Maple Pecan Coffee


I received the following product for review purposes, all opinions are my own. 

The fall season is officially upon those of us in Minnesota. I woke up this morning to a brisk 50 degree day. I love all that this time of year brings. Cozy sweaters, delicious soups, a chilly breeze, beautiful colors and warm coffee. I wish I could wrap up all that goodness and spread it out a bit over the entire year. Such as fall is, I must soak it all up while I can as the season is short-lived. 

I’ve previously used a single serve coffeemaker that requires pods for all of my fall flavored coffee bliss.{I’ll refrain from mentioning the particular brand, though I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about.} Recently I made the switch to a new coffee machine, a Ninja Coffee Brewer

Why the change? There were a couple of reasons why I made the shift from the entirely single serve machine to this new Ninja brewer

No More Pods: The price of single serve pods is much more expensive than traditional ground coffee. I’m a savvy shopper so I always managed to purchase my pods for as inexpensively as possible, but purchasing ground coffee is just cheaper. Of course, they do make filters to add your own grounds for single serve use, but I always found that device to be inconvenient. 

Make a Pot or a Cup:  This new Ninja Coffee Brewer is the ideal machine, because I can make a pot of coffee or a single cup! I love that I can have the best of both worlds from one machine. 

With a handy scoop that clearly displays how many scoops of coffee to use for each desired serving, this Ninja machine takes all the guess work out of making a great pot or cup of coffee. Plus the controls on the machine are straightforward as well! 

The machine naturally guides you through selecting the type of coffee you want to make. Select the size, select the type of brew and create your preferred coffee.  The brand calls this the Auto-iQ One-Touch Intelligence with Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology. I just call it delicious and easy coffee making. If you want to learn more about some of the details of the machine check out the company online

As you can see from the photo above, I have a little counter space that is my coffee bar area. Unlike my previous pod machine, I can entertain with coffee again! Another added befit of this machine vs my old one is that I have a timer again! Each evening I can program my coffee to be ready for my cold hands each fall morning. That’s starting the morning off right in my opinion. 

With my new Ninja brewer I attempted to step-up my coffee skills with a special recipe. I modified a Maple Pecan recipe from the brand guidebook into my own delicious treat. {See the recipe below.} 

Full of pecan, maple, and cinnamon flavors this recipe is a great way to savor the flavors of the fall season. If I’m truly embracing autumn I can wrap myself in a blanket, sip my coffee and view the amazing colors right outside my backdoor. 

Maple Pecan Coffee

  • pecan-flavored coffee
  • ground cinnamon
  • whipped cream
  • ground pecans
  • maple syrup

Brew amount of pecan-flavored coffee as is desired. Let coffee cool, a bit before assembling drink. While coffee is cooling, warm maple syrup. {1 TBSP for a small serving or up to 3 TBSP for a pot} Once coffee is warm, but no longer hot, top with whipped cream. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Sprinkled with chopped pecans. Drizzle with thickened maple syrup.


    1. Lisa Brown says

      Looks yummy, I love coffees like that.

    2. Julie Wood says

      I love your Maple Pecan Coffee recipe and it sounds so delicious! I am going to have to make it for the Holidays!

    3. My mouth is watering with this recipe!!

    4. Yummy! Maple, pecans, and whipped cream make foods and beverages fabulous!

    5. Diane Sallans says

      that looks tasty for a chilly winter day!

    6. I am not really a coffee drinker, but when someone gives me one of these dessert style coffee drinks, I never turn it away.

    7. Dee Johnson says

      Oh yum! I love anything pecan. My favorite pie is pecan pie, so I know I would love this coffee!

    8. Melissa Storms says

      That looks really good. I think I would really love the maples and pecan tastes together.

    9. I like how there is what looks like layers to this. It would be like taking a sip and getting the flavors together.It sounds so good, like a dessert.

    10. This recipe sounds amazing! I love the flavors of maple and pecan, they go so well together! This looks like a great little coffee maker that doesn’t take up too much space. I also like the timer function for morning coffee, nothing better when you’re running a bit late!

    11. Dana Rodriguez says

      That coffee looks delicious. I love Ninja products but haven’t tried a brewer. We are going to need one soon so I am going to check this one out!

    12. This coffee looks so indulgent! It would go perfectly with a cinnamon roll 🙂

    13. I have to show my son this recipe. He loves pecans and often has pecan coffee (when he can find it). And, being in VT, maple syrup is easy to find.

    14. This sounds so good! Going to have to try it!

    15. This looks SO GOOD! Oh my 😀

    16. Looks delicious! I love coffee

    17. Mary Beth Elderton says

      This coffee sounds delicious! I have been really looking at the Ninja Coffee Bar. We drink a lot of coffee and that machine looks so versatile.

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