Money Saving Mom’s Glazed Cinnamon Scones


It was a blustery day outside today.  I was holed up inside with my 15 month old and 3 year old.  We were getting kind of bored when visions of Money Saving Mom’s recipe for Glazed Cinnamon Scones took over my senses.

My three year old “helped” make these.  I even pulled up a stool to the counter so he could see better.  He kept asking me if they were ready to eat yet.  Even though they were really only flour and baking powder originally.  I guess it all looks good when your that y0ung, or maybe that hungry.   After inspecting my progress he dips back into his Transformer book.  He stands on his stool next to me at the counter “reading” all about Transformers while I make his treat.  I think I can officially check chef off of the “What will my children be when they grow up?” list.

Here we placed a nice piece for his older brother once he races home off the bus.

As my six year old enters here is the conversation that took place=

3 yr old to 6 yr old- I have a treat for you.

6 yr old- What is it?

3yr old- Come here.  See what I made for you?

6yr old- Thanks!

They actually kissed and hugged of their own accord.


Off in the corner sighing deeply knowing that my children love each other (for at least this moment anyway) and wondering where my 3 year old gets off taking all the credit when all he did was “oversee” the operation in between pages of Optimus Prime and Bumblee.



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