Matcha Strawberries



Easy Match Strawberries

In full confession I snapped these pics quite sometime ago. They’ve sat in a folder on my computer waiting for post creation. It’s nearing ten years since my very first blog post. And I’ve worked professionally in the industry for the last eight years. Finding time for the creative inspiration and direction on my own site has been lacking. I guess I can thank COVID-19 for providing me a silent moment to pull together this post, but I’d prefer not to thank this virus. I hope you are spending this quarantine time with those you love and hopefully everyone is well. My oldest son reminds me that we are living through history at this moment. I guess regardless of circumstance we are always living through history, but this is definitely a distinct moment in time. Please stay safe everyone! 

Strawberries with Matcha

These matcha strawberries are just a twist on chocolate covered strawberries. The recipe is so easy. I heated vanilla almond bark, added a bit of matcha and dipped fresh strawberries into the mixture. It only takes a few minutes for the almond bark to become hard. I used a matcha mix that I purchased from Trader Joe’s, but any sort of matcha would work. 

Trader Joe's Matcha with Fresh Strawberries

There are so many fun ways to add some creative fun to these strawberries- sprinkles, different flavor additions- the options are endless. 

You’ll need to move relatively quickly as the almond bark does harden quite quickly. But this can be a fun activity for kids. 

How are you staying busy with your loved ones during this time? 

Strawberries Dipped in Matcha

Matcha Almond Bark Strawberries


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