Slow Cooker Bible Review


This past week I delved into a great book.  A mystery?  Romance? Perhaps science fiction?  Nope, nope, nope.  A cookbook.  I love looking through cookbooks.  Especially those that have pictures.  I’m like a kid that way I guess.  The more pictures the better. Anyway the book of choice was The Slow Cooker Bible (Cookbook Bible) I picked out a few very colorful tasty looking recipes and gave them a try. The results produced a happy full family. And I just love cooking with my slow cooker.  It makes the crazy witching hour before supper that much easier.

First I made Easy Slow-Cooked Chili. You’ll have to grab a book for yourself for the full recipe. I browned the meat

Added tomatoes

And also added the kidney bean (of course)

The finished result was awesome!

Grab a spoon!

I also made Simmering Hot & Sour Soup at Father Geek’s request.  He loves Asian soups and this one was fabulous and easy.

I also made Mushroom-Beef Stew.  The kiddos love cooked noodles!  The meat was so tender and yummy!

I hope to make a desert sometime this week.  When I do I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Coconut Rice Pudding sounds wonderful this time of year, however the idea of using a slow cooker for dessert is a new concept for me.

This cookbook has been easy to use and the recipes have been delicious.  I definitely want to repeat the recipes I made and try others.  No kitchen is complete without a slow cooker recipe book on hand.  Cooking this way makes getting supper on the table a breeze.

Mama Report Grade A

>The Slow Cooker Bible (Cookbook Bible)

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