Horizon Organic “Juice Box Replacement Challenge” & a Giveaway


Good golly,  the school year is off with a bang at my house.  All three boys are in school- my eldest is in second grade and the younger two are in preschool.    Needless to say my day is busy, especially the mornings.  I’ve mentioned before I usually scramble to pack my oldest son’s lunch most mornings.  Not having a lot of time, I look for products that make my life easier, but are also something my children enjoy.

I would frequently place a carton of juice in my son’s lunch box, because it was easy and I thought I was giving him something healthy and wholesome.  Juice is healthy, sort of.  Certainly it is better than a lot of other options.  But the best beverage to pack in his lunch is undoubtedly- milk.  Full of calcium, protein and vitamin D, Horizon Organic milk provide the nutrients their little bodies need.

Horizon Organic makes it easy for moms like me to add milk to our kids lunches.  Shelf-stable individually portioned milk is easy and healthy.  Plus with varieties such as chocolate and strawberry my children are super happy.

My two preschool boys are frequently very hungry as soon as I pick them up from school.  However, we have a 25 minute ride home before we can eat lunch.   They would like to have unhealthy snack during out drive, but Horizon Organic is a fun and healthy way to fill their tummies until lunch. The easy to use cartons are perfect for our car trip.

Obviously my children are not the only ones who love Horizon Organic.  Check out this cute video below.

Perhaps you already add Horizon Organic to your kids lunch boxes?  If so, or if you make the switch like me, currently you can send in a picture of your children’s lunch for a chance to win!  Here are the details.

“Lunch Box of the Week” photo contest 

Fans can upload photos of their creative, healthy lunch box ideas featuring Horizon Organic milk boxes and other nutritious foods in exchange for a coupon for $1 off the purchase of Horizon Organic milk boxes. Parents who upload a photo will also have a chance to win a weekly Horizon Organic prize packs. And, each month, fans will have the opportunity to vote on the weekly winners to select a monthly winner to receive a $1,000 gift card.

*Guilty confession time*  Secretly I love Horizon Organic milk too:)  It just tastes better than a lot of other milk, I have no idea why.  Mommies need milk time too, right?

Horizon Organic has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader a Juice Box Replacement Prize Pack!

One winner will receive a cute Horizon Organic lunch box with FREE product coupons!

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the above mentioned product for review purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. fruits, yogurt, sandwiches

  2. Sandwich and fruit, plus a homemade muffin or cookie.

  3. Juice, sandwich, pretzels, none of which he eats currently 🙁

  4. sandwich, pudding pack, bag of chips, cheese stick

  5. Chickpea snackers!

  6. Cheese or Yogurt, apple, banana and some organic chips and usually a vegetable.

  7. My daughter gets a school lunch. I can’t wait for net year to have the option to pack our own!

  8. Marti Parks says

    We don’t pack lunches.

  9. Janet Vickers says

    I don’t pack lunches.

  10. Audra Weathers says

    My daughter isn’t in school yet, but I have purchased these little milk boxes for her. I like the size of them and also the fact she can carry it around the house without spilling too much of it.

  11. I usually don’t pack a drink and let him get milk at school.

  12. My children buy lunch at school.

  13. Tiffany Kinney says

    sandwiches fruit snack and water.

  14. we pack a sandwhich, fruit, veggie and a little bottle of water. and maybe a snack for on way home

  15. When my nephew has a bagged lunch, it has pretzels, carrot sticks/strawberries, peanut butter sandwich, and Adam & Eve juice box.

  16. My boys love peanut butter sandwiches and chcolate chip cookies in their lunches!

  17. pb & j, fruit, milk $ and a treat!

    annae07 at aol dot com

  18. peanut butter and carrot sticks

  19. Tabitha Pyle says


  20. peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice, chips or crackers

  21. quesadillas, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, a yogurt or cheese stick and pretzels. Sometimes they get a juice box, but usually a water bottle.

  22. juice or chocolate almond milk

  23. Michelle Saunderson says

    I currently pack a sandwich, chips and a piece of fruit and/or veggies.

