Practice Safe Breath Everywhere With Dentyne’s New Split2Fit Pack & a Giveaway


The moment is close.  You’re feeling great.  You know he’s about to lean in for a kiss.  You’re ready.  Your outfit looks spectacular, your hair is gently cascading over your face.  The moment is perfection.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  You forget to check your breath!  As you suddenly remember the onions on the sandwich you had for lunch, it is clearly time to get out of here!

Has this happened to you?  Doesn’t it happen to all of us at some point?  I know I have been guilty of suddenly discovering my breath smells less than roses.  My husband is chivalrous and kind, but I’d rather not become a fiery stinky breathing dragon right before his eyes:)

Dentyne is hoping to inform young Americans on safe breath by disclosing some recent survey results.

The Safe Breath Survey examines the risks that 18 to 34-year-olds are taking with their breath, how preparedness factors into a successful social encounter and the rules of attraction when it comes to dating and breath.  (I want to state that I am officially still a young American- woo hoo!)

  • 53% of Americans ages 18 to 34 have had an “intimate moment” cut short because they were unprepared. While granny panties or white briefs can be a mood-killer, 76% say bad breath would be a more embarrassing end to an “intimate moment” than unflattering underwear.
  • There are some things you can look past and still have a good date, such as sweaty palms (50%) or wrinkled clothes (47%). However, try to avoid the garlic mashed potatoes at dinner: 86% of those polled could not disregard bad breath on a first date.
  • Feeling good in your new pair of designer jeans? No matter what you’re wearing, 71% feel less confident meeting someone of the opposite sex if their breath isn’t fresh.
  • 58% have lost interest in someone they were attracted to due to bad breath. And that’s no smooching secret; charm alone can only get you so far – 48% of women 18 to 34 would end a relationship with someone with consistently bad breath.
  • The truth hurts, and most aren’t ready to tell it to you straight – especially when it comes to breath blunders. 85% of people think it would be harder to tell someone they have bad breath than tell them their zipper’s down.
  • Skinny jeans definitely have their drawbacks. 78% have sacrificed essentials during a night out to avoid carrying them, and nearly 1 in 4 (23%) have left gum at home because they didn’t want to carry it – a rookie mistake.

Fear not – Dentyne has the fix. With the introduction of the NEW Dentyne Split2Fit Pack you no longer have to make this sacrifice. The Dentyne Split2Fit pack is an innovative, versatile and sleek package that holds 33 percent more gum than before (16 vs. 12 pieces) and can be split into two smaller, sleeker and easier-to-carry packs.  Now you can carry all sixteen (16) pieces at once, or, if space is limited, you can split the pack into two smaller halves that are easier to slip in to close-fitting places like a shirt pocket, a clutch or those skinny jeans!  In addition, Dentyne has launched a new flavor, Dentyne Ice Mint Frost, bringing a fresh new taste to the Dentyne lineup of intense breath freshening gums.

It’s true – Dentyne’s Split2Fit pack fits almost anywhere.  From a banana hammock to those skinny jeans, the new slim & trim pack ensures that you’re always fresh no matter where you are.

Check out these tongue-in-cheek videos on the subject:) They are hilarious!



In concern for safe breath everywhere Dentyne has kindly offered one lucky Mama Report reader 2 boxes of gum (consisting of 9 gum packs) of the new Split2Fit.

Please use the Rafflecopter entry method provided.

U.S. only.  Winner will be verified.

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  1. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    If it’s somebody I know well…I would tell them…but i don’t tell strangers…

  2. Valerie L says

    If I know the person well, sure if I don’t I just turn my head to the side, back away or hold my breath

  3. I would tactfully tell them. 🙂

  4. I tell my husband and child but usually not anyone else.

  5. Ariel Henry says

    If it’s someone I’m close to, I’d probably offer them a piece of gum.

  6. If I notice, I try to avoid it. If that isn’t possible, I will tell them,

  7. I would tell my husband or my sons. Bad breath is one of my “things” – I constantly worry that I have it, and carry a toothbrush and toothpaste with me all the time so I can brush after meals.

