Dinner in a Jiffy- Tyson Bacon Caesar Mini Chicken Sandwiches (#TysonGoodness #CBias)


DISCLAIMER– I grew up on a farm in North Dakota therefore I do not a call dinner, dinner.  It’s supper.  There is some disagreement in my house about this matter as my husband grew up calling it dinner.  I’m trying to teach him the correct terminology:) Supper will always be supper to me.  Ya sure,  you betcha!

Sometimes, I am completely uninspired to make supper.  All those pictures I see on other blogs and websites showcasing their newest gourmet recipe can leave me exhausted.    Okay, in reality it probably isn’t the recipes that are leaving me tired, it is my three rambunctious boys.  But the mere thought of putting together a supper from scratch can be entirely unappealing some days.

Sometimes a mom just needs something in her day to be easy.

I caught a break the other night at supper time with Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches.  This meal was ready in a jiffy.  By the time supper rolls around my troops are starving.   They were super excited to be having these sandwiches.  I am having a hard time keeping them in the house to be honest.  I’ve had to resort to guarding them.  When someone opens the door I have to shout, “don’t eat the chicken sandwiches! I need those!”.  Seriously, if I don’t ration them they will be gone within the day. But I digress, back to our supper.

Microwave cooking is so simple, fast, and easy.

Since we were eating our sandwiches for supper I wanted to “spruce” them up a bit.  Perhaps those cooking blogs are starting to rub off on me?  I decided to add lettuce, Caesar dressing, and bacon.  Isn’t bacon a magic ingredient?  I swear you could add it to your toothpaste and it would make it taste better.

Somebody is super excited at what we are having for supper.  But he does get a little annoyed with the camera.  Come on mom, I’m hungry!

How can I resist that face!?!

First I did need to cook some bacon.  I prefer to use the oven method as it is easy and requires less maintenance.

Once the bacon is cooked I was ready to assemble.

A little lettuce and Caesar dressing…..

And of course the bacon!

I needed a side dish to accompany our sandwiches.  I decided upon quinoa with diced carrots.  It might look somewhat fancy, but I assure you it was super easy.  I boiled the quinoa in broth and added the diced carrots.  That’s it!


And true to his style my youngest rips apart his sandwiches to enjoy each layer individually.

So much for my creation!  At least the adults enjoyed their sandwiches.  I would have taken a picture of the entire table, but I was too busy eating.  A girl has to have her priorities!

Where do I purchase these little versatile meal creators?

Check out my Google+ album to see my recent shopping experience!

Make sure to check out this link to see if your local Walmart carries them.

Also there is an awesome $5 Walmart gift card rebate currently available.  Simply purchase two boxes of Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches and then fill out this form and stick it in the mail.  That is almost like getting two for the price of one!  Score!

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  1. Oh that looks yummy! Bacon and ceasar dressing is a great idea. I have yet to try these little guys – I haven’t seen them in stores yet.

  2. Look at how creative and fancy you are! I’ve been trying to talk my kids into letting me do pretty much anything with these sandwiches… but nope, Must. Be. Plain. The last time we were in the store my 3-year-old actually started singing, “No, cheese! No, cheese! No, cheese!” in a sing-song voice. Um, okay. Won’t buy the cheese ones.

    Also, she totally takes hers apart and eats each layer individually. What’s with kids and doing that?

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