Oreo & Smores Icing from Sprinkles & Grins Review


I recently received some icing/frosting and my 4 1/2 year old was excited to try it, as you can imagine! I received Hershey’s Smores Traditional Chocolate and Cinnamon Chocolate Dessert Icing and Oreo’s Original Creme and Chocolate Creme Ultimate Icing. These icings are a dessert lover’s paradise, especially for a little boy who loves Smores and Oreos, but doesn’t get them very often. I looked at the website www.sprinklesngrins.com for recipe ideas. This website is on the back of the tube of icing also. I found 3 recipes for the frosting that I wanted to try and decided to make frosted cupcakes with the 4th tube.

The first recipe I tried was for Oreo Iced Cake Balls. For this recipe you make a Devil’s Food Chocolate cake and once baked, mix it with the Oreo Original Creme icing. Then you make balls out of the cake frosting mixture, freeze them and dip them in chocolate and sprinkle with ground Oreos. Don’t they look look delicious in the picture above? Trust me they are a chocolate lover’s dream! My son thinks these are the best thing right now and I have the majority of them frozen for treats at a later time.  I am thinking I will use them as bribery! 😉

The second recipe I tried was the Oreo Brownie Bites. For this recipe you make the box of brownies and mix in some crushed Oreos then put them in mini muffin pans to bake. Since I had already used the original cream frosting for the cake balls, I used the Oreo Chocolate Icing for this recipe. With the frosting I received the Cakemate decorating tips, however I believe this is not standard and they would need to be purchased separately.  These treats were my eighteen month old daughters favorite as they were small enough that she could hold the whole treat in her hand.

The third dessert I made was milk chocolate cupcakes with the Smores Traditional Chocolate frosting. My son also liked these, because the size reminded him of the muffins I usually make and of course it is chocolate!   One thing to note if you are frosting regular size cupcakes you will need more than one tube of icing to frost a whole batch of the cupcakes. I got about 18 of the 24 cupcakes frosted with the tube and I didn’t go overboard with the frosting.

The last recipe I tried was Cinnamon Smores Ice Cream Sandwiches.  This was the best recipe to make with small children. You simply take graham crackers, the icing, and vanilla ice cream to make the sandwich.  Easy!  My son helped me with these and I think the consensus was that these were surprisingly good. I was skeptical that these sandwiches would be tasty, but they were very good.  This was hands down my husband and I’s  favorite!  And the kids thought they were pretty good as well.

I was very impressed with these icings and the website full of recipes.  You can view all the recipes I made plus many more at Sprinkles & Grins.  I will be using these again,  especially the ice cream sandwiches. I think this sounds like a great lake treat next summer, don’t you?

This review was written my Melissa for The Mama Report.


I received the above mentioned products for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

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