  8. I just endure it.

  9. If it’s someone I know, I might take out a mint or gum for myself and offer a piece, but I would never tell someone.

  10. If it was my family yes I would but not a stranger. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  11. If it’s somebody I know well I would tell them

  12. I would just endure it, I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone

  13. amy marantino says

    if i know them, i tell them tactfully. strangers, no way.

  14. candace swoveland says

    no i dont tell but i do offer a piece of gum

  15. melissa n says

    i just deal with it unless it is hubby

  16. No – I think that is hard to do.

  17. I only tell my husband

  18. Colleen Maurina says

    If I know them well I will gently tell them or offer them a piece of gum. I don’t feel comfortable doing this if I don’t know them very well.

  19. I know I would want someone to tactfully tell me but sometimes I don’t mention it because I feel embarrassed. It depends on how well I know the person or if I think they would be offended.

  20. Sherry Compton says

    I would take it. If it was after a meal or something and I was getting a piece of gum or mint, I would offer them one.

  21. Charlene S says

    I share a piece of gum.

  22. Alicia H. says

    If it’s someone I know well, I give them gum or a mint. If it’s not, I just suck it up.

  23. I never tell others.

  24. Juana Esparza says

    I’d offer them a piece of gum, and then I’d take one myself.


  25. kyl neusch says

    tell them directly

  26. i never tell them directly… maybe offer gum

  27. Depending on who it is – I do – in a joking way to break the ice about it.

  28. I just don’t have the heart to tell someone that they have bad breath

  29. No, I don’t tell people…I just breathe the other way 🙂

  30. I don’t say anything unless it’s a close friend.

  31. Offer gum or a mint, but I can’t imagine saying it in words

  32. Stephanie says

    i ask f they want a piece of gum

  33. I just tell them to go brush there teeth

  34. Depends on the person..if a stranger then No

  35. I just deal with it I don’t tell them

  36. I carry gum and mints around

  37. I would tell a family member but not a stranger.

  38. I would tell my husband but not sure who else.

  39. I offer people gum or mints, and hope that they take the hint. If we’re close enough, I will.

  40. david basile says


  41. Leah Shumack says

    i would just deal with it lol

  42. I usually deal with it by taking a step back.

  43. Heather! says

    I wouldn’t tell somebody they had bad breath…I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. But I WOULD offer them some Dentyne!! 😀

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  44. I offer gum and mints to people with bad breath.

  45. Michele H. says

    Subtly. And when I offer I always take one for myself.

  46. I offer them gum.

  47. Spring Ross says

    NO I’d consider it rude to tell someone they have bad breathe. Though id appreciate someone telling me they hadbadbreathe.

  48. I don’t ever say anything if someone has bad breath, I just offer a mint or piece of gum. Usually I’ll have a piece myself as well so it doesn’t look like I’m saying anything by it even if I am.

  49. I find it rather rude to tell someone that unless they are really close to me.

  50. I offer them some gum but if they are like family i tell them straight up

  51. I usually offer them some gum or just back off a little bit 😀

  52. debbie jackson says

    i wimp and excuse myself or back off debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  53. sharon gullikson says

    I never have. I’m too chicken.

  54. Amanda R. says

    I do if it’s someone that I know well enough.

  55. Jessica Snow says

    I don’t think I could tell someone.

  56. I would not be able to tell, unless it was my husband or kids. thanks

  57. Shelley P says

    If it’s someone I know I will offer them a gum or mint or I don’t say anything.

  58. Christy Anderson says

    I tell people I’m close to, but don’t with people I don’t know.

  59. close friend ill tell them if not i back away

  60. Brian Coleman says

    I just back away a little…usually they get the idea.

  61. i don’t have the guts to tell someone so i hold my breath or breathe through my mouth haha!

  62. Alexia Miller says

    Nope, I just back away!

  63. I would never tell anyone they have bad breath. Well maybe I would if it was someone in my family.. .but for someone else it would be too awkward.

  64. Gail Panacci says

    I would only tell someone I’m close to & I’d be direct…

  65. Brittany Poole says

    Depends on who it is!

  66. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I reach for my gum for myself, and then kindly offer a piece to the other person.

  67. dani marie says

    normally im too chicken to tell them

  68. I won’t say anything, unless it is my DH.

  69. Michelle S says

    I don’t say anything.

