Peas & Thank You Recipe with Country Crock’s #AVeryVeggieWorld


Sometimes cooking for my family- night, after night can be rather dull.  Its seems as though it is the same food, over and over again.  It is always fun when I find recipes that spark a little fun into our routine.  Such is the case with the new vegetable cookbook from Country Crock.  A Very Veggie World by Clare Crespo takes simple ingredients and turns them into fun creations.

Crespo’s ideas are clever and original, I certainly never would have come up with them on my own.  But using the recipes in her book any mom can create a fun vegetable presentation for her family.  And that best part?  The cookbook is FREE!  Yep, Country Crock is not being stingy with their recipes and instead is freely sharing the goodness.  Simply download your copy of  A Very Veggie World.

Recently, I decided to make the super easy recipe of Peas & Thank You.  My four year old is a big carrot fan and I knew carrots in the shape of hearts would delight him.

The hardest part of this recipe was cutting the carrots.  I must admit it took me a number of tries before I finally developed a technique that resulted in heart shaped carrots.

Once I had my heart shaped carrots cut, the rest was easy-peasy.  This simple creation provided my sons a little extra fun at the supper table.  I plan on trying a few more recipes soon- such as this Pasta Full of Posies creation.

To see the full selection of recipes available visit Country Crock online or download the book A Very Veggie World.

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I have been compensated by Country Crock for this post, all opinions are my own.

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