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Sometimes a product just ticks me off.  Not in the “I’m disappointed with it way”, but rather the “Why didn’t they make this sooner way”.   The Neatnik Saucer is approximately seven years too late for me to fully maximize its benefits.  As the mother of three sons- ages 7, 4, and 2 1/2, my time of dealing with restaurant infant/toddler drama is nearing its end.  At home my 2 1/2 year old has long since given up his high chair, but I am relieved to admit that we can still wrestle him into one when we eat out.  What is a Neatnik Saucer?  Let me just show it to you.  It really is brilliant.

Yes, it is essentially a saucer for your child.  Our particular model, The Rome, works as a table top, artist studio, and toy catcher all in one.  Again, just writing this review makes me bitter!  Why didn’t I have this when all three of my children were younger!  My 2 1/2 year old is nearing the end of his high chair days.  He doesn’t do all the high maintenance items that younger babies tend to do and he can actually eat from a plate without potentially breaking it.  But I remember back when all three of my babies were indeed babies and the amount of food and toys that ended up on the floor.   The Neatnik Saucer will not eliminate a mess, but it will make it much more manageable.  Let me show you how it works.

It comes wrapped up tightly in this nice little carrying pouch.  I could slip this into my purse or carry as is into a restaurant.

The saucer unfolds easily from the pouch and quickly is able to be fit into the chair.  There are little wholes on the sides so you can still use the securing strap that comes with high chairs.  This is important to me as I always strap my child in the chair.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen an unstrapped child stand in one of these chairs- so dangerous!

Next simply press down the suction cups where you want them on the table.

And now it is time to play!

Obviously he is pretty happy with this new “toy”!

My little Picasso at work!

And when our food comes the Neatnik is a great way to keep food of the table.  When my children were younger we could never use plates as they were libel to be thrown, therefore we were forced to have them eat off the table.  I always cringed, but I really didn’t have another option.  Ooooo….just thinking about how handy this would have been makes me so cranky!

There is also adhesive straps on each side to attach “chewy” toys for a younger child.  This product was made by a mother/daughter team and it shows.  Rather than some corporate know-all creating something a real mom wouldn’t need or use, the Neatnik Saucer creators thought of everything to make a moms job as simple as possible.  They even thought to make a little pouch to hold cleaning wipes!

Even Joy Behar from The View thinks it’s great!  Check it out!

Okay, its fabulous, I’ve obviously proved that point, but I was nervous about one matter.  Getting it back in the bag.  It came out easily, but what would it be like to get it back in.  I must admit my first time using it I did not bring the directions into the restaurant with me and after looking at it I concluded I had no idea how to make it collapse.  I easily carried it out of the restaurant under my arm.  As soon as I got to the car I read the directions.  I followed each detailed picture and just as I started to say, “I can’t figure this thing out” I suddenly had a collapsed Neatnik Saucer ready for the bag.  Umm…I’m not sure how it happened.  I just recommend following the detailed instructions the first few times, until you get a “feel” for it.  This is one of those items (like a stroller) that will take a few times to completely master.

Check out this video for the official “put away” routine.

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  1. Wish they had these when my kids were little…! Now I hope to win one for the Grand babies!

  2. I JUST said today to my husband that I wanted to invent a high chair with a full circle tray around it… and that only a ‘seasoned’ parent would understand the value of that. 🙂

    • It really is awesome! I have to work through my bitterness every time I think about how my kids used to literally eat off the table.

  3. Cookie Centracco says

    This is one of the best reviews we’ve ever had! – You are so kind. Danielle and I couldn’t stand the mess and the chewing on the table,etc. We started with duct tape, scissors and a sun shade for the car; and my son-in-law laughed big time when he came home to see our first messy concept prototype. – You have given us the best compliment we could receive when you so eloquently stated in your opening: “Why didn’t they make this sooner..” We appreciate very much you helping us get the word out to moms that Neatnik Saucer is out there and ready to help. Best wishes, Cookie & Danielle

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