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Popcorn is one of my family’s favorite treats.  Our preffered place to eat in town serves popcorn for free as an appetizer of sorts.  In our opinion it is the best popcorn in town, therefore it isn’t so surprising it is our favorite place.  While we love traditional salt and butter popcorn and I make a mean batch of homemade caramel corn, I must admit we have not had a lot of experience with flavored gourmet popcorn.  But given my family’s general enthusiasm for this snack I was game to try a variety of selections from Michele’s Sweet Shoppe.

Michele’s recipe for great whoopie pies morphed into a popcorn making business that makes over 20 different varieties and has been sold across the country.  In 2010 the gourmet popcorn was also selected as part of the official SWAG bags of the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy and the 31st Annual Sports Emmy Award Shows.

I received a large number of bags to sample.  My children were overjoyed!  I might have been a little overwhelmed:)  With varieties such as Mudslide, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Mint, Caramel, Jack Frost Jumble, Buffalo Ranch, Coconut Lime Curry, and Munchie Mix we are certainly well stocked.  The names of some of the selections didn’t sound appealing to me, but I was surprised by what we enjoyed.  I have decided to rank them in order from favorite to least favorite.

I won’t leave you in suspense:)  Our absolute favorite was-

#1- Dark Chocolate Mint

My eldest son was eager to try this chocolate covered popcorn, he has a sweet tooth of mammoth proportions.  Yet as soon as all of us tried it we were instantly struck by one thought- this popcorn tastes like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies!  I LOVE Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.   Definitely my favorite cookie of all time.  I was delighted and horrified to discover this tasty popcorn.  Why was I horrified?  Because it was that good, the kind of good that makes me want to eat it all good.  Luckily my kids demanded some, otherwise I might have blacked out……  If you like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, I highly recommend trying this gourmet blend.

#2- Caramel

I am a fan of caramel popcorn, it is my own sweet tooth that perpetuates this love.  And this caramel popcorn was great.  It was the second bag to disappear from our house.  My eldest son and I probably ate most of this bag together, us fellow sweet toothed people stick together.  If caramel popcorn isn’t your thing, you probably won’t like this, but if you do enjoy popcorn with caramel this is the good stuff!

#3- Coconut Lime Curry

The title of this popcorn did not sound good to me at all.  Coconut Lime Curry.  My brain just couldn’t wrap itself around this one, that is until I tried it.  One bite and a sensation of curry came pouring at me and I love it!  My favorite chips were a general variety from Target that were curry flavored.  I rue the day Target decided to quite making these.  But this popcorn tastes just like it!  The coconut and lime flavor are subdued and instead it is the fantastic curry flavor that really comes through.  I can never get me enough curry in any form!

#4- Peanut Butter

Again I thought this sounded strange.  Sure, I like peanut butter and I like popcorn, but mixed?  I have one word- BRILLIANT!  In fact I am currently eating this variety as I right this review:)  I just recently opened the bag and I predict there won’t be much left soon.  The peanut butter decadently covers the popcorn with a light frosting swirled on top.  Think of caramel popcorn, but with peanut butter instead.  This could be my new favorite!

#5- Jack Frost Jumble 

I wasn’t sure what Jack Frost Jumble would taste like.  But after one bite I was struck by cinnamon.  And that is the overriding flavor of this blend.  Like the peanut butter variety this jumble has a thick coating of sweet cinnamon coating, but also has pretzels and almonds included.  Yep, this blend is also decadent, but oooooo so good!  I think this bag would make a great gift around the holidays.

#6- Buffalo Ranch

This variety is my husband’s favorite.  He is always game for anything buffalo flavored, it must be his innate maleness.  This popcorn has a little kick to it, but the extra flavoring of ranch helps smooth out the flavor.  I must admit I am not usually a buffalo flavored fan, but I too enjoyed this popcorn.  This bag would make a great addition to any sports centered party.

#7- Munchie Mix

I was excited to try this variety as I love those little mini toasts, but this bag was missing a certain flavor that I enjoy.  I found it to be unflavorful and I’m afraid it won’t be replacing Chex anytime soon at our house.

#8- Mudslide

My eldest son was positive this popcorn was going to be amazing.  In fact it was his first choice to open.  But upon tasting the blend we were struck by one predominant taste- coffee.  And after inspecting the label we discovered it did indeed have coffee oil included.  Perhaps many others would find this variety enjoyable, but we just couldn’t get into the coffee flavor.

Whew…..that’s a lot of popcorn!  And that isn’t even half of the varieties available!  Check out the full selection by visiting Michele’s Totally Awesome Gourmet Popcorn online and visiting via Facebook.

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