Creative Meals with FunBites Review & Giveaway


Looking for a creative and fun way to perk up your kid’s school lunch?  I recently discovered FunBites.  These non-sharp kitchen tools can quickly turn a boring normal sandwich into fun bites in seconds.  Currently there are two shapes available.  Luv it!  creates one big heart with 10 geometric shapes or Cube it! which creates 12 bite-sized squares.
Each FunBites is made from BPA free plastic and does not have a sharp surface.  No need to worry about little hands grasping this tool as it is child friendly.  How does it cut, if it isn’t sharp? FunBites relies on pressure.  By firmly pressing down on each side and rocking back and forth your food will be cut all the way through.  Then, insert the matching popper top and eject perfectly bite-sized shapes.  I must admit I was confused at first.  It sounds easy, but when I grabbed a slice of cheese to cut I was  immediately tempted to place it in between the two parts somehow.  Obviously geometry is not my strength, but if you knew me that would not be a surprise!

What a modern girl to do?  I consulted a video demonstration, of course.  Doh!  It really is that easy.  Sometimes I have a tendency to make things harder than they are.  Check it out for yourself!

I decided to surprise my guys with a fun bite-sized lunch!

I made bite sized peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for one boy and heart and geometric shaped cheese and ham for another.  Take a look at the surprised face of my four year old once I give him his plate!

Luckily my boys are pretty good eaters, but I can see how using these tools could make a meal more enticing for some children.  These bite sized pieces are just fun.  Use them on pancakes, deli meat, grilled cheese, pizza, cheese slices, burgers, watermelon, quesadillas and more.

Purchase one FunBites for $12.99 or both for $19.99 and use coupon code- freeshipdec2011 to receive free shipping through December 31, 2011.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. I think it’d work well with melon!

  2. I think the little peanut butter sandwhiches are a great idea!

  3. i would use it one sandwiches 🙂

  4. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I would try it on cheese and pepperoni for crackers..

  5. Jody Sisson says

    I would like to try PPJ sandwiches.

  6. Jen Eighmey Meyer says

    I would use it on the Nutella sandwiches my daughter eats every single day, lol

  7. I’d like to try it with quesadillas!

  8. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!

  9. I would use this on french toast

  10. sandwich cubes!

  11. turkey and cheese!

  12. i would like to try this with cheese.

  13. I would use this on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  14. PB&J Sandwich

  15. watermelon


  16. pancakes!

  17. Maybe this will make my children eat more veggies!

  18. Ronalee Duncan says

    would like to try with bologna sandwiches

    email RonaleeDuncan{at}aol{dot}com

  19. Ronalee Duncan says

    the rafflecopter went crazy and filled in all the spots before I got to them.
    Here is my tweet!/RonaleeAKArose/status/145934406874447872

  20. Sandwiches are my favorite thing, so any would be great. First, I would use it on a turkey and cheese!

  21. nutella sandwiches

  22. Christina Burrell says

    Turkey and cheese sandwiches

  23. peanut butter sandwiches!

  24. grilled cheese

  25. pancakes

  26. Maggie Mason says

    maybe with bananas?? looks cool

  27. Cassandra Holdeman says

    I think these would be perfect for making bite size cookies after you rolled out your cookie dough!

  28. Emily Dorigo says

    I would like to use it on ham and cheese.

  29. I think it can be used as a cookie cutter 😉

  30. susan varney says

    like to try most any sandwich as party fingers

  31. I love the previous suggestion of pancakes!

  32. It would be fun to make “fries” cut potatoes then bake them.

  33. Stacey P (cosaver213) says


    spaller213 (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. i’d like to try sandwiches

  35. i’d like to try lunch meats

  36. I would try this with cheese sandwich. YUM

  37. I would use it on some chicken breast to see if my toddler would eat that instead of breaded crap!

  38. I would like to try turkey and cheese sandwiches

  39. I would try thin slice of cooked kielbassa and cheese to go with crackers or bread.

  40. Would definitely do this with PB&J sammies!

  41. christine jessamine says

    would love to try this with brownies and cookies!

  42. Pitas with cheese and turkey would be neat.

  43. I would like to try egg sandwiches with fun bites. My son is crazy about eggs.

    klshrrs at gmail dot com

  44. My little 2 year old eats more food if it is chopped into tiny pieces. This gets time-consuming, so I’d love to use this!

