Sesame Street Cereal for the Little Ones in Your Life


I received the following items for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

2013-04-20 08.07.39

Elmo and Cookie Monster, their mere names insight attention from my children.  Cookie Monster and Elmo on a cereal box?  Genius! I think my kids would eat brussels sprouts if they were packaged with Elmo!  These new cereals from Post with Elmo’s A is for Apple and Cookie Monster’s B is for Banana were an instant hit in my home.  The bright character pictures draw my children to the cereal like a moth to a flame!  LOL:)

2013-04-20 08.09.57 While these cereals are an instant hit with my children based on the characters alone, what is really important is that the cereal is good for them.  Thankfully this is no sugar induced breakfast cereal.  Honestly, it would not have mattered that Cookie Monster and Elmo were on the box if they were plump full of high sugared cereal.  I just would not purchase them.  But luckily this cereal is specially formulated to meet a growing toddler’s needs, providing them with 2/3 of their daily whole grains serving with only 1 gram of sugar.

2013-04-20 08.07.45

My children love cereal and I am so happy to have a new wise choice.  I anticipate Elmo and Cookie Monster in this boxed form will be a regular part of our mornings for quite some time.

2013-04-28 06.06.48

An official thumbs up! 

2013-04-20 08.10.22

Learn more about these cereals by contacting with Post online.  And you’ll definitely want to print a coupon for a $1 off!

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