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chop chop smoothiesI’ve mentioned this before, but my littlest guy loves to cook.  If he sees a bowl with ingredients on the kitchen counter, he immediately pushes a chair over to stand on and then takes on his roll as mini chef.  Since he was very little there has been no stopping him from helping in the kitchen.  There has been a learning curve along the way, for a long time he failed to understand that at some point mom actually needed to take the ingredients away to cook or bake.

Now, at almost four years old, we’ve hit our stride.  He can help, patiently wait for the next step, and understand that at some point the entire project gets taken away to be cooked.  I recently had the opportunity to try the new cookbook Chop Chop by Sally Sampson.  This book is dedicated to providing real food ideas (doable recipes) for families and is the latest book inspired from the popular magazine by the same title.

chop chop a cookbook for kids

This book is all about inspiring cooking ideas for the family.  Instead of specific recipes, per say, instead the book provides a dish idea and then lists the many possible variations.  I knew my son and I would have fun making our own smoothies.  The recipe allows for users to select the ingredients that best fit their tastebuds and ingredients on-hand. Using fruit, a form of liquid, and other suggested extras it’s easy to be inspired.

chop chop by sally sampson

My son and I decided to make smoothies using a banana, frozen blackberries, cinnamon, a little honey, and just a dash of milk.  I opted for a thick smoothie this time, but obviously anyone can cater to their specific preference.

chop chop the kids' guide to cooking real food


The honey proved to be a bit too irresistible.  With kids it should just be understood that fingers are going to be dipping:)

chop chop crazy fun recipes for kids

And if you didn’t happen to notice I didn’t exactly have a little boy helping me that particular day, instead I had my own little ninja:) During this time of year I never know what character is going to show up next.

chop chop super yummy recipes


Of course, as always, leave the dangerous actions for adults only.  What’s up with my weird hair flip!? Yikes!


chop chop cooking with kids

And in almost no time at all we had healthy and tasty smoothies.  Next time I’m going to give my son more options so that he can design the smoothies himself.  He is going to love it!

chop chop mix and match smoothies


The book is full of lots of pictures that capture my son’s interest.  Perhaps I don’t need to figure out what to make for supper, maybe he’ll just figure it out for me!:)

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