen area.

    • Alicia Kirby says

      I’ve never visited the farmer’s market on Nicollet Mall. I’m going to have to check it out! And yes, I do think spring is her to stay!:) Woo hoo!

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