For the Love of Casseroles: Country Crock Stars Contest (#CountryCrockStars)


Growing up I wasn’t exactly sure what a casserole was.  It seemed to be this almost foreign-like dish that certainly wasn’t made in my home ……….or was it? You see I grew up in North Dakota and I currently live in Minnesota.  We don’t use the word casserole around here.  What do we say?  Hotdish!  For all of you that use the term casserole, that is just fancy talk for Midwesterner’s hotdish:)  True story:)

country crock tator tot hotdish

We might not love casseroles, but we do love hotdishes in my home.  In fact one of my husband’s favorite meals is the classic Tator Tot Hotdish recipe.  You’ve heard of it, right? Thanks to my North Dakota public school upbringing I always had a version with canned cooked green beans included.  If you are thinking yuck, you would be correct.

Instead my family prefers a simple recipe that is perfect for those cold winter nights or just for an easy and fast meal for busy families.  The ingredients- tator tots, onions, hamburger, cream of mushroom soup, Country Crock, and a little salt & pepper.  One time I tried to be all gourmet-like and make my cream of mushroom sauce from scratch rather than from the can.  Big mistake!  Sometimes it is best to just stick with the traditional easy item.  No need to make it more difficult.  This dish is just yummy goodness.  Isn’t gourmet.  It isn’t fancy.  It’s just good hotdish eatin’.

Currently all hotdish or casserole fans can enter the Country Crock Stars contest!  Simply share a photo of your favorite casserole, and in 100 words or less describe your creativity and resourcefulness in the kitchen.

And if you didn’t see it below-

3 finalists will win $5000 and a trip to NYC + 12 semi-finalists will win cookware!

country crock all-stars


So what are you waiting for?! Casserole and hotdish fans should enter now for a chance to win this amazing prize.  I just might enter my tried and true Tator Tot Hotdish.  Hmmm…or maybe I need to create a new recipe:)! LOL!

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