  24. Debra Hall says

    i dont pack any lunches

  25. Juice or water. Thank you for the cool giveaway! 🙂

  26. Erica Barnes says

    Sandwich, pita chips with hummus, baby carrots, a banana or apple, and water.

  27. I pack a sandwich, crackers and fruit.

  28. Sandwich and fruit

  29. Carlyn Burgett says

    I pack a sandwich, fruit, juice or water bottle, string cheese.

  30. Christy Anderson says

    Sandwich, chips, and fruit.

  31. juice box, sandwich, fruit, and a snack


  32. Usually a juice box, sandwich, fruit, and a few cookies or chips

  33. Juice box, sandwich, fruit, crackers

  34. Han and cheese, veggie booty, and yogurt covered pretzels! Fresh fruit, applesauce and sometimes a special treat round it out!

  35. I do not pack lunch

  36. my son is out of school but he sometimes takes a water in a bottle mixed with a flavor

  37. We don’t pack lunches.

  38. sandwich, fruit, pretzels/crackers, yogurt and water.

  39. Monique Rizzo says

    Sandwich, Capri Sun, Fruit, chips and treat.
    Thanks for the chance.

  40. the only times we really pack lunches is for homeschool coop & than it is a lunch for the family…..lots of times I just make a hotdish, chips, fruit, jug of water & some lemons – but my kids would think it was awesome to win this…..I don’t buy this kind of stuff!

  41. Michelle Bryan says

    I pack a water bottle, sandwich, yogurt and sweet treat.

  42. I don’t have kids yet but I’d love to win this for my nieces :).


  43. Samantha Broadway says

    Love this for my boys!

  44. fruit, granola bars and a small of piece of chocolate

  45. sandwich, fruit, yogurt, granola bar

  46. PB&J, carrots, applesauce, crackers

  47. No kids. I like sandwiches & an apple.
    Thanks for the contest.

  48. We like sunbutter and banana sammies, fruit and carrots.

  49. Carolyn Colley says

    this would be for my grandson, I think he eats at school most of the time, he love milk

  50. Peanut butter on wheat bread, homemade granola bars, peanut butter crackers (yep he loves peanut butter) and a bottle of water (probably because of all the peanut butter).

  51. I don’t have kids, but for my own lunch I try to pack fresh fruit and whole grains plus some kind of protein. I love Horizon milk boxes!

  52. Kortney Picker says

    my daughter isn’t old enough for school yet, but I make her lunch at home and will probably pack her lunches when she goes to school!

  53. sandwich, fruit and water

  54. Stephanie Larison says

    A sandwich with a bag of chips, a fruit drink pouch, and a random veggie whatever we have on hand.

  55. We pack a sandwich or cheese, fruit, snack, and juice box. I’ve not put milk in before because I can’t keep their lunch cold.

  56. Natosha Zachary says

    Currently my son takes goat’s milk to preschool because his grandmother gives it to us, but Horizon Organic milk would be great too. He loves his milk.

  57. Sandwich, fruit and juice.

  58. Ashley Sifers says

    My children are 1 & 3.. so don’t have to worry about that yet!

  59. sandwich , fruit, water.

  60. We’ve been playing around with the “bento” meals and have tried some fun things with fruits and veggies. My kids love cheese and meat (home made lunchable type things) a treat of some kind and water with a mix-in …depends on the day. they have access to a microwave so will occassionally take soups too

  61. my is in college but he would probably pack pb & j (and milk to wash it down) if he were to pack a lunch–even today!

  62. sandwich, apples, milk or apple juice, graham crackers

  63. My girl loves hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks, and carrots with her Horizon chocolate milk.

  64. Chavonne H says

    peanut butter sandwiches are always good.

  65. Currently, I pack usually leftovers or a sandwich and some fruit.

  66. I pack homemade mini muffins in my 15 month old son’s lunch! He loves them and I love that they are packed with fruit and vegetables!

