Easy Avocado Salad


This post is sponsored by Litehouse Foods, all opinions are my own.

It might be somewhat peculiar to recall the first time you tried a certain type of salad dressing. But I have a distinct memory of the first time I purchased Litehouse dressing. While grocery shopping with my mother {as a teenager} the lighthouse on the Litehouse label reeled me in. At that time I had a slight obsession with all things lighthouse and clearly this pleasing blue and white label visually struck a cord. In a matter of moments I had convinced my mother that we ought to try this interesting brand of refrigerated dressing. 

While it was the label that attracted me initially, it has been the taste of this dressing that has made me a fan for all these years. Shelf stable dressings are obviously not fresh and because of this I find the taste to be bland. Litehouse dressings need to be refrigerated as they contain real ingredients that would spoil otherwise. 

A number of years ago the company also introduced these freeze-dried herbs. While I always prefer to cook with fresh herbs, these bottled options are great to have on hand as backups. If I happen to run out of fresh garlic there is no need to run to the store as this connivence option is as close to fresh as you can get. 

If one can be sentimental about dressing this brand definitely strikes a cord with me. While my mother has long since passed on I still carry this sweet memory of an impromptu grocery shopping purchase.

This past week I had the opportunity to attend a special dinner with other amazing social media experts in the area as a guest of Litehouse Foods. While learning more about the company Chef Daniel Green whipped up some amazing guacamole {my favorite!} using some of the freeze-dried herbs. His trick is to add a little of the Ranch dressing to the guacamole to help keep the avocados from turning dark if you are going to set out the dish for guests. Brilliant! 

In my continuing dedication to all things avocado I pulled together some of my favorite colorful ingredients into this easy avocado salad.

I’m not sure exactly what this salad container is called, but it is a fabulous way to take a homemade salad on-the-go. The top lid works as a separate container to house your dressing until you are ready to eat. 

To learn more about the wide variety of products available from Litehouse Foods be sure to check them out online. And connect via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for more information. 

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