Dinner in a Jiffy with Minute Steamers & a Giveaway


My ever continuous quest to find yummy and fast meals for my family, as led me to my newest taste-test- Minute Steamers.  I am fairly overbooked these days.  But between keeping the house somewhat clean, chauffeuring the kids to various activities, actually spending quality time with family, and attending numerous meetings for my volunteer responsibilities my time is precious.  A little help making supper is always appreciated.  And I image this degree of chaos is only going to continue as the kids get older.  Oh, no!

I’m proud to say, I can successfully cook rice.  It took me many years of married life before I reached that momentous achievement.  But popping these little Minute Steamer bags into the microwave is easy.  Super easy.  I almost feel a little guilty about it easy.  Almost.

Pre-made friend rice, ready in 4 minutes!  Score!

Do notice that these bags are frozen.  You can pick some up at your local Walmart in the freezer section.

So how is the taste?  I tried three different varieties- brown rice, friend rice, and Spanish rice.  Overall I thought the taste was great.  Obviously, not as good as homemade, but consistency was perfect we easily scarfed down the entire package in no time.  Which really leads me to my only complaint.  The bags are very small.  Maybe my family just eats a lot of rice? (I do have three growing boys), but there was no way one bag was going to work for our family of five at meal time.  However, two page did the trick, with a little bit of leftovers.

Brown Rice

Fried Rice

Spanish Rice

As you might notice in the meals I made, the meat in each dish as homemade, but the rice was prepackaged.  Mixing homemade with ready to serve items is a great way to establish balance.  A little extra help, but at little homemade goodness too:)

If you are looking for a little inspiration for dinner at your house, check out Four Ingredient Meals with Four-Minute Steamers.  This website offers ideas combining kitchen staples with Steamers to create yummy, simple meals the whole family can enjoy.

And don’t forget to check out the full selection of products available from Minute Rice to help with all your meals!  And also connect via Facebook & Twitter for up-to-date information.

One lucky Mama Report reader will win a Minute Rice tote, notepad, pot holder, and one FREE product coupon so they can try it for themselves!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. Which Minute Steamer variety interests you the most? fried rice

  2. Angelawilliams says

    The fried rice looks yummy! 🙂

  3. love to try the fried rice

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  4. I love rice, so that’s a hard choice for me, but if I had
    to choose I would want to try the fried rice to see how
    it would taste and turn out from being steamed.

  5. fried rice

  6. I think I would like the fried rice.

  7. Either the brown rice ( cause I could add it in to some meals I have planned next week) or the fried rice!

  8. The Spanish Rice looks good.

  9. the fried rice looks good.

  10. Definitely the Spanish Rice.

  11. The Brown & Wild Rice Flavor would be my choice.

  12. carol gentry says

    I love rice all different ways but I would love to try the fried rice one.

  13. Deborah Wallin says

    I would like to try the fried rice.

  14. The fried rice

  15. Kimberly Schotz says
  16. Stephanie Phelps says

    I would love to try the Fried Rice

  17. crystle tellerday says

    fried rice

  18. The fried rice…but I’d probably use the white rice more often.

  19. the brown rice interests me the most

  20. Karen Medlin says

    Broccoli and Cheese Rice or the Spanish Rice

  21. Julie Cutshaw says

    I would like to try the Spanish rice flavor in the minute steamers from minute rice, would be perfect for Mexican night dinners at our house which we love and do often. Thanks

  22. valorie gomes says

    either the brown or the spanish i cna’t make up my mind

  23. Katherine D. says

    brown rice!

  24. we do taco tuesday every week and more often than not, serve some kind of rice. i’d like to try the spanish rice to streamline my dinner prep a little!

  25. The fried rice looks awesome!

  26. I would love to try the Spanish Rice first

  27. Spanish Rice for Me! Thanks!

  28. The fried rice looks delicious!!

  29. Michel Behlen says

    Fried rice

  30. the spanish rice!

  31. my tummy says fried rice, but my brain says stick with brown

  32. Joyce Raymond says

    I would like to try the spanish rice.

  33. Diane Riedel says

    Spanish Rice looks yummy! 🙂

  34. Alexia Miller says

    fried rice

  35. I think the Fried Rice looks interesting — I could see this ending up in my daughter’s college dorm …..

  36. i’d like to try the fried rice

  37. Whole grain brown rice

  38. The fried rice looks delicious!

  39. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I’d Like To Try The Fried Rice !:)

  40. Fried rice – I know I’m going to be buying me some of those

  41. the fried rice i just love it so much.

  42. I’d love to try the Spanish rice. Thanks for the chance.

  43. The Spanish Rice looks good.

  44. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    The Spanish rice sounds good!

