Green Giant Veggie Chips Surprise! ( #AGiantSurprise) #spon


Sometimes it may appear that you have someone or something all figured out.  They are not surprising, instead they are completely predictable.

I thought I had the gist of Green Giant products.  I know Green Giant has a provider of delicious frozen veggies.  There are Steamers, there are blends, but I was pretty confident that Green Giant products existed only in the frozen veggie form.


green giant sweet potato chips

Yep, Green Giant has officially expanded it’s horizon with veggie chips!

Here’s the scoop!

Product Information

  • The Green Giant™ Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips – Zesty Cheddar Flavor are made with real vegetables, 17 grams of whole grain per serving (48g are recommended daily), and are naturally flavored.

  • The Green Giant™ Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips – Sea Salt Flavor are made with real sweet potatoes and made with 14 grams of whole grain. Plus, they contains 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips*!

  • *Green Giant Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips (6g per 28g serving) have 40 percent less fat than regular potato chips (10g per 28g serving).

Once the initial surprise is over,  it is definitely time to dig in.  Veggie chips?  I have previously tried other brands and I always found them lacking in taste.  Sure they might be a wiser selection compared to traditional chips, but they do have to taste good if I’m going to eat them.

I was super excited to try the Roasted Veggie Tortillas Chips- zesty cheddar sounds good to me!   They quickly became my favorite!

green giant chips

As you can see, they are coated in cheesy flavoring.  And the taste?  Yummo!  I loved them!  I was highly impressed with the flavor and taste and when I looked at the ingredients I felt even better.  This is one surprise, I can clearly enjoy.

green giant

This is a great tasting chip that I can feel great snacking on.  Score!

Green Giant is encouraging others to share their surprise talents via their Facebook page.  Or check out some unearthed surprise talents that Green Giant has discovered see the full selection via YouTube.

So what is my special hidden talent?  My surprise?  I have the odd ability to recite a long passage from Shakespeare.  Case in point- my husband (before he was my husband) attempted to be suave by reciting a few lines from Hamlet.  I then proceeded to chase him down the school hall reciting Marc Antony’s speak from Julius Caesar.  He has been surprised, and slightly scared ever since!:)

What is your hidden talent?  What would others be surprised about you?

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent

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