Create Your Own Meal of Choice at Chipotle


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I remember the first time I ate at a Chipotle. It was before kids, meaning it was a whole other world. Picky eating didn’t really play a part in that experience. Fast-forward around ten years later and now I have three little boys.

Eating out with children is an entirely different experience. As my boys get older their preferences are developing. For instance my 10 year old he becoming more distinct in his choices. He used to like fish. He used to like taco seasoning. Now he refuses to eat either. Such is the way with kids. 


I used to consider Chipotle not a kid friendly restaurant. It seemed like the only kid option was a quesadilla. But times have changes and now Chipotle has a much more extensive menu including a kids portion. My little guys love the ability to pick and choose which items they want. 

chipotle restaurant minnesota

At our most recent visit my boys exhibited their diverse preferences. Our local Chipotle always seems to be busy and the photo below might give a false impression. What you can’t see is the long line to order. 


Each of my boys ordered their preferred meal and of course so did the grown-ups. 


chipotle burrito

chipotle kids meal minnesota

salad bowl at chipotle

My kids absolutely loved the little trays their meals came on. They are so kid friendly! My oldest son {who doesn’t like tortillas} was able to have a meat only option which included beans, rice, and salsa. It was perfect! While my youngest son had a quesadilla and my middle son had kid-sized tacos. 

chipotle apple valley minnesota

I recently heard of Chipotle’s dedication to using only non-GMO ingredients which makes this restaurant selection a truly win-win situation in my opinion. My kids are happy selecting the dish they prefer and I know they are being feed restaurant food with minimal additives. 

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Have you visited a Chipotle location recently? What meal do you kids prefer? 







  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I never need my arm twisted to go eat at Chipotle. Now I have a really good reason to go back again soon!

  2. I LOVE Chipotle! I haven’t been there in quite a while. When I go back to Seattle this summer, I will definitely make a stop there!!

  3. Chipotle really does make some delicious food. I love that now we can create our own meal with this line up. I’m sure it’s a big hit and is really helping their customers to be happy.

  4. michele d says

    Never ate there before but I have heard great things about their foods. Looks wonderful. Can’t wait to try it out.

  5. I have only tried Chipolte once and when I did I loved it. I wish they had one in Northern MI, your post makes me hungry!

  6. Elizabeth O. says

    Never tried Chipotle. The food looks really good. I definitely need to visit it.

  7. The food looks really good! I would love to try Chipolte.

  8. Don’t laugh but I have yet to try Chipotle! I know, I know, where have I been? Everyone speaks such great things about the chain restaurant. I really need to give it a try. The food looks good.

  9. Ron Leyba says

    Great shots! Haven’t tried Chipotle but because of your post, I might do anytime soon!

  10. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg I’m obsessed with chipotle!! I wish we had one local. The closest one is about an hour away… Totally worth the drive though!

  11. I normally go to Qdoba for veggie burritos, but they’ve gotten pricier over the months. I’ll definitely have to start going back to Chipotle again.

  12. I LOVE Chipotle! I love the Cilantro Lime rice and the burrito bowls. Such a healthy lunch!

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