  45. Brown rice would be great since it takes so long to make from scratch

  46. The brown rice 🙂

  47. Absolutely fried rice!

  48. I’d love to try the Fried Fry

  49. The Spanish Rice

  50. Spanish Rice

  51. Spanish rice!

  52. i want to try the fried rice

  53. Karen Gonyea says

    I would love to try the fried rice first 🙂

  54. The Whole Grain Brown Rice looks good.

  55. Fried Rice is my pick 🙂

  56. The fried rice

  57. The Fried Rice looks delicious to me.

  58. The spanish rice for sure!

  59. Tara Liebing says

    I want to try the Fried rice

  60. Angelique Drummond says

    The spanish rice sounds really good!

  61. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    The Spanish Rice interests me the most, yummy 🙂

  62. I think the Fried Rice looks good. 🙂

  63. EMMA L HORTON says


  64. Christy Anderson says

    Spanish Rice

  65. I think the brown rice looks very good.

  66. The fried rice one

  67. I like the Minute® Steamers – Brown & Wild Rice.

  68. I’m interested in the Fried Rice variety.

  69. Fried Rice

  70. The fried rice

  71. I would like the fried rice.

  72. The brown rice would be what I would buy. That takes a long time to cook & I use mostly whole grains in my home.

  73. Definitely Fried Rice

  74. I’d like to try the fried rice

  75. Fried rice

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  76. They all sound tasty, but I would try fried rice first.

  77. the Spanish rice is what i’d love to try

  78. Ashley Sifers says

    Spanish Rice!

  79. susan hartman says

    I would like the Fried Rice.

  80. Brown Rice!

  81. krista grandstaff says

    The brown rice sounds awesome… I like how versatile it is 🙂

  82. I would love to try the Brown Rice!
    Thank You!

  83. michelle warner says

    i want to try the spanish rice, i bet it is so good

  84. The Whole Grain Brown Rice! That is the only type of rice I eat.

  85. elven johnson says

    Fried Rice

  86. Virginia Rowell says

    The fried rice looks yummy!

  87. Spanish Rice.

  88. The spanish rice

  89. fried rice

  90. The fried rice

  91. Rachel Miller says

    I’d love to try the Spanish rice 🙂

  92. The Fried Rice

    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  93. Stephanie Larison says

    Would love to try the spanish rice

  94. Kortney Picker says

    The fried rice sounds really good!

  95. Brown Rice would be great

  96. christal c w says

    I would try the fried rice

  97. the spanish rice sounds interesting

  98. The Fried Rice!!!

  99. taylor marves says

    fried rice!!
    taylormarves at gmail dot com

  100. Tina Bartunek says

    Love to try the Fried Rice!

  101. brown rice looks delish

  102. fried rice
    tcogbill at live dot com

  103. The fried rice.

  104. The fried and brown rice look good! Thanks for the cool giveaway! 🙂

  105. Diane Sallans says

    I love the fried rice – could just add some chicken for a full meal.

  106. Connie Bolick Lee says

    The Spanish Rice interests me the most.

  107. Nicole Sender says

    Fried Rice is my choice!

  108. Fried rice yum!

  109. Traci Lynn Butler says

    The Spanish Rice – great side for tacos or burritos

  110. Fried Rice

  111. brown rice

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  112. would love to try the fried rice

  113. fried rice

  114. brown rice

  115. the Spanish Rice

  116. The Fried Rice sounds delicious and would go with a lot of things.

  117. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d like to try the Broccoli and Cheese rice.

  118. I’m interested in trying the Fried Rice. 🙂

  119. The spanish rice!

  120. Karen Gonyea says

    Fried Rice 🙂

  121. the Spanish rice sounds good!

  122. Ken Robinson says

    I’d like to taste the Spanish Rice. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  123. Spanish rice would be my first pick.

  124. I want to try the Brown Rice first. Thanks!

  125. probley brown rice

  126. Annmarie W. says

    I would love to try the fried rice!

  127. Traci Jarre says

    Fried rice

  128. twitted this today, 01/10

  129. The fried rice steamers looks good.

  130. fried rice sounds great

  131. Allison Downes says

    The Spanish Rice sounds good! Thanks for the tasty giveawaY!

  132. sheryl cullum says

    The fried rice

  133. christine jessamine says

    i would love to try the mac and cheese

  134. I would like the Fried Rice.

  135. Fried rice!

  136. I like the Fried Rice.

  137. Brown Rice

  138. Looks easy-peasy, mac & cheesy!

  139. Fried!!!

  140. The fried rice:)

  141. Jenny Collins says

    The Spanish Rice or Fried Rice would be ones that I would love to try!

  142. The fried rice one looks great! I can make it with frozen egg rolls for a quick and inexpensive meal instead of Chinese take out.

  143. The fried rice variety sounds awesome!

  144. Fried rice

  145. Mama Mirage says

    Mmm now I’m craving rice! 😀

  146. Mama Mirage says

    I’m a plain jane kinda girl. I’d be thrilled with just plain old rice.

  147. Erica Hemphill says

    fried rice

  148. Spanish rice–yum!

  149. my kids love fried rice, so i’d try that one for sure

  150. Fried Rice sounds awesome!

  151. spanish rice

  152. tracy webb says

    I love brown rice.

  153. I love the brown rice

  154. Lorrie Rodgers (pinklady705) says

    The Spanish Rice looks the best to me.

  155. the brown rice!

  156. Mac and Cheese!

  157. Spanish rice looks amazing!

  158. Definitely the fried rice

  159. David Basile says

    fried rice

  160. Jaysa Hursa says

    Spanish Rice looks great!

  161. The Spanish rice, I’m horrible at making it home made.

  162. Fried Rice for sure!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  163. Spanish Rice sounds rockin

  164. Cody Anderson says

    The Spanish Rice looks yummy

  165. Fried Rice. I have not seen these yet at my Walmart but will watch for them next trip there. Thanks!

  166. robin goodman says

    i love fried rice

  167. Marty Harris says

    I like to try the fried rice

  168. Christina Oddy says

    the fried rice. always looking for a side for my stirfry!

  169. I think I like fried rice best.

  170. Samantha Meyer says

    The fried rice would probably be the one I would purchase

  171. Mary Jensen says

    I wanna try the Spanish Rice!!

  172. the brown rice

  173. I’d like to try the fried rice.

  174. The Spanish rice sounds great!

  175. the fried rice looks yummy

  176. Angela Neynaber says

    The Fried Rice looks great.

  177. The Brown rice sounds nice.

  178. I would like the spanish rice

  179. The fried rice sounds yummy!

  180. melissa Resnick says

    fried rice

  181. The spanish rice looks good.

  182. Deb Frischkorn says

    I would like to try the Spanish Rice!

  183. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    fried rice
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  184. Russell Moore says

    The fried rice looks great!

  185. I’d like to try the Spanish Rice the most.

  186. I’d like brown rice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  187. Paula Tavernie says

    The Fried Rice!!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  188. tami primm says

    fried rice

  189. kathy pease says

    id love the fried rice

  190. The fried Rice!

  191. The brown rice

  192. I would like to try the brown rice

  193. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    I would like to try the white rice.

  194. The fried rice looks the best to me

  195. Brittney House says

    fried rice

  196. The fried rice looks great!

  197. Donna Timmerman says

    I am most interested in trying the brown rice. Thank you for the contest entry.

  198. Cheryl Ann Reinhardt says

    The Fried Rice……. I love Fried rice………. but they all look really good……….

  199. I would want to try the fried rice

  200. the spanish rice looks good

  201. Sarah Yurga says

    Fried rice looks delicious to me!

  202. This would be great to win.

  203. Spanish rice

  204. Corey Olomon says

    Fried Rice!

  205. susan smoaks says

    the brown rice looks good to me, we don’t eat white rice anymore!

  206. Trisha McKee says

    I’d definitely try the fried rice!

  207. I’d like to try the spanish rice!

  208. Kerrie Mayans says

    The spanish rice looks yummy to me.

  209. Whole grain brown rice.

  210. brenda Elsner says

    I am most interested in the fried rice.

  211. I’d like the Spanish rice.

  212. Saver Sara says

    We like the brown rice but I”m very interested in the fried rice.

  213. The Fried Rice

  214. spanish rice

  215. spanish rice

  216. fried rice

  217. Stacey Cockrell says

    Definitely the fried rice.

  218. For sure, the brown rice. Working on getting more whole grains.

  219. I want to try the fried rice

  220. the fried rice

  221. Chrissy Nestor says

    I want to try the Fried Rice!

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  222. Misses Giveaways says

    Fried Rice

  223. Love the Fried Rice!

  224. vikki Billings says

    The fried rice is the one that I would like to try.

  225. Jennifer Clay says

    I would like to try the fried rice.

  226. Ed Nemmers says

    Fried Rice is my Steamers of choice!

  227. Peggy Rydzewski says

    The fried rice one will make so many tasty dinners

  228. I would love to try the Brown rice since it’s so good for you!

  229. Jamie Hoffman says

    I would love to try the fried rice! I love this!

  230. Jessica Rose says

    The Fried Rice!

  231. Fried rice.

  232. The fried rice looks yummy

  233. Fried Rice

  234. An alternative to pasta sides!

  235. Tanya White says

    the fried rice

  236. Spanish Rice sounds very good!

  237. Brad Merrell says

    Fried Rice

  238. Sandy Hill says

    the spanish rice variety interests me the most 🙂

  239. Spanish Rice sounds yummy!

  240. I would love to try the brown rice.

  241. shanta spradlin says

    fried rice looks good.

  242. Buddy Garrett says

    The Brown Rice interests me.

  243. Definitely the fried rice!

  244. Definitely the Spanish rice 🙂


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