Downton Abbey Inspired Lenox Vintage Jewel Place Setting


Have you been immersed into the world of Downton Abbey?  This British drama is a current sensation on PBS and reflects the life of the aristocratic Crawley family during the time of the Great War (aka WWI).  The style and acting within the show is impeccable and our Nana is a dedicated fan and is eagerly awaiting the beginning of Season 3 starting January 2013.  I am a huge fan of period dramas and therefore have avoided Downton Abbey like the plague:)  That doesn’t make any sense does it?  But I know once I start I won’t want it to stop.  If I can hold off long enough I can watch all the seasons at once via DVD.  This method probably isn’t for everyone, but it is my preferred way of watching TV shows.

To help all of us celebrate the fabulous style of Downton Abbey, Lenox has created two collections inspired by the show.  One glimpse of the Vintage Jewel set and I was smitten.  I don’t know what it is about women and fine china, but it makes my heart skip.  Nana and I have been known to dissect the finer elements of china patterns.  I can’t entirely explain it, but well designed china is just as exciting, if not more exciting than fine jewelry.   And these new patterns from Lenox are simply divine.

Vintage Jewel


Okay, I went a little crazy with pictures.  This would be the giddy little girl in me who gets very excited by fine china.  But seriously, isn’t it beautiful?!

It is rare to find an item made in the U.S. these days!  And I love that fact that it is dishwasher safe!  Awesome!

 I love how it glistens in the light!

These dishes would be an elegant addition in a Downton Abbey inspired dinner or any gathering, for that matter!

The complete line includes a vast selection of many corresponding pieces.

Time to bring out the antique table linens.  Imagine how lovely an entire table of these dishes would look.

Imagine throwing a dinner party Downton-style for the premiere episode of Season 3, set to premiere on the BBC in the UK i September, and on PBS in America in January 2013.

You might want to pare down the Edwardian tradition of serving eight to nine courses, and you may not measure the distance between forks as the long-suffering butlers do at Downton, but you can still set a magnificent table. For your “upstairs” fine china, you need look no further than America’s iconic name in tabletop, Lenox. Many patterns from America’s leading dinnerware brand would be right at home in Downton, but perhaps none so much as Autumn, which was actually designed in the period.

Mixing, matching or alternating other classic Lenox patterns with Autumn would yield enough variations to get through all ten episodes. You might consider the sophisticated beauty of Vintage Jewel, an heirloom-quality pattern that represents both opulent design and painstaking workmanship, both of which were at their height in the Downton era, and are still practiced today by Lenox. The deep, rich cobalt is in glorious contrast to the luster of gold and platinum, all arrayed against Lenox white-bodied china. These and dozens of classic and contemporary Lenox patters are offered through fine department and specialty stores nationwide.

My little daydream into the past was cut short when I turned the camera to discover this….

Oh, how he would love to get his hands on it!

This definitely isn’t child-friendly!

Relive the past with me via Downton Abbey and these lovely Lenox collections.  I must admit when I think of sophisticated fine china Lenox is the first company that comes to mind.  Either collection would make a great Mother’s Day gift this May!

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I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. I *love* the autumn pattern and I *love* china (and silverware). I’ve started going to estate sales in my neighborhood and I pick up some pretty amazing vintage patterns. Even if they’re not in the best shape, they’re fun to mix and match and have on hand!

  2. Your review is misleading.

    You state that these collections were inspired by a TV show that first aired in 2010. However, Vintage Jewel has been in production since 1998. Autumn, in its current run, has been in continous production since 1966.

    While I agree, Lenox makes very nice china, it was certainly nit inspired by Dowton Abby.

  3. I bought my Vintage Jewel Collection for my wedding in 1999. I was hoping they disconnected so value would go up it seems about the same what I paid in 99. I fell in love with them. There classic with black scrolls, gold & plantinum. I only got 4 place settings for wedding presents so I have never used them. Too pretty to use for casual dinners. I got the Waterford Araglen platinum stemware in both wine & water classes amongst other things to go with them & Lenox flatware but can’t remember the name. I haven’t used any of them in 20 years. Lol

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