King Ranch Chicken with PAM Cooking Spray


Once again I am creating another blog post regarding PAM Cooking Spray.  And once again I forgot to take pictures of my dirty casserole dish.   It seems illogical to me that I would want to take pictures of my dirty dishes and share them with you.  I want to show you the pretty things.  Plus supper time is always crazy around our house.  But I assume you are already familiar with PAM.  Who isn’t?  Am I really telling y’all something you don’t know?  I doubt it.

PAM cooking spray really does work fabulously.  Spray it on your dishes before you bake them and clean up is sooooo much easier.  I lament the times I forget to use PAM before I cook a dish.  The other night I made this King Ranch Chicken from the online recipes available at PAM .  There is a full selection of recipes available.  I’m going to try this Zucchini bread recipe next!

Here is the full scoop on King Ranch Chicken, it was easy to make and of course easy to clean thanks to PAM.  My husband loved it!  See below for the recipe.


I received these products for free for review purposes through, all opinions are my own.


  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    King Ranch Chicken is one of my favorite dishes! I add jalapenos across the top and serve with a dab of sour cream. In my experience, Pam is an absolutely must-have ingredient!

  2. Your photos are great. I’ve never used Pam Cooking Spray. It sounds like a great product

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