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How do you eat your Del Monte fruit cups?  The cookies above were made with the new Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Diced Peaches.  Yes, I added Del Monte Diced Peaches to my cookies and they taste fabulous. They are a perfect afternoon snack.

You must think I’m a Martha Stewart kind of mother.  Always perfection.  Always on task.  Always ahead of the game.

I wish!  Let me show you my reality.  My early morning scrounge for my son’s lunch, my grumpy lack of caffeinated face, and my fruit cup stealing children.  Getting into the back to school schedule can be tough.

This is the story of how Del Monte Fruit cups make me look like a Martha Stewart mother.  

My eldest son has to wake up early to catch the bus to school.  Too early.  I’m not a morning person by nature.  I don’t typically like to converse with anyone until I’ve had my first cup of coffee.  I might seem disinterested and snobbish until I have a little caffeine.  My family is well aware of this fact and makes sure to stay clear.   It’s not a pretty picture, literally.

Most mornings I stumble around fixing my son his breakfast.  But then there are the dreaded mornings when I notice our weekly activity board on the frig.

Uh-oh, I need to pack a lunch for my son and I have NO IDEA WHAT TO GIVE HIM! Oh, and incidentally I have a dentist appoint.  Boy, it’s going to be a great day! (Did you feel my seething sarcasm?)

Ironman lunch container?  Check!

Some mothers might have their child’s lunch pre-made the night before.  Let’s open it with the hope that I am one of these mothers.

No lunch!  I’m sure you were not surprised.  It’s official let the scrambling begin.  I have approximately ten minutes to throw together something nutritional for my son’s day.

Woo hoo!  Luckily, this particular morning I have Del Monte Fruit Cups in my refrigerator!  I recently picked up a bunch of different varieties while I was shopping at Walmart including- diced peaches, diced pears, mixed fruit, cinnamon & brown sugar diced peaches, and mandarin oranges. Check out my entire Walmart shopping trip via Google +

My two older boys are crazy about fruit cups.  You’d have thought I’d given them candy for the look of pure joy on their faces. Look at this!

My oldest  son has an entire method for eating these delicious little cups.

It starts with slurping up the juices.

And then progressing to the spoon.

He could eat an entire four pack container in one sitting if I let him.  I think the term is “hollow leg”.  He certainly has one.  Anybody have any extra coupons?  I’m going to need to stock up by the ton at this rate!  At least Del Monte Fruit Cups offer great healthy lunch or snack options

But back to my early morning scramble.

I quickly insert a Del Monte Fruit Cup and the rest of his lunch comes together.  Obviously, I know no matter what, he’ll be happy with the fruit cup!

Whew!  Another day, another lunch.  Shortly thereafter he is riding the bus with his cute little lunch!

After *** cups of coffee, I am feeling ready for the day!  It’s time to start thinking about what I’m going to feed him when he comes home from school.

No matter what he has had for lunch, he is destined to be “starving” when he get home from school.  In a sudden caffeine induced burst of energy I decide to make cookies using Del Monte Fruit Cups.  But I guess you already know that.  But what you don’t know is that, I had to tackle a pesky fruit cup stealing 5 year old in the process.

Remember I mentioned my TWO older sons love fruit cups?  I thoughtlessly left a large number of fruit cup packages on the counter.  As I start preparing the cookie batter, I suddenly hear a fit of giggles coming from the other room.

Oooo…that pesky guy!!  He’s running away with my fruit cups!!  Luckily, I manage to lure him back with the promise of a cookie.

Fruit cups safely returned, I commence my baking activity.  These cookies are so soft and yummy!  Seriously, delicious.  And they are so easy!  I’ve provided the recipe below.

This is the part where I appear all Martha Stewart like, but now you know the truth:)

Of course, the cookies require a proper taste test.

And the verdict…

There you have it folks.   A lunch and snack filled day, thanks to Del Monte Fruit Cups.  My boys think I’m the best.  They are well fed, with fruit!  I have a container full of cookies for the week.  I’m exhausted.  Oh lordy, do I have to do it all again tomorrow!?

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  1. I’m definitely not a morning person, either! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. What a good idea for cookies! I need to make these for my son, he loves the fruit cups!

  3. ROFL Your little boy is such a character! Those cookies look good!

  4. I’ll have to try this recipe, it looks so good! I love fruit in my cookies!

  5. I’m so not a morning person either. My kids love these fruit cups and those cookies look really good. I can’t wait to give them a try!

  6. Those cookies look so yummy! I think my son would love them too!

  7. Oh those cookies looks delightful! My son love the fruit cups too – but we dump the juice… he’s not a fan of juice (weird!)

  8. LOL, your son is a cutie!
    I’m not a fan of the artificially sweetened juice of the syrup, I prefer the fruit cups that just have the fruit in fruit juice, but I will say that these fruit cups are sooo convenient for school!

  9. Jennifer Appleton says

    This recipe looks so good! I have 1 question though… When it says “1 teaspoon soda,” you mean baking soda, right? Not soda pop? (And on the off chance that it is soda pop, does the flavor matter??”) Thanks!

    • Sorry for the confusion Jennifer, yes I mean baking soda!:) These cookies were so soft and yummy! I hope you like them!

  10. Soooo did you mean 3 containers of the peaches WITH the syrup, or drained?? – Inquiring minds wanna know 🙂

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