  70. Brittney House says

    I usually just sit though it and say nothing.

  71. Michelle H. says

    I would only tell my husband or kids in private.

  72. micheal dale grim says

    i would never tell someone they have bad breathe i think that to be kind of rude!!

  73. I’d tell a family member

  74. Seyma Shabbir says

    Depends on how close I am to them

  75. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

    I tell my family members or real close friends otherwise I don’t say anything to other people- just keep my distance if possible

  76. Jessica Rose says

    Haha! I usually just offer them some gum!

  77. Kim Reid says

    I wouldn’t tell anyone – Thanks!

  78. Jennifer says

    I’ve only ever told my son so he wouldn’t be embarrassed at school.

  79. judy gardner says

    i dont usually say anything unless it is a family member


    I always tell them

  81. Marty Harris says

    if i know them, i tell them tactfully. strangers, no way.

  82. IRENE CYPHER says

    I wouldn’t say anything unless it was my husband or one of my kids.

  83. Denise Donaldson says

    I wouldnt say anything, unless it was a family member

  84. tanya white says

    I just take on the dragon’s wrath but remember that the next time not to let them get to close to me when talking.

  85. If it is someone I know I may tell them but a stranger no way!

  86. I’d never tell anyone that they have bad breath.

  87. Angela H says

    I don’t think I have ever told someone they had bad breath.

  88. This is probably horrible, but I do not tell people when they have bad breath.

  89. I take it on and then leave/stay away from them.

  90. Ed Nemmers says

    I offer gum or a mint, if I have one with me!

  91. Jennifer says

    I don’t tell them. I just try not to breathe in through my nose while they are talking…

  92. I try to do it in a tactful way…but funny too….

  93. Hector Diaz says

    I don’t want to embarass anyone I just offer them some gum.

  94. James Coyne says

    I don’t tell people when they have bad breath

  95. Only with my husband would I ever say anything. (And I do! lol)

  96. I just try to ignore it. I don’t like to embarrass people.

  97. Only my kids! Other people, I might offer gum or a mint.

  98. Even if it’s a family member I usually can’t work up the nerve to say something. If I have gum or mints, I’ll try offering them some instead.

  99. Kellie Conklin says

    Unfortunately, I am usually too shy to say something to anyone. I just always try to have gum and mints handy and am always offering them so it doesn’t look odd. Thanks for the interesting facts and great giveaway!

  100. michelle colon says

    I tell family and friends! Strangers i Just offer gum to!

  101. I never tell.

  102. Trisha McKee says

    I never have the courage to say anything! I suffer.

  103. jessica schueler says

    I would tell them or make a face or noise to let them know

  104. Courtnie says

    I usually don’t tell them.

  105. brenda Elsner says

    If it’s someone I know well, I will hand them a piece of gum. If I don’t know them or don’t know them well, I turn away.

  106. Robert Pyszk says

    I tell my niece lol

    Great contest thank you !

  107. susan smoaks says

    depends on my relationship to the person with the bad breath, i try to be tactful and offer some gum!

  108. kathy pease says

    id tell my family members

  109. I usually dont tell them

  110. mary gardner says

    i usually don’t tell unless they are family and very close friends

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  111. Amy Woods-Smith says

    I wouldn’t tell them, but maybe have a piece of gum myself, and offer them one too.

  112. Sasha Dang says

    I just offer them gum.

  113. Maggie M. says

    Unless it is a close friend I wouldn’t mention it no.

  114. Caitlin McClure says

    I tell them directly.. if they’re that close I can smell it they should know 🙂

  115. Jessica A says

    I tell my close friends and family but other people I just offer them gum or a mint.

  116. Chrissy Nestor says

    If it’s someone I’m close to I tell them, but not in a bad way.

  117. Karen Gonyea says

    Absolutely I tell them, I would want someone to let me know !!

  118. heather c says

    It depends who it is. I usually offer gum, if I know them well. If I don’t, I cry a little.

  119. Laurie Emerson says

    I usually take out my mints or gum and subtly say I could sure use a breath pick me up! and offer them one too.

  120. shanta spradlin says

    I don’t say anything. I wouldn’t know how to say it nicely

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