Holiday Meal Planning with Bob Evans Chef David Eisel Interview


If you are in the need of a little holiday meal planning assistance check out my recent phone interview with Bob Evans Executive Development Chef David Eisel.  I love his ideas for the Mashtini‘s.  I made them a little while ago and they were a hit- check out my previous Mashtini post.  If you are having a holiday party this season, these fun, completely customizable mashed potatoes are a perfect selection.

Okay, but on to my interview.  I just want to state for the record- I am not mentally challenged.  Not that there is anything wrong with people who are.  But I am a fully functioning adult:)  That being said, during the interview you’ll notice a delay in my response.  I was watching Chef David live via video during the interview, but there was a delay.  Needless to say it threw me off.  Uff! Why didn’t I just stop watching him on the video?  I guess I was drawn in by those darn Mashtini’s!  They look so good!

If you are in need of some quick and easy mashed potatoes this Thursday here is a coupon for the #1 selling refrigerated mashed potatoes brand!

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