  45. janell wagner says

    would like to try it with fruit for my grandkids, cheese would be fun too

  46. Taycie Schmidt says

    With fruit

  47. chicken & cheese bites for little guy’s lunch

  48. I would like to try it with cheese!

  49. tamara childers says


  50. Julie Harris says

    I’d like to make bite sized pieces of pb&j for the kids!

  51. Jen Shirley says

    French toast would be fun! Thanks, Jen

  52. BreeAnna McManus says

    sandwich cubes!

  53. Jill Kecseg says

    Would love to make some the mini PB&Js for my daughter! She would get a kick out of it!

  54. This looks awesome..if i dont win i am buying a set!

  55. cheese sandwiches!

  56. We just use cookie cutters to make meal time more fun and this would be an extra bonus with such smaller bite size perfect for little ones.

  57. I would like to use it for ham and cheese sandwiches and pancakes! 🙂

  58. I would love to try it on sandwiches and fruit!

    Jenn from How to Make Hair Bow

  59. sara gillman says

    looks awesome!!

  60. I would like to try to make some fudge bites with these funbites

  61. Jennifer Ellis says

    the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are cute. 🙂

  62. I would make ham and cheese cubes and serve it with crackers for my 4 year old’s lunch! He’d be thrilled!


  63. grilled cheese for my little guy!!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  64. i’d like to try it w/ cookies- would that work i wonder????

    annae07 at aol dot com

  65. Melissa Belle says

    Would be fun for sandwiches!

  66. anything and everything! hamburgers, mango, waffles!

  67. I’d like to try a grilled cheese with bacon done up with this!

  68. Wow! I never knew they had these! My little one would eat alot more if I had one of these.

  69. I love the heart-shaped cutter. Its fun and good practice for kids to work on puzzles with shapes 🙂

  70. I would like to try p&J sandwiches with this.

  71. RaettigFamily says

    Peanut Butter and Jelly

  72. pancakes would be fun

  73. i would try cheese and pancakes (but not at the same time 🙂

  74. Sandwiches.

  75. I’d try it on pizza. No more stringy cheese!

  76. Grilled cheese for my daughter!

  77. My girls would LOVE this. I’d love to make some PB & J sandwiches with these.

  78. I would like to try to use FunBites with sliced turkey.


  79. This would be fun to use for sandwiches, or cheese and meat to eat with crackers.

  80. I want to try it on a sandwich.

  81. I think a PB and Jelly sandwich would be fun.

  82. I’d love to try it on grilled cheese!

  83. Aletha Scott says

    I would like to try them for french toast.

  84. Id like to use it for cheese

  85. super cute way to get the kiddos excited about food!

  86. tracey johnson says

    i wonder if it will work with pizza

  87. i would love to try different kinds of sandwithces for my kids

  88. iwould love to try tocute cheese to

  89. I would use it with grilled cheese

  90. Corey Olomon says

    Mini-turkey sandwiches.

  91. I’d like to try PB &Jelly

  92. I like the idea of peanut and jelly

  93. syndel valle says

    I’d use it on sandwiches, my kids would get a kick outta it!!


  94. melissa miller says

    grilled cheese

  95. Pancakes would be awesome !

  96. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    grilled cheese
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  97. I’d try cheese.

  98. This would be great to use on fruit, or veggies like cucumber.

  99. I would like to try it with pancakes

  100. I’d try watermelon.

  101. i’d love to try this with grilled cheese and well EVERYTHING

  102. Elizabeth Wiberg says

    I can see this on PB&J, grilled cheese, oh the fun we could have

  103. Maybe little ice cream bites?

  104. Marcella Cook says

    I would love to try Ham sandwiches with these…yeah we’re a boring family!

    Marcella Cook
    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  105. I’d like to try either pancakes or waffles!

  106. I would love to try pb& J with this :0)

  107. Angela Burley says


  108. i would like to try peanut butter sandwiches or grilled cheese

  109. Ann Marie Walker says

    I think PB & J’s my kids would love using it, and also cheese and different lunch meats and maybe even do apple bites too.

  110. Ann Marie Walker says

    I think cheese sandwiches would be good too, especially with the kids!

  111. jennifer lane says

    I think this would work great with french toast!

  112. grilled cheese!

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