Monday Menus


Here are my menus for the week.  I have been feeling a little uninspired as of late.  Sometimes cooking just feels monotonous.   Hopefully this week is a bit better.  I will try to update with pictures as the week progresses.

MondayLoaded Baked Potato Soup (America’s Test Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Revolution)

TuesdayWonton Soup w/ egg rolls (The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped) (the egg rolls are frozen- who has time to make them from scratch?)

Wednesday– Breakfast for supper- Simply Potatoes hashbrowns, eggs w/ veggies, and toast

Thursday– Garlic Turkey Burgers, chips, carrots

Friday– Tri-tip steak, Parmesan Risotto, cheese biscuits (the risotto recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Revolution)

Saturday– Chicken Farfelle with white sauce

SundayCreamy Tomato Soup (America’s Test Kitchen’s Slow Cooker Revolution) with grilled cheese panini’s



  1. I wish I had the time to cook like you do. I make about 2 different things on my day off (if I get one, which then I live on the freezer odds and ends) and then freeze it in individual containers, but I have to eat the same thing for a week. I’m incorporating salads into my menu and I too get my inspiration from “America’s Test Kitchen” in HD on my DISH Network employee service. I like that it comes in so good on my 82” TV, much better than antenna in my area. Honestly I like how they talk about how they tried the recipe the “traditional” way, then how they got to the recipe they are making. It’s so scientific.

  2. I love a great soup!

    There’s lot of yummy meals planned this week.

    Have a wonderful week.

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