Making Family Game Night Fast, Delicious, & Fun! #DipDipHooray #Cbias


My family loves board games.   But because my children are still young (almost 3, 5, and 8), they have a limited attention span.  My husband, Father Geek, has a plethora of games waiting on the shelf of his office for when they have greater abilities.  But for now, we like to keep our game nights simple.  Fast and yummy food, with simple, easy to play games.   The time we share together as a family creating memories is really what it is all about!

Most nights of the week, I make homemade meals for my family.  It is work, but I consider it my contribution.  But sometimes it just makes sense to make an easy meal.  Too much cooking time can take away from family time.  Obviously I wouldn’t recommend eating prepackaged food all the time, but a quick fix every now and again is a great thing indeed:)

This is supper.  Okay, okay we had a salad too.  But it just doesn’t get any easier than this.   And of course, the kids loved it!!  Through out the meal each kid would periodically say, “dip, dip, HOORAY!”.  Chicken nuggets, french fries, and ketchup for supper?  This rules!

After a quick trip to Walmart, I was easily able to pick up all the necessary supplies for our family game night- including the cute dipping bowls.  Interested in my shopping trip?   Check out my Google + story.

Picking up some ketchup, fries, and chicken nuggets is so easy!

In the twenty or so minutes while dinner was cooking, I set the table for our fun.  The kids were especially delighted by the fun dipping bowls!

In no time at all, we were ready to chow down!

Daddy’s included!

My five year old loves ketchup so much even dips his spinach in it!

What a great meal!

The spark in his eyes, cues me in that he is up to something……

Oh know you don’t!!!

Don’t drink the ketchup!!!

After our ketchup feast, I mean supper, it’s time to bring out the games!

My boys first choice?  Star Wars Trouble!

With three little boys in the house, it’s just a given that anything Star War related is going to be a hit!

In this game R2D2 makes noises when you push down on the dice bubble!

And then inspired by the game of the week, we played a game of Pictureka!

I discovered Pictureka as the Game of the Week by visiting  By uploading the UPC codes from my Tyson chicken nuggets, Ore-Ida french fries, and Heinz ketchup I was able to unlock the Game of the Week and even play the online version.  As I write this, the Game of the Week has now changed to Jenga.  I love that game!  And the online version is completely addicting!

We took our chance with the card version of Pictureka.  We actually own quite a few Hasbro card games.  They are shorter than traditional board games, which is great with small children.

One of our new favorites is Clue Suspect.

This new version takes the traditional game of Clue and places it on fast forward without the game board.  My husband and I both thought it was brilliant!

By now my younger two boys were in bed and my oldest had a fun time handing out with the adults:)

And then of course I brought out dessert! Yum!

We had a fun time together with Nana playing games.

Do you have family game nights?

What games do you play? Do you look for easy meals during this special family time?

I can’t wait until my children are older and I can beat them at Monopoly:)

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time!!!

  2. What a fun game night! Dipping is a huge hit for my kids too. We love the nuggets 🙂

    I have never heard of Star Wars Trouble. Now I really really want to play it!

  3. What a fun family night! We love dips too! I love the pictures also!

  4. What a fantastic family game night! My oldest, Maggie loves ketchup almost as much your little one! She dips everything in ketchup! 🙂 I even have a bag of those Ore-Ida fries in my freezer right now! 🙂

  5. Family game night! What a great and delicious way to spend and evening!

  6. It looks like a fun evening! We love games but haven’t played any of those yet. I know my two would enjoy the Star Wars Trouble. I’ll have to put that on our Christmas list.

  7. I love how you set the table. What a great way to dip! Game night looked like a lot of fun!

  8. Mine are like that with Ranch, lol!!

  9. Looks like you had so much fun – Awesome!

  10. Your son ‘drinking’ the ketchup is hilarious! We make full meals most of the time also but sometimes you need something easy. Thanks for your great story!

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