  67. Christina Oddy says

    sandwich, fruit, juice

  68. Susan in St. Louis says

    cheese sticks, juice/organic milk, bunny fruit snacks, carrots

  69. Kimberly Schotz says

    Pasta, string cheese, banana, applesauce, pretzels and water bottle

  70. Sandwich, fruit and a treat!

  71. My kids are homeschooled, so we mostly eat leftovers, or I cook something fresh for lunch.

  72. Peanut butter sandwich and milk with a fruit snack and grapes.

  73. ham or turkey sandwich, he loves yogurt, cheese sticks, cheez its and fruit snacks

  74. Debbie Ritenour says

    lunchable, fruit and a drink

  75. Kristine J. says

    Sandwich, crackers or cookies, a fruit or veggie and a juice box.

  76. our grandson loves to have veggies, yogurt and a sandwich

  77. Sandwiches, fruit, one sweet treat, like cookies (usually 2 of those) or a mini-cake etc. and raisins or a granola bar. Their drink is a huge bottle filled with water, since we live in a desert. During the winter I’ll sometimes do Milo. (A New Zealand drink that’s like Hot Chocolate, only it’s not as sugary and it tastes delicious cold)

  78. Jennifer Nixon says

    Pb&j, crackers with cheese or pb, a milk box or juice box.And some type of fruit or veggies.

  79. caitlin chapman says

    my son is a toddler so we dont pack lunches, however we loooooooooooooooooove horizon milks.

  80. I don’t have to pack a lunch quite yet!

  81. My daughter won’t eat sandwiches, so packing lunches is somewhat of a challenge. I pack carrots, celery sticks, cheese sticks, apples, grapes, crackers or goldfish.
    Thank you!

  82. Sandwiches, carrot sticks, and a little bowl of fruit and a milk or juice box

  83. Jl Johnson says

    hummus and cucumbers with milk
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  84. Bottled tea and juice.

  85. I usually pack juice or smoothies.

  86. I pack a lot of different things but his fav is pb&j on a mini bagel, crackers, grapes, juicebox 🙂

  87. Christian Alejandro N. says

    Usually, I’m consistent with fruits like apple slices or a pear, and some vegetables like carrots or a tiny salad.

  88. susan hartman says

    My daughter is grown so I am past packing her lunch. Booo!

  89. I pack a sandwich, crackers, and fruit. The drink is milk from school.

  90. megan cromes says

    drink, peanut butter sandwich,and a dessert.

  91. Lorena Keech says

    No kids lunches to pack, but we put vegetable juice in ours.

  92. They usually buy lunches at school, but I’m about to start making them take their lunches. Need ideas!

  93. organic pb and j sandwich on whole wheat bread, apple slices, juicy juice, graham crackers

  94. Melissa Belle says

    sandwich, veggies, juice, crackers

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  95. Stephanie Behlen says

    I pack a smoothie, sandwich, a fruit, carrots and fruit snacks

  96. Sandwich, fruit, carrot and/or celery sticks, graham cracker cookies and water

  97. chantal ronchetto says

    water, fruit, crackers, sandwich

  98. I pack a ham or turkey sandwich, small juice box, and crackers.

  99. yogurt, fruit, veggies, and left overs!

  100. carla aldrich says

    No lunch boxes yet, but when I pack for picnics in the park it is usually fruit, vegies, cheese sticks, and PB & J, then water or milk to drink

  101. Diane Anderson says

    Sandwiches, fruit, milk, pudding, cheese sticks, carrots

  102. Rebecca Scott says

    I don’t pack lunches yet, but we LOVE our horizon milk boxes when we are on the go : )

  103. We eat lunches at home or picnics but this would be great to try at our house.

  104. It changes every day but there’s always fruits, type of vegies with dip and sandwiches

  105. Virginia Rowell says

    sandwich, apples and peanut butter and yoohoo

  106. Fresh fruit (grapes, apples, banana), gogurt and juice

  107. chantal cooper says

    I usually pack a fruit cup, yogurt, juice, and a sandwich

  108. Mine’s not old enough for school yet. 🙂

  109. A sandwich, cheese stick, Motts fuitsnacks, granola bar, banana or grapes and juice.

  110. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    PB and J
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  111. I do not have to pack lunches, but when we are out and about, it is usually water bottles.

  112. Tomorrow’s lunch has PBJ, cucumbers, and pomegranates!

  113. allison s. says

    Sandwich, veggie burger and veggies. And an apple.

  114. My stepson packs a sandwich and a soup packet.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  115. Sandwiches, chips, fruit, yogurt, water

  116. Desiree Dunbar says

    I pack PBJ sandwich, fruit and or veggies, juicebox and water, crackers of some sort.

  117. Debbie mannino says

    Pb&j and fruit

  118. My children have not yet started school, but I’m thinking once they do, fruit, veggies, a sandwhich, juice…haven’t put too much thought into it yet. 1 more year to go though, guess I need to research good lunch options 🙂

  119. Marie Darrer says

    Fruit, veggies, hummus, cheese pita wedges bottled water (that’s what I used to pack they are older now)

    em darr

  120. Fruit, a sandwich and water.

  121. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    usually a sandwhich of diffrent kinds capri sun flavored water pouches and a fruit and treat

  122. Sandwich, fruit, homemade granola, water and a snack of their choice.

  123. sandwich, fruit, juice box and some crackers.

  124. Seyma Shabbir says

    sandwhich or macaroni/meat veggie. fruit (grapes or apple), almonds, chips or crackers.

  125. Sandwich, juice, and snack

  126. I usually pack fruits, sandwiches and a juice.
    Thanks for the chance!

  127. Natalia Gonzalez says

    fruits, juice, water

  128. Veggies, cheese and hummus

  129. jeannine s says

    Sandwich, cheese, yogurt and water

  130. dani marie says

    juice box and pb and j.

  131. Uncrustables, apples, a mini milky way and apple juice

  132. Water or milk, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and a cookie.

  133. I usually pack a sandwich, fruit, pretzels and yogurt wity a water bottle

  134. Honest juice is what I give him now.

  135. Anything quick easy and healthy

  136. Sandwich and fruit

  137. Jennifer Isbell says

    dont make a lunch mines not old enough yet but these would be great

  138. Teresa Thompson says

    PB&J, cheese, fruit and milk.

  139. rochelle johnson says

    lots of stuff from pb&j to crakers and cheese
    fresh fruit

  140. I pack them some kind of sandwich, fruit, and for their beverage it’s either water, diluted juice, or milk.

  141. Sandwich, carrot sticks, pudding, and a juice box.

  142. turkey pepperoni, crackers, fruit or veggie and cookie.

  143. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    Lots of wholesome snacks like veggies and fruit and 100 % fruit drinks

  144. We dont usually pack lunches.

  145. sandwich, goldfish crackers, fruit and juice box

  146. friuts and vegetable with dip, sandwich and pudding depending on what they wont youguart some too

  147. kathy pease says

    my son eats hot lunches at school

  148. Karen Gonyea says

    Sandwich, crackers, fruit snacks and juice box.

  149. often times a lunchable since it has everything in them now.

  150. Noelle Cameron says

    I always pack my child’s lunch, I don’t like school lunches. He gets a sandwich, either PB&J, chicken, or turkey, with carrot sticks or celery sticks, a milk box, and some sort of fruit, usually an apple or grapes!

  151. Baby carrots, pita points and yoggurt!

  152. Brittney House says

    sandwich, fruit, snack and juice box

  153. Gina Ferrell says

    I pack a sandwich, a fruit and a Debbie snack along with some juice.

  154. Chrissy Nestor says

    My daughter likes Lunchables, baby carrots and chips

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  155. Thanks for the great contest! My 3 year old grandson would drink milk non-stop if we let him!

  156. Fruit and cheese sticks sandwhich.

  157. mary gardner says

    usually a sandwich, fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice or milk

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  158. Priscilla Benavides says

    Water, juice, fruit and a sandwich!

  159. Diane Baum says

    fresh fruit, especailly green grapes

  160. carol lewis says

    Chicken and an apple.

  161. I currently pack dried fruit, yogurt and string cheese

  162. PB&J sammies.

  163. Sandwich, fruit, crackers & juice box.

  164. Usually a sandwich, juice, chips and fruit

  165. I pack my son a sandwich, chips fruit and a yogurt plus